Top 20 North Indian Dishes made in No Time


There are some North Indian dishes which are delicious as well as made within clicks.

1. Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo is made in every North Indian home. The dish requires very less time as well as made without putting much effort. Even it requires fewer ingredients which are easily available without hassle. For more taste and flavors,we can add curry leaves and coriander leaves.


2 Aloo Matar

This is a dish which provides taste without a headache. The ingredients required are potatoes, peas, indian spices, and anyone can add coriander leaves and green chilies accordingly. Aloo Matar is very delicious and it can fill up your tummy without having many efforts.


3 Aloo Gobi

Almost every kitchen has this vegetable, i.e. cauliflower. The dish Aloo Gobi is delicious just an effort you have to make is chop potatoes and cauliflower. Then, suitable oil and spices are fried and just after 2 min chopped vegetables are added. The time-saving dish with healthy vegetables will be ready. This tasty dish is enjoyed specially in winter season.


4 Daal Fry

Daal (pulses) is very healthy and rich in proteins. To make it tastier, Daal fry comes to rescue. In every North Indian home, it is made. All you have to do is after the daal (arhar daal) is cooked, oil is heated in a separated bowl and ingredients such as – rai (sarso), green or red chilly, jeera is added accordingly which is later added to the daal. This enhances the taste and requires no time. The tadka applied to the daal makes it delicious.


5 Boondi Raita

The dish is made occasionally and served as a side dish. The required ingredients are – boondi, plain yogurt or curd. Red chilly powder and cumin seeds are added to have more taste. Boondi raita is delicious and it adds taste to the meal we had. The dish is made effortlessly and in very less time so it is worth trying.Apart from taste it is a healthy dish which makes digestion easy.


6 Oatmeal Poha

Poha is a dish which is used as breakfast. Along with the taste it is a nutritious dish. The addition of oats makes it heathier. In addition to the oats, we can add vegetables. As it is said that a healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast. So, this breakfast will make your day healthier and provide you energy. Poha is made in less time so there is no need to be hasty. You can enjoy this meal hassle free and without much effort.


7 Mint Cucumber Raita

This is a very refreshing side dish made within minutes. Use cool cucumber, mint, and plain yogurt or curd to make this refreshing and delicious dish. The dish is made within clicks and you don’t have to take much tension. The dish is healthy and helps to maintain the digestion. So, this mint cucumber raita dish is worth trying with your next meal.


8 Stuffed Aloo Sandwich

A stuffed aloo sandwich is the dish which every mother makes on usually Sunday mornings. As it requires less time and absolutely no hassle, so it is easy to prepare. This breakfast has mouthwatering taste and is made only using bread and potatoes. The dish can be served with tomato sauce or chutney.


9 Oats Cutlet

Oats cutlet is a delicious dish which is healthy and tasty. Serve these oats cutlets as snacks in evening with tomato sauce or mint chutney to make it more delicious. This dish is very nutritious and is a high protein snack.  The cutlets can also be made in various shapes such as – square, triangular, or round. It is a high protein plate cleanser dish and tastes finger licking good.


10 Aloo Fry

Aloo fry requires very less time and effort. This dish is made in pan or kadhai. It requires less effort and tastes awesome such that one cannot live without admiring it. This dish is made using ingredients such as – potatoes, spices, green chilies (optional), cumin seeds, and coriander leaves. Within minutes, the dish is made and served and it has finger licking taste.


11 Khichdi

Khichdi is considered a nutritious food but it is also tasty and delicious. Khichdi is specially made in North India at the occasion of the festival called as Makar Sankranti in winters. There are various varieties of khichdis made such as – spinach khichdi, moong daal khichdi, etc. Khichdi (moong daal khichdi) is very good for digestion purpose. So, it is also served to the patients as recommended by the doctors.



It is a dish made in some parts of North India. It is made using rice as main ingredient. Other vegetables such as – potato, soya bean, cauliflower, etc. can also be added to make it nutritious and healthier. We can add flavors by adding garam masala, coriander leaves, and tez patta, etc. It is served with desi ghee as it makes it tastier. For more taste, mint coriander chutney is served in addition to this.


13 Moong Chat

Moong chat is a North Indian recipe which requires less time and is finger licking. It is made using moong beans and served as breakfast. It is a very heathy breakfast and can be made more nutritious by adding cucumber, tomatoes, and lemon in it. Along with moong, sprouts can also be used further to give it a high protein touch. Generally, it is a nutritious and protein rich dish which is used to eat to stay fit and healthy.


14 Chana Masala

Chana Masala is a North Indian recipe which has spices and flavors in it. Chana masala implements from the name itself that it has main ingredients as chana and masala. Generally, this is a spicy dish which is mouthwatering. Mainly, the dish is served with parantha or puri which enhances its taste.


15 Mewa Kheer

This is a kheer specially made which has lots of dry fruits in it. These dry fruits include – kishmish, badaam, kaju, makhane, chiraunji, etc. Hence, these items make the kheer more nutritious as kheer is itself made of milk which highly nutritious food. This dish is served as a dessert which makes your food healthy and rich of vitamins and minerals.


16 Rice Kheer

The rice kheer is made in almost every home and it is served as a dessert which is mouthwatering.  Rice kheer is made especially in special occasions and in festivals such as – Holi, Diwali, and Rakshabandhan.


17 Fruit Raita

Raita is itself very good for digestion, then there comes fruit raita. Fruit raita is sweet in taste unlike the normal raita which is sour in taste. Fruit raita is healthy as it has lots of fruits such as – pineapple, pomegranate, grapes, apple, etc. It requires very less time to make fruit raita.


18  Apple Sabzi

It is healthy as well as tasty too. The fruit apple itself is very healthy and therefore, it makes the vegetable healthy and nutritious too. It just requires some apples chopped into medium size pieces and is made effortlessly within minutes. The gravy is sweet and tangy in taste as it has tomatoes.


19 Aloo Baingan

This is an evergreen favorite dish of many Indians. The delightness of potatoes mixed with eggplant (baingan) is something which everyone wants to try.


20 Pyaaz Parantha

From the kitchen of every Indian mother to roaming in the streets, pyaaz parantha gives you awesome taste. If you are hungry and want some tummy filling treat, then pyaaz parantha surely helps. All you have to do is cut onions and apply butter over the parantha which just melts in your mouth.