25 Delicious Street Food in Ghatkopar

25 Delicious Street Food in Ghatkopar

Mumbai, the financial capital of India is not only famous for its finance, Bollywood and tourism; but also for its street food. We bring you the top street foods from the Khau-Galli of Ghatkopar. The mouth-watering Pav-Bhaji, hot-spicy Misal-Pav, Frankie will leave you in the state of a mix-up as which one to go first.


Pav Bhaji

The fast food dish consisting of a thick vegetable curry usually served with butter and bread (Pav) is the much-loved fast food of the Mumbaikars. It is a dish which is available at restaurants as well as served by street hawkers across India and Globe. The best place to enjoy this Bread-Curry combo is Achija near Vikrant Circle.


Boondi Ke Laddo

The ball shaped Sweets are one of the first choices of people to celebrate happiness. These sweet balls are prepared by integrating small fried flour balls using ghee in sugar syrup. It is an important part of the North-Indian dessert. Puroshattam Damodar Haribhai Kandoi near R-Odean Mall, Brijwasi Sweets near Rly Station are the places to look out for these sweet balls.


Masala Khajali

A well-known mouth-licking snack of Gujarati people whose originator is Porbandar-  the birth place of Gandhiji. Made from finely grinded flour (Mendo), it is fried in Ghee. It has two variants spicy and sweet. This flaky flat biscuit disintegrates in the mouth as soon as you take a bite of it. One can enjoy this biscuit at Puroshattam Damodar Haribhai Kandoi near R-Odean Mall.


Burmese Khausey

This is originally a Burmese Cuisine. It is a noodles dish with soup and curry. It is famous for its tanginess and distinct spices. If you want to try the Burmese Khau-Sey in Vegetarian, then try Blossom near Vikrant Circle. Blossom is also famous for its different variants of Pizzas, Sizzlers in Indian style.


Cheese Burst Dosa

The typical South-Indian dish made up of rice and black gram. These crispy pancakes are found mostly all across the India. Ghatkopar Khau-Galli in its way is famous for some of its variants and fusions of Dosas. You can enjoy the Cheese Burst Dosa loaded with liquid cheese, Cheese Broccoli Dosa, Cream Roll Pasta Dosa and much more only at Pure Milk Centre at Vikrant Circle.


Misal Pav

This is a standard Maharashtrian dish which is mostly enjoyed by people in breakfast. It is served with a spicy curry of sprouted moong and peas known as Misal, Pav and topped with minced onions and chiwda. You can enjoy this spicy, tangy dish at Aaswad on MG road.


Vada Pav

Also known as the “Indian Burger” Vada Pav is the favorite snacks of the Mumbaikars.  This mouth licking dish consists of a Patty of Vada-(Fried potato in Gram Flour), tangy chutneys and Pav, topped with onions. A mouth tangling taste of this snack can be experienced at Rly. Station, Aaswad, Laxman’s Om Vada Pav Centre.


Black Pav Bhaji

This is a more spicy variant of the Pav-Bhaji. Many restaurants are now trying this Black Pav-Bhaji for people who love spicy food. The blackness is due to the fusion of spices. The best place to try this new variant is Trupti Snacks Corner in the Garodia Nagar of Ghatkopar.


Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Dosa is special of its kind for the Chutney applied on its surface. These crispy pancakes are famous for its spiciness and its potato Masala. Ghatkopar Khau-Galli in its way is well-known for some of its variants and fusions of Dosas. You can try this fast food at Hotel Samrat opposite Ghatkopar Rly. Station.



Typically a French dish but also very famous in India is the French fries. These are best fast food preferred by people across the globe. “It is best tasted when served crispy brown and salted” as the McD says. The best place to enjoy this Happiness Café near the Raymond Shop. They have a vast variety of French fries.



The 2-Minute home-made snack of Nestle which is the favorite snack of people of all age has found a special place in street food. Many outlets have introduced Maggi in their menu which becomes a hot-spot for college students. The favorite hangout spots for college students are The Maggi House-Somaiya College, Happiness Café.



This is grilled, barbequed potato patty, served with fries, lettuce, carrots, rice/noodles. It is served steam hot on a metal or stone plate with a wooden base. This dish is very common among students to have in sharing. The best places to enjoy this combination is Achija, MI Favorito near Vikrant Circle.



