Top 20 Places To Have Fast Food In India

Top 20 Places To Have Fast Food In India

When people talk about having fast food, they usually think about fast food joints like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Cafe Coffee Day, etc. These fast food joints are present almost everywhere in India and are crowded with people waiting to taste their food in either dine in or takeaway. There are many places out there which specialize in the same food served by these joints.

1.The Royal Sandwich Shop, Chennai

A small shop located on the main road of the bustling streets of Chennai. This eatery is insanely popular for everyone, as it offers a wide variety of sandwiches at an extremely low price. It’s always crowded, and people stand in lines just to get their order. They offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches. Their ice cream sandwich is out of the world and a definite must have when you visit this place.

royal-sandwich2.Momo Jojo, Bangalore

This place specialises in Chinese and Street food. A disappointment for the meat lovers as this place serves only vegetarian food. A small and humble eat out which goes unnoticed by the busy crowd. They offer an array of momos which make you want to keep eating no matter how much you have had them. The must eat dishes from this place are Wok Boxes, Spinach Cheese Corn Pan Fried, Spicy Soya Tandoori, Mushroom Onion Steamed.

momo3.Yoghurt Studio, Mumbai

A dessert which is healthy and fresh at the same time is available only at this particular joint. A perfect blend of fruits and yogurt, to get us through our tough days. They offer parfaits with optional ingredients. This parfait is an absolute killer and makes your mouth water just thinking about it. If you want only proteins, they also provide protein shakes that are extremely beneficial for our health.

yoghurt4.Silver Platter, Kolkata

This restaurant located in Kolkata, serves amazing non vegetarian dishes that a meat lover will definitely fall in love with. The must have dishes in this place are the Grilled Chicken Breast and Fish Oranzzy. They offer enough quantity for the price. The service is prompt, and ambience is perfect for lunch or a dinner date. They deliver food too.

silver-platter5.Masala Library, Delhi

Contrary to how the name sounds, this restaurant located near the Le Meridian Hotel has a sophisticated and elegant decor that sets you in a particular mood. This place is quite heavy in the pocket, but well worth it. This restaurant serves Modern Indian food, that is Indian food presented and created in a stylish manner. The staffs here is very hospitable and helpful. It might be difficult to choose from the menu of amazing dishes that they offer.

masala-library6.Oh! Fudge, Mumbai

This dessert place specialises in Fudges. They serve a variety of chocolate Fudges that they deliver to your home. A jar with sinful chocolate is delivered to those who order it. They have chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with the different types of nuts. They have Jumbo jars, a cup of Fudge and Fudge cake also, which is a delight. Their Fudges just leave you hanging for more and more. A definite must have, if you have a sweet tooth.

oh-fudge7.Onesta, Bangalore

A cafe which serves impressive Pizza and Italian food. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties for the food they serve. They have different combos which make you want to stay there and keep eating. The pizzas and pasta are an absolute delight from this place and are on the lighter side of the pocket. A place you must visit if you are a fan of pizzas.

onesta8.Bombay Kulfi, Chennai

It is an ice cream shop that specialises in the Indian dessert called Kulfi. This dessert is best had during the summer season, to calm the heat with this delicious icy treat. This shop is highly recommended by the locals when you are craving some desserts, for a lesser price. This place is the perfect destination. The must try Kulfis from this place are Kesar Pista Kulfi, Tender Coconut, Malai Kulfi, Cacutta Pann, Guava Kulfi. This shop definitely cannot be missed.

bombay-kulfi9.My Big Fat Belly, Kolkata

This restaurant located in Kolkata has both Italian and American dishes. The food portions come in large quantities in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Their dishes vary from Pasta and Pizzas to Burgers and French fries. They also have salads and soups which are of Italian style. These scrumptious dishes are popular among the residents of the city.

my-big-fat-belly10.Belgyum, Bangalore

A place located in Bangalore which is known for their desserts. This dessert shop serves waffles with a slightly crunchy exterior, and soft interior, that will tempt you just by looking at them. The best waffles in town are found in this heavenly joint. The must try waffle from this restaurant is the Nutella Waffles. They have a takeaway option and make your waffles option. Most of these waffles are served with whipped cream which is the perfect combination. The ambience is nice and the service is quick.

