Top 20 Things To Eat In Kalyan City

Top 20 Things To Eat In Kalyan City
Top 20 Things To Eat In Kalyan City

Kalyan is a city in the Thane district of Maharashtra which is known for its historical importance from the Maratha Rule, ancient temples, samadhis of great saints, and sages. Other than historical importance this city plays a major role to connect various vital cities via rail and roadways. Kalyan is not only a junction for rail but also a junction when it comes to Food. The regional diversity of people living in Kalyan makes it a great place to enjoy a variety of cuisines all around the city. Here are some of the local places where all food enthusiasts can enjoy food that drips with butter and cheese, loaded with fillings and toppings in the way it is supposed to be, wholeheartedly.

1.Manjunath Dosa Corner

Manjunath Dosa Corner located in Durga Nagar, Opposite Ambedkar Garden serves South Indian breakfast which includes different kinds of Dosas, Idli, Medu Wada, and Uttapam as a perfect healthy kick start to a busy day. This corner has been situated in the aforesaid place for nearly fifteen years till date. Their specialties include Mysore Masala Dosa and Onion Uttapam.

2.Om Sai Corner

Om Sai Chinese Corner is a small eatery started by a couple approximately 12-15 years ago, situated in Beturkar Pada, Near Kala Talav Gate no 2 serves Pure Vegetarian Chinese snacks like Veg. Manchurian, Chinese Bhel, and Veg Manchurian Soup maintain a great taste for a very pocket-friendly rate. Their specialties are Manchurian and Veg Manchurian Soup.

3.Manoj Momos And Rolls Centre

Manoj Momos and Rolls is a very popular food cart in Khadakpada which leads to a heavy crowd of foodies who have a special place in their hearts for Momos. They serve a variety of steam as well as fried momos Veg and Non-Veg included.  They also have Rolls a.k.a Frankies which include Veg Frankie, Egg, and Chicken Frankie. This place is best when you need a quick bite on your way home or with your foodie friends.

4.Pawar Vade Wale

Vadapav has gained a lot of lovers and limelight in the last several years. It is also one of the most widely consumed food items due to its taste and the fact that it can be eaten anywhere at a given time. Amongst all the vada pav vendors and outlets in Kalyan, this is one of the oldest establishments for this broadly popular food item. Pawar Vade is located in one of the many alleys in the busiest of the all-Kalyan market right near Sahajanand Chowk from approximately 1990s or even before that. This corner is famous for almost everything they make. Starting from Vadapav to Moong Bhaji.

5.Lokmanya Misal

Lokmanya Misal is a very famous place for truly authentic Maharashtrian Misal Pav from the year 1976. This food outlet is soon to reach its 50th anniversary. Lokmanya Misal as the name suggests is “LOK-MANYA” which means accepted by the people. It is the first place for many of the Kalyankars which comes to mind when Misal Pav is the topic of conversation. Serving for nearly 5 decades this place rules the hearts of their customers.

6.Hotel Chirag

Hotel Chirag is one of the best places to have all sorts of Tandoor items. It majorly serves Non-Veg Tandoori and Main course. They serve Chicken, Mutton, and Fish with different marinates cooked in Tandoor (a clay oven used to make Indian-style barbecue of different flavors). This hotel is nearly been established for nearly 6 decades in the same place and has immense popularity amongst non-vegetarians in the vicinity.

7.Veere Di Hatti

Veere Di Hatti is a food truck situated in one of the Fourways in Yogi Dham. This food truck has popular items from the Punjabi Cuisine like kinds of Parathas, Chole Bhature, Rajma Chawal. This food truck has been started recently after the lockdown and has quickly gained popularity due to its authentic Punjabi taste and uniqueness. A must-try at this truck is Paneer Paratha, Rajma Chawal, and Chole Bhature.


Hotel Gavraan is one of the places which serves authentic Kolhapuri cuisine. It has expertise in Non-vegetarian Kolhapuri food items like Tambda Pandhra Rassa, Mutton Sukka. It also serves a broad variety of thalis like Chicken Thali, Mutton Thali, Fish Thali along with Indian bread choices like Chapati and Bhakri. The thalis include unlimited Tambda Pandhra Rassa throughout the meal and also has an offer with an all-can-eat option.

9.Hotel Tirumala

Hotel Tirumala is an Indo-Chinese Restaurant near Nikki Nagar Road in Kalyan. It is an amazing place to have a stomach full of Chinese cuisine at a very reasonable price. It has different types of starters, Rice and Noodles both Veg and Non-Veg. Tirumala also has Veg and Non-veg Soups added to their Menu. Tirumala is a well-visited place by young adults and teens due to the taste and quality of their preparation.

