Top 20 Places To Have South Indian Food


Usually, when people, in general talk about Indian food, they instantly think about roti, dhal, paneer etc. All these dishes belong to the North Indian cuisine. Just like how North India has its own cuisine, South India too has its cuisine, which is loved as much as the North Indian cuisine. South Indian cuisine is the healthiest cuisine. A properly balanced meal can be found through this cuisine. South Indian includes food like idli, dosa, vada, rice based varieties like Biriyani, Brinji, Pongal, and many more. South Indian cuisine just can’t be missed if you are a hardcore food lover.

1.Apoorva’s Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Chennai

One of the finest South Indian restaurants in Chennai and highly recommended by the locals to have South Indian food. Apart from the South Indian food, they also serve North Indian, Chinese and Indian Fast Food. This restaurant is mainly known for South Indian meals and its mini tiffin which is had either during breakfast or lunch. My personal favourite from this restaurant is the masala dosa, which I have been having since I was a child. This restaurant is worth visiting to have a proper taste of South Indian food. They are incredibly popular and have restaurants in different parts of the world.

apoorva-sangeetha2.Murugan Idli Shop, Chennai

This shop is famed for their different types of idlis and the variety of chutney that they serve with it. This shop is always crowded, and people end up waiting for some time just to have their idlis. They serve extremely crunchy and tasty vadas, which you can accompany with your idli. This shop is a purely vegetarian shop. This shop has many different branches in Chennai, and is immensely loved by everyone; both foreigners and locals.

murugan-idli3.Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Chennai

This hotel has different branches around the world, including in India. In India, there are several branches across South India and only a few branches in Delhi. This hotel serves authentic South Indian cuisine. Each branch has its own ambience and decor. It’s favourite for many locals here and is also highly recommended for their coffee, which is energising and the meals.

hotel-saravana-bhavan.jpg4.Annalakshmi Restaurant, Chennai

This restaurant located in Chennai, is highly recommended by vegetarian lovers because of the appealing and scrumptious dishes they serve. The ambience in this restaurant is just extravagant and elegant at the same time. The staff is very charming and courteous. They have both buffet and fine dining. This restaurant is a place you cannot miss. What one must have in this place is, the dishes of the South Indian cuisines; which are of a wide variety.

annalakshmi5.Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant, Chennai

This restaurant chain mainly operates in the state of Tamil Nadu. There are 32 locations in Tamil Nadu, India and two abroad namely Paris, France and Dubai, U.A.E. This restaurant is famously known for their biryani, a type of mixed rice dish made up with spices, meat and of course rice. If you’re a meat lover, then this place is your ultimate heaven. They also have vegetarian dishes. The Thalappakatti specials are a must try here for meat lovers.

dindigul6.Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant, Chennai

Chettinad cuisine is very popular in the South Indian cuisine. The Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant is famous for their Chettinad cuisine. This chain of restaurants started in Chennai in 1964, which serves the majorly spicy and aromatic rice and curry which is topped off with a hardboiled egg. This cuisine is famous for their non-vegetarian dishes. Another delight for the meat lovers. They specialize in delicious non-vegetarian dishes and have just as amazing vegetarian dishes even though the menu for it is small.

anjappar7.The Rice Boat-Vivanta By Taj, Kochi

This restaurant, located on a stationary sea boat has the sea in its sights. It’s is run by the Vivanta by Taj, a subsidiary of TATA group. They serve authentic Kerala cuisine and seafood which is a treat for the palate. The decor and ambience are as expected of a high-end restaurant. The fish curries and the seafood are a must have in the place. It might be a bit on the heavy on the pocket, but worth the dine.

rice-boat8.Ente Keralam, Chennai

Ente Keralam meaning “My Kerala,” this restaurant focuses on serving the authentic Kerala cuisine with the recipes made by the grandmothers and great-grandmothers of the state. This restaurant is known for their seafood varieties. The restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes from which the Appam, and the tapioca fried rice is the best. This restaurant gives off the perfect Kerala vibe and is very welcoming. This restaurant also has a branch in Bangalore.

ente9.Kumarakom, Chennai

This restaurant has different locations in Chennai. They also have branches in Dubai and Bangalore. It is a family run business which serves various specialities from Kerala. They also provide catering services for various events; small or big, family function or official parties. The restaurant is very authentic and ultimate place to try Kerala cuisine.