belgyum11.Brownie Heaven, Chennai

This place located in Chennai, has incredible brownies and other brownie based foods. They also let us personalise our brownies, the way we want it. For vegetarians, they also serve egg less brownies with amazing toppings. The service is quite rapid and the ambience is comfy. The specialities are Brownie Shakes, Brownie Web, Brookies N Cream and Brownie Cheesecake. The yummiest brownies are available here.

brownie-heaven12.Spice Craft, Kolkata

This is a restaurant that specialises in Continental, Middle Eastern, and Asian dishes. The must-have dishes from this place are 100% Jack Daniels mousse Can Tempura Fish. The best part of this place is that you can ask the chef to recommend dishes to you or ask him to cook something you are craving. The hospitality is on perfect and the ambience of this place is very elegant. They have an array of dishes from which you can choose. A visit to this restaurant is something that cannot be forgotten.

spice-craft13.The Bombaykery, Gurgaon

It is a Bakery and Cake shop which does home delivery alone. During a lazy evening, the best place to have something sweet is from this dessert shop. The desserts from this shop are heavenly, making you melt in the goodness of sugar. This place has different types of desserts like cakes, cookies, tarts, cheesecakes, cupcakes, macaroons. They take in celebration party orders too. A person with sugar tooth cannot pass by this shop without tasting the desserts.

bombaykery14.Milano Ice Cream, Bangalore

As the name suggests, this place serves delicious ice creams. They have a wide variety of flavours, and if you love gelato this is a must visit place in Bangalore. The locals come to this place to experience the delightful ice cream that they serve. The rates are reasonable and worth it. The ambience and service will also make you want to come back to this place.

milano15.Thaasa Thindi, Bangalore

A South Indian restaurant in Bangalore which is extremely famous for their Masala Dosa. This place is always crowded especially on a Sunday morning for breakfast. Their Masala Dosa is perfect when they are paired with the different chutneys they provide and filter coffee. The best combination anyone could ever ask. The service is impeccable along with the friendly ambience in the shop.

thassa-tindi16.Chili’s, Chennai

This restaurant is located in Express Avenue, a shopping mall and the customers of this restaurant is mainly the shoppers or the people who come here to watch movies. They have American, Tex-Mex and Mexican dishes. They are widely known for their Kickass Burgers which come in a good quantity as well as quality. From the extensive menu of dishes they have, each of them will leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth.

chilis17.Double Roti, Chennai

This place located in Chennai serves American food, Burgers, and Fast Food. This place is also known for their kickass burgers. The ambience, interiors, and decor of this place give out the college hangout spot vibes. They serve burgers which will blow your mind. They have other dishes with catchy names which make you wonder what it is. It has been on everyone’s list to try the juicy burgers and fries that accompany it. A definite must visit fast food place in Chennai.

double-roti18.Flip Bar And Kitchen, Mumbai

A newly opened restaurant in Mumbai which serves American and Continental food. This restaurant serves a wide variety of vegetarian dishes from the cuisines and makes you wonder why you haven’t heard about these dishes. The place gives off a fresh and comfortable vibe that welcomes you. The staffs are quite hospitable and helpful in recommending dishes to be had. This place can bring up your mood by tenfold. This place is the kind that should receive more credit.

flip-bar19.Solid Gulp (bapi Dar Momo), Kolkata

This tiny stall offers a variety of Street food of Chinese and Tibetan varieties. They offer only takeaways and no dine in. They serve a lot of food for the minimalist rates they have. The must have food of this place are Chicken Boneless Pakora, Chicken Fry, Chicken Lollypop, Chicken Momo. The prices are extremely light on the pockets and a heaven for those who love non vegetarian.

solid-gulp20.Prankster, Delhi

This place serves both authentic North Indian food and Modern Indian food. Both the cuisines are similar just with the different flair of how it is served. The must have dishes here are Dahi Kebab, Dahi Bhalla Ice Cream, Litchi Tikka, Pav Bhaji Zinker Burger. The ambience of this place has a party vibe to it and also a perfect dining experience. They also serve drinks, which are available with the dishes they serve or separately. An experience that you can’t afford to pass up.