10.Nandu Bhai Dabeli

Nandu Bhai Dabeli is a little Dabeli cart run by Nandubhai on the pavements of Kalyan market exactly opposite Shree Jalaram Mandir and near Mahavir Shopping Centre. Nandu Bhai runs this business solely on its own. This food cart as per the name has only one eatable- Dabeli. Nandu Bhai Dabeli is incredibly well known for the consistency and quality taste of their only item that has not changed even in the tiniest way possible over their last 28 years of establishment.

11.Yuvi Shawarma

Yuvi Shawarma is a Food Truck located on one of the most famous roads of Kalyan, namely Vasant Valley Road. This road has an ample amount of food trucks having a variety of dishes amongst which Yuvi is one of the best food trucks to have a Shawarma. Yuvi Shawarma serves only shawarma with different combinations of spices, sauces, and toppings. Yuvi Shawarma also has a store outlet in the same vicinity as the food truck.

12.Mithilesh Sinha Pani Puri Centre

Mithilesh Sinha Pani puri Centre is a small chaat corner that serves Panipuri, Sev puri, Ragda Patties, Dahi Puri, Bhelpuri, and a lot more. This chaat corner is located in Beturkar Pada Near Om Sai Chinese which has been mentioned earlier. This place is one of the rare chaat corners in the city which uses homemade puris for all their dishes. This chaat corner has been established for nearly more than 20 years to date.

13.Magic Bites

Magic Bites is one of the most visited food stalls in Gurudatta Food Hub. Gurudatta Food Hub has many food stalls serving a variety of food items ranging from Pav bhaji to Chinese. Magic Bites is a food stall that serves Veg barbecue made from Soya Bean more commonly known as Soya Chaap. Along with Soya Chaap, Magic Bites also has Paneer Tandoori, Mushroom, Veg Shawarma made from Soya Chaap, and Paneer tandoor. A must-try here is, Soya Masala Chaap and Soya Afghani Chaap.

14.Shiv Pav Bhaji

Shiv Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular Pav bhaji Stalls in Kalyan. They serve Pav Bhaji along with Masala Pav and Tawa Pulao on their menu. Shiv Pav Bhaji is immensely loved by huge numbers of people living close by as well as far away. Shiv Pav Bhaji is located in another Food Hub in Kalyan known as Godrej Khau Galli or just Khau Galli on Vasant Valley Road.

15.Baba Sandwich

Baba Sandwich has many outlets and sandwich carts throughout Kalyan City. They serve innumerable types of sandwiches which is one reason why people from all age groups right from school-going kids to the senior citizens of the society love this place. Baba Sandwich is located near Shiv Pav Bhaji in the same Food Hub a.k.a Khau Galli.

16.Jai Malhar Agri Khanaval

Jai Malhar Agri Khanaval serves Agri Cuisine cooked in homemade spices and marination. Their specialty is Sea Food. Run by an Agri Family, this Food stall has Fried fish of various kinds including Surmai, Pomfret, Prawns, etc. Not only do they serve fish fry but they also have different fish curries which include spicy gravy and cooked fish along with Bhakris. This food stall is also located in the Khau Galli right beside Shiv Pav Bhaji.

17.Mithilesh Jalebi Corner

Mithilesh Jalebi Corner is located near Vir Kotwal Chowk Road, opposite Kala Talav Gate no 2. Mithilesh Jalebi corner has only two things in their store. They are 2 types of Jalebis- one being the normal Orange Jalebi that we all relish and the other being more towards the shade of dark brown and black commonly called Kaali (black) jalebi. This black jalebi is made out of Khoya or khoa. Mithilesh Jalebi has 2 outlets in the city, one in Rambaug and the other one near Kala Talav for 15 and 8 years respectively.

18.Maqsood Juice Centre

Maqsood Juice Centre is located at Par Naka. The Centre serves a wide number of milkshakes, juices, thick shakes, and many more. But this place has gained popularity only because of one particular item that proves to be the best- Coconut cream shake. Coconut cream is made by grinding all the ingredients in a tender green coconut with added fresh cream and dry fruits. It is a heavy dessert which is worth a trip.

19.A To Z Sweet

A to Z Sweet is a confectionery store located at Dudh Naka in Kalyan. This store has completed 20 years and counting. This store has almost every sweet item one can think of. Be it Ladoo, Pedha, Barfi, or anything. All the sweets here are made using the best quality ingredients which gives them a perfectly sweet taste to end your day with.

20.Shree Ram Kulfi

Shree Ram Kulfi is a small ice cream Store on the entrance road of Yogi Dham. This store was earlier a kulfi cart and from around 8 years it is a store. Shree Ram Kulfi is known for its Malai and Gulkand Kulfi. But this place is also known for having one of the best Cassata Ice Creams in the whole neighborhood. This place also has company-made ice-creams but the Kulfis here has no match.