Top 20 Places To Get Waffles And Pancakes For Breakfast In Pune

Top 20 Places To Get Waffles And Pancakes For Breakfast In Pune

There are obviously people existing who loves some waffle and pancakes for breakfast right? So here are a few suggestion of places which one must try for some delicious breakfast.



Came about five years ago, is a specialized egg restaurant which proves it wrong that egg can be eaten only for breakfast. ‘Yolkshire’ is named after the yolk present in the egg as the egg is the specialty here. They combine egg with every dish and make healthier. It is a unique restaurant and very popular as well. You also get great Pancakes here.


The Yogi Tree

They serve the best of Continental, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and North Indian cuisines. One of the most happening places in Pune, The Yogi Tree is the hangout spot for the younger generation. It has a facility of outdoor seating and indoor seating as well but with no great ambiance.


Peter’s Pan

They offer the BEST Pancakes and Waffles in Pune. Many prefer to go here on weekends for breakfast. They propose many kinds of topping like Nuts and Chocolate, Caramel, Banana, Belgium Chocolate, Cheese, and Blueberry and so on. It is a decent place and also pocket-friendly for a nice breakfast. The staff here are very friendly and also the service is up to the mark.


The Cafe

It is popular as one the most effervescent cafe in Pune serving Multi-cuisines including Indian and Continental. The Waffles and Pancakes served here are considered to be one the most delicious ones in the whole of Pune.


Brooklyn Shuffle

They dish up typical American cuisine and some amazing Waffles and Pancakes. The indoor section is very peppy and vibrant with classy ambiance. There is also outdoor seating for those who want to dine and enjoy under the stars. It is a pocket-friendly place.


The Chocolate Room

For all the chocoholics, this is your destination which has chocolate added to every dish in the menu. The prices are quite moderate here, but it is all worth it for the dishes and Waffles you eat here. The ambiance is pretty elegant too.


Prem’s Restaurant

It provides the widest range in the entire city. For all the people, there is some amazing collection of cocktails and mocktails. Prem’s was open in the eighties serving tandoori and chicken then. As and when the taste of people changed, he also improvised and was dynamic. Today it is a well-known place serving a variety of dishes.


Cafe Colombia

It is an all-day cafe situated in a quiet lane of Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Their specialty is coffee and coolers and they serve the best Waffles and Pancakes in breakfast. It is a perfect place for those who want to dine in peace.


Malaka Spice

It has an amazing ambiance and one of the best chefs working for them. Malaka Spice has also won awards in different categories in food and restaurant. The menu consists of South East Asian Cuisine and best of Pancakes as dessert and breakfast.


The Flour Works

Here, there is indoor seating with elegant ambiance as well as outdoor seating for those who wish for some fresh air. Their menu comprises Continental and delicious Desserts. The Flour Works is a superb place for a family dining.


Arthur’s Theme

What makes Arthur’s Theme restaurant unique is the names of dishes on the menu card. They are quite different and catchy. Their hot selling items are Egg Salad Currimbhoy and Royanne. The only sound that breaks the silence here is your voice. It is a suitable place to come with someone special.


Minus Eighteen Degrees

It is a lounge that serves Bistro, Dessert, Bakery, and Patisserie. The food presentation makes you want to eat more and more and is also very fascinating. The ambience is beyond comparable. It is one of the best restaurants located in Baner, Pune.


One O Eight – Cafe & Yoga Room

It has an indoor seating as well as outdoor seating. They serve Vietnamese, Mexican and Italian dishes. People hop in here for some Coffee and Waffles. The ambiance is not that great but the food served is yummy.


Coconut Grove

It is clean and neat place. They specialize in Mangalorean cuisine and Southern Indian seafood. Though they serve all this, their Waffles and Pancakes are too tasty that you cannot resist but to have if you come here. There are expert chefs trying to be as creative as they can be day by day and improving themselves.



They bake delicious home-made bread, desserts and pasta with love and affection. Their menu includes European cuisine, variety of pizzas and a wide range of fast food. People prefer sitting outdoors more than indoors.



With the freshest ingredients and with utmost care, they make dishes considering our taste. The flavors can uplift your mood and your spirits. You will feel relaxed when you come here and will want to come again and again. They serve the best of Continental and Mediterranean cuisine.



This restaurant offers one of the best Waffles and Pancakes in Pune. The prices are not too high or too low, but every penny spent here should be valued. The service in Shizusan is great, and also the people serving here are sociable. The ambiance is okayish but how does that matter as long as you get to eat yummy Waffles and Pancakes?!


Beetroot Bistro

This is the right place for those who are craving for some cool breeze sitting in the outdoors and enjoying dessert. They have the perfect lighting and surrounding which can make anybody and everybody comfortable. The price range is average, and the service is good too.



The dishes served here look extremely creative and mouth-watering. They are known for their variety of Pancakes and Waffles offered to satisfy every individual’s taste buds.


East Street Cafe

Though East Street Cafe is famous for its sandwiches and healthy food; the dessert served here is delicious as well. One should try this place as it is pretty reasonable as well. The service is fast too.