The most loved fast food of girls. The lip-smacking water bombs after which the Mumbaikars go crazy. It is a crunchy ball with spicy mashed potato or chick-pea curry (Ragada) dipped in tangy tamarind water or spicy mint water(Pudina). Known as Gol-Guppa in Mumbai, Puchka in Kolkata this street food is found all across the streets of Khau-Galli.



The famous Dusshera sweet of Gujarat, Jalebi-Fafda is best tasted when served with Sambhariyo(Fried raw Papaya). Jalebi is sweet with concentric circles filled with ghee and Fafda is a Namkeen which is made from Besan. Fafda is flat in shape. Gujju people go crazy over this dessert. The best place to enjoy the Jalebi-Fafda in the Gujju-prone Ghatkopar is Puroshattam Damodar Haribhai Kandoi near R-Odean Mall, Brijwasi Sweets near Rly Station.



Made up of flattened rice, Kande Pohe is best enjoyed in morning breakfast. It is a widespread dish of Maharashtra cuisine that can be enjoyed at any time. Usually topped with onions, sev and pomegranate, this snack tastes best when a flavor of lemon is added. It gives a mouth-watering flavor and dissolves as soon as you have it. The best place to enjoy this is in the early morning at streets of Rly. Station or Aaswad on MG road.



This Tibetan South-Asian Dumpling is a very common street food nowadays in Mumbai. They are available in two variants, boiled or fried. The famous street Momos are the Paneer Chilly Momos served with red &white sauces. The best places to look out for Momos is Five Fat Monks near R-city Mall and Momos Shout near Amar Mahal.



An unmatched part of the Punjabi Cuisine. This snack is made with fine grinded wheat flour(Maida) and potato stuffing which is deep fried in oil. It tastes best with tomato sauce. They are available almost everywhere in Ghatkopar. It is the best preferred snack with Chai.


Kullahad Chai

Served in small cups or clay cups known as “Kullahad”, this works as a beverage.  This is the most consumed beverage in India. People enjoy this drink in groups. These are available in form of “Cutting Chai”, “Chai pe Charcha”; Elaichi flavoured Masala Milk tea is found all over the streets of Ghatkopar.



Bombay Sandwich is purely veg. item and is often served fresh by roadside hawkers as well as in restaurants. It consists of vegetables like potato, tomato, onions, beetroot, cucumber, etc. with a variation of grilled or raw bread. It is served with various fusions of Paneer, Cheese, sev puri, samosa, chocolate on streets of Ghatkopar.



Dabeli meaning ”pressed”  is a snack of Kutchi Cuisine. It is made by pressing a stuffing of boiled potatoes and dabeli masala between pav. It is served with chutneys and garnished with sev, pomegranates, and roasted peanuts. This dish is available on the streets of Ghatkopar near Somaiya College.



Mumbai is  a place where you’ll find a wide variety of rolls. These are Paratha Rolls made up of Maida with a stuffing of potato. These are stuffed with noodles, Manchurian, potato, paneer, chicken, etc. Schezwan Chutney is applied to it for a mouth-flickering taste. The best wraps are found at Frankie near Somaiya College. They are also served at street food stalls.



It is an Indian rice dish which has a Muslim origin. They are found in various variations like Hyderabadi Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani, etc. Its specialty is the combination of its spices, rice, and meat or veggies. Mostly found with roadside hawkers in Ghatkopar who sell Pav-Bhaji. It is a one of the combination of Pav Bhaji- Biryani to try roadside in Mumbai.


Tava Pizza

Pocket friendly & extremely delicious Tava Pizza outside Ghatkopar Rly. Station is  available at just 50 bucks. It can beat some of the best pizzas in the town. It is topped with minced vegetables like capsicum, tomato and onions, these are served with shredded cheese and baked on a Tava. Worth trying at least once.


Daal Kachori

The Mumbai food has one of its kind of Kachori-“The Daal Kachori.” Available mostly during morning as a breakfast this is served with hot chutney and Daal. The best kachoris are found at Aaswad and Guru Kripa on MG Road.


Bhel Puri

Made from the puffed rice by adding spicy bhujia and sweet-sour tamarind Chutney, this mouth-watering street food belongs to the pani-puri chaat clan. It gives a fresh, crunchy feel to the mouth. The best variant to try is the cheese Bhel Puri near the Somaiya College .