kumarakom10.Naivedyam, New Delhi

A must visit place in New Delhi if you are a lover of South Indian food. This place serves spectacular dishes which make you desirable for more and more. They offer “hot rasam” as a welcome drink which is quite delicious. It is a quite place and the service here is quick and great. A place that will stay in your mind even after leaving it.

naivedyam11.Mahabelly Restaurant, New Delhi

Mahabelly- this name is derived from the benevolent king Mahabali, a king whose reign brought great prosperity and happiness to the people of the kingdom. That kingdom is now in Kerala. This restaurant is a recommended place by those who love the South Indian cuisine, a family friendly restaurant which has a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The portions of the food are quite abundant and worth the amount spent.

mahabelly12.Carnatic Cafe, New Delhi

The best South Indian restaurant in Delhi. The place is quite and cosy, perfect for an evening of hearty dinner. This restaurant is pure vegetarian, which might be a bit of a disappointment for the meat lovers, but it is a must visit place, to tantalise your palate with drool worthy South Indian delicacies. The must have dishes in this restaurant are Rava Masala Dosa, Coffee, and Spiced Buttermilk.

carnatic-cafe13.Karnataka Food Centre, New Delhi

This food centre is located in New Delhi and serves delicious South Indian food which tempts you to eat more. This centre is an ideal place to have breakfast every day of the week. The ambience of this place is very homely and welcoming. The service and the staff are pleasant. All in all, a must visit place in Delhi if you are craving something South Indian.

karnataka-food-center14.Mani’s Lunch Home, Mumbai

One of the best places to have authentic South Indian meals. This shop serves Tamil Brahman vegetarian meals which are excellent and tasty. They serve a filter coffee which tastes amazing any time of the day. It is like an energy drink that will keep you active and refreshed the entire day. The place is small and always crowded beyond its capacity. The rates for these home cooked meals are on the lighter side of the pocket, considering that it is located in Mumbai.

manis15.A. Rama Nayak’s Udipi Shri Krishna Boarding, Mumbai

A must visit boarding place, to have a taste of the best South Indian meals. The arrangement in this place is similar to that of how it is in the banquet areas of the South Indian weddings. The recommended food here is the full meals which are so homely it reminds you of the home cooked food that you eat at home. A pure vegetarian restaurant that many vegetarian lovers will enjoy.

a-rama16.Hotel Ramashraya, Mumbai

This hotel is one of the best for South Indian cuisine in Mumbai. They serve purely vegetarian food and also Jain food. The notable and recommended dishes from this place are Rasam Vada, Kadi Idli, and Upma Podi. The pricing of this hotel is light on the pocket. This restaurant also is perfect for having breakfast especially early in the morning. It is quiet and small which sets the perfect mood for having breakfast.

hotel-ramashray.jpg17.Krishnavillasam, Chennai

A classic restaurant which is perfect for a family lunch or dinner that serves mouth watering South Indian cuisine for which it is known. Apart from South Indian cuisine they also have North Indian, Chinese and Kerala cuisines. They have terrific meals and a great menu for breakfasts. The ambience and the interiors are noteworthy. The pricing is on the expensive side but totally worth it.

krishnavillasam18.Dakshin – Crowne Plaza, Chennai

Even though this is a high-end restaurant, it offers a palate tingling breakfast buffet, which is tasty and light on the stomach. It has great ambience and interiors along with a very courteous staff. It is a little on the expensive side, but it is worth going for the breakfast buffet they serve.

dakshin19.Mana Andhra, Chennai

This restaurant has incredibly spicy and exotic food that are drool worthy. The food goes well with the ambience and decor. This restaurant serves Andhra, Hyderbadi, and South Indian cuisines. The pesarattu (a type of dosa) which is served hot and crisp and will melt the moment a piece enters your mouth. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The meat biriyanis are a sight for sore eyes. They taste amazing with the expected spiciness from the Andhra cuisine. If you have the ability to handle spicy food, then this place should be there in your must visit destination list.

mana20.Rayar Mess, Chennai

Albeit a small place, it is almost always crowded especially on the weekends where you would have to wait. They have a limited menu, but the dishes on the menu are wholesome and pleasant, which is a perfect combination for all the food lovers out there. The pricing for this place is incredibly light on the pocket. The service and food live up to its reputation. A must visit place for food lovers.