Top 20 Places To Eat In Jeypore, Odisha

top 20 places to eat in jeypore odisha
top 20 places to eat in jeypore odisha

If you ever plan to visit South Odisha, make sure you come to Jeypore. It is a place of great historical importance in Odisha. You can visit beautiful places in and around the town. Though not very large in area, it has quite a wide range of food cuisines. The local food is mostly influenced by the food culture of Berhampur and Andhra Pradesh. To make your trip easier, we have listed some of the must-try places in the town.

1. Ambica Restaurant

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant, located on Mahatma Gandhi road. It is one of the oldest places for meals. Though it is a small place, it has lots of dishes to offer. Mostly parcel service is available here. The must-try dishes of this place are double dal fry and mushroom masala.


2. Shree Food Palace

It is a beautiful place with a nice ambiance. Their most popular dishes are chicken dum biryani, prawn 65, chicken lollipop, kadhai mushroom, etc. The service is quick and the staff is friendly. You must come to this place if you would like to have tasty food in a decent and hygienic environment.


3. Hotel Sandhya

It is probably the best restaurant in Gandhi chowk. It is very spacious and decorated beautifully. It serves great chicken biryani, kadhai paneer, shahi paneer, chicken
pakoda, etc. This place also has a bakery of its own where they serve many different
varieties of cakes and pastries.


4. Andhra Hotel

It is a famous place in the town. The ambiance is great. The food is delicious. It is famous for its biryani, naan, Manchurian, chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, etc.


5. Jeypore Foodex

It is one of the most pocket-friendly places in Jeypore. It has a wide range of food options like pizza, veg roll, burger, brownie chow mein, etc. The sitting area is limited with proper service. It also has a grocery section attached to it from which you can buy lots of household items.


6. Hotel Woods Café And Restaurant

As the name suggests, the interior is wood-based. It is a beautiful place with
a wonderful ambiance. The food quality, as well as the quantity, is really good. The place is budget-friendly. It has two separate sections- the restaurant and the café. The restaurant serves naan, biryani, chicken fried rice, achaari paneer, etc while the café serves different types of pizza, burgers, pasta, chow mein, etc.


7. Girija Roll Centre

It is the most famous eatery in the town. It is a heavenly place for all the non-vegetarians. Here, you can find chicken roll, chicken soup, egg roll, chow mein, chicken pakoda, etc. It is so famous that sometimes it gets so crowded that you have to wait for hours to eat. The only drawback is that they don’t have a seating arrangement. So, if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, this place is a must-visit for you.


8. The Hide Out Café

It is a really nice place to hang out with your friends. The food is delicious. They serve amazing chicken cheese pizza, dragon mushroom, paneer tikka burger, oreo
shake, spaghetti chicken, etc. The best part about this place is that the vertical space is well-utilized to form a balcony-like sitting area. You can use this area to enjoy with your friends and family without any external disturbance.

hide out

9. Hungry Birds Café

It is a small and cozy place to hang out. It has this beautiful vintage theme. It serves delicious French fries, burgers, kit-kat shake, cheesy pasta, paneer papad sticks, etc. The best part is that they have kept novels available on their tables, so you can enjoy your food while reading some great stories! It is a dream place for book-lovers!


10. Hotel Maharaja

It is one of the oldest places in the town. The place gets a little busy in the evening. It serves amazing masala dosa, chole bhature, pav bhaji, mixed fruit juice, cakes, etc. They also have their own bakery and panipuri stall.


11. New Green Chilli

It is located on NKT Road in front of Laxmi Talkies. It is a small place but has various types of dishes to offer. They have a delicious veg roll, chicken tangdi kebab, chicken tikka, etc. The price is affordable and it is a decent place to visit with your friends.

green chilly

12. Balaji Hotel

Located near the new green chili restaurant, it is the most famous fast-food restaurant in the city. The food is delicious with great quality. The place is also hygienic and the price is low. The famous items of this place are samosa, vada, Dahi bara aloo dum, chenna poda, etc.

hotel balaji

13. Surya Sweets

This place offers different types of sweets and namkeens. It is a small place and, hence, is often crowded. It is famous for its gujia, rasmalai, lassi, masala gari etc. It serves an amazing dish called fruit mixture which contains various types of fruits like banana, papaya, apple, cherry-topped with milk cream, cashews, cherries, and coconut shreds.

surya sweets

14. The Hot Foodie

It is a small fast-food center, located near the old hospital in the town. It serves amazing pizzas and sandwiches. The price is super-affordable. They also offer home delivery services. The best dish of this place is the veg mayo sandwich, which is just mind-blowing.


15. Raju Bhai Chat Centre

It is also a small but famous place in the town. It serves amazing samosa, gari, cutlet, different types of chaat, etc. The price is very nominal and the taste is amazing. All the dishes are very filling.


16. Chop N Chew

It is a new restaurant which has been opened recently. The food here is delicious. It serves biryanis of different types, kurtosh, schezwan fried rice, etc. it also has snack options like pizza, burger, macaroni, brownie, etc.


17. Taste Paradise

It is a famous place in the town. It is known for its taste and hygiene. It serves delicious dum biryani, chicken soup, pahadi chicken, ice cream, etc.

taste18. DFC

It is the local version of KFC. The place is quite spacious and is well-decorated. They have various items like pizza, burger, sandwich, corn samosa, veg nuggets, spicy grill chicken, mingles bucket, etc. It is a must-visit place for non-vegetarians.


19. Tandoori Hut

It is located on mill street. As the name highlights, it has all the tandoor-related dishes like tandoori chicken, kebab, biryani, chicken soup, chilly chicken, chow mein, etc. It also has refreshment mocktails like a blue lagoon.


20. Hello Jeypore

It is located at the entrance of the town, hence, the name. it is a very old and well-known restaurant in Jeypore. It serves various dishes like naan, tandoori roti, biryani. The best dish of this place is its mutton kassa. You must try this if you ever come to this restaurant.

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