Top 20 Places To Have The Perfect Pasta And Garlic Bread In Lucknow


Lucknow, “The City of Nawabs” as we know is the favorite place of food connoisseurs for it is the home to some of the best dishes across our country especially when it comes to non-vegetarian dishes, chaat, and sweets. But for those who do not know, the city also has one of the best street food cultures, be it Chinese or Italian. Pasta, the epitome of Italian food culture is enjoyed best with a side of garlic bread. Here are 20 places in Lucknow to enjoy pasta with your loved ones.

1.The Hazelnut Factory (Gomti Nagar)

Located in Rohtas Summit, Gomti Nagar, the place offers lip-smacking pasta, be it white or red served with a side of regular garlic bread, and is also not heavy on the pocket. They also offer a merger of the white and the red sauce pasta: -Pink sauce pasta. You can also upgrade to the cheese garlic bread. The café cum restaurant also offers some great options for coffee lovers and has a great French breakfast and snacks menu.

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2.The Chocolate Room (Hazratganj)

Situated in Sahara Ganj Mall, Hazratganj, the place is known for its chocolate delicacies as the name suggests. But the place offers some great cheesy options for pizzas and pasta. Spaghetti Alfredo and Spaghetti Pomodoro is our pick for pasta lovers. The quantity is great for the price and the taste will lift your spirits. You can also accompany yourself with a pancake for dessert.

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3.Cappuccino Blast (Mall Avenue)

Located on Mall Avenue, this gourmet café epitomizes the ambiance aspect of an eat-out and is the perfect spot for your date night. The place specializes in western and Italian food cultures. From Fettuccine to Spaghetti, they offer everything with your choice of sauce. Their Chicken Lasagna is our pick when it comes to trying something different. Make sure not to miss their bakery whilst visiting.

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4.Roastery Coffee House (Gomti Nagar)

Opened recently in Gomti Nagar, this one is a perfect coffee house to enjoy your coffee on a date or energize yourself whilst working on your laptop. The place offers a variety of pasta with Mac and Cheese as their flagship delicacy. The place is also famous for its variety of salads.

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5.Cafe De Leila (Gomti Nagar)

It is not just a café; it is a lot more! An ambiance with a feel of nature. If you are a foodie, looking for a place for pasta with a clean and unadulterated taste, this can be it. Farfalle Ala Fungi and spaghetti Aglio E Olio are amongst the top rare choices that the café offers.

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6.Centaurus- Café Lounge (Hazratganj)

Do you consider nothing better than going to a beautiful and cozy café on a weekend, enjoying your pasta with a side of outstanding garlic bread, good music, and a relaxed vibe? In that case, order the Mutton & Chilly Lasagna or Spaghetti Bolognese here, and this place has got you covered.

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7.Café Hons- House of No Sugar (Gomti Nagar)

The newly opened café is a dessert delight for the town. With a great ambiance, the place offers almost all the dishes that you would have already tried but with a twist. Try the Basil Pesto Pasta accompanied with a side of garlic bread of your choice and make your evening a delicious one. Also, try the Tiramisu for a dessert delight.

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8.The Coffee Palette (Gomti Nagar)

The café is in Gomti Nagar and offers all the continental dishes with great taste. A very pocket-friendly place to hang out with your friends or to go on a date. Our pick is the Pink Sauce Pasta with a side of buttered garlic bread. Do try the varieties of coffee that they offer.

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9. Sham-e-faroza (Gomti Nagar)

As the name suggests, this place gives chills of authentic Awadhi andaaz and taste, and getting down to the pasta, the only word that comes to mind is, ‘perfect.’ Our pick for the place is Agli- O- lio Pepperoncino with a side of buttered cheese garlic toast.

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10.Café Repertwahr (Faizabad Road)

Located in Maruti Puram on Faizabad road, this cafe lets you experience the satisfaction of taste through their best chicken arrabbiata pasta. The main catch of the cafe is the collection of more than 500 books and novels to read while you eat.

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11.Münick brew Haus by pebbles (Gomti Nagar)

Münick is designed to make a comfortable and pleasing experience for its customers. Along with the ambience being appealing, they keep surprising the customers with new dishes. Yet, the drunken wild mushroom and Pasta ala chiconara remains the best.

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12.Hudson Café (Gomti Nagar)

The Ambience welcomes people who want both casual or business meetings. The very recipe for the success of Hudson Cafe is its nicely cooked White sauce pasta. All in all, something for everyone describes the place at best.

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13.Boho Bar (Gomti Nagar)

The place offers you ample indoor space as well as a lavish greenly outdoor seating area. Every corner here has the vibe along with musical nights on the weekend. Their mushroom ravioli in Alfredo sauce is a must-to-order with a side of cheesy garlic toast.

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14.The Cherry Tree Café (Hazratganj)

Located in Hazratganj, the place is the old-school spot for dates or just hanging out with your friends. The bakery cum restaurant offers the best Italian food for a very long time now. Our pick, Farmer’s Lasagna is their oldest and best recipe and is a favorite. Do not forget to check out their milkshakes while you are at it. You can also try their other outlets in Lucknow.

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15.Unplugged Courtyard (Gomti Nagar)

If you want to enjoy your pasta and garlic bread with a side of masala nachos and a beer, then this should be your go-to place. The place offers a great ambiance with beautiful live music and just the vibe to relax on a Thursday evening. Our pick is the Spinach Ravioli.

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16.Boom Box Xchange (Gomti Nagar)

Situated in Rohtas Summit, Boom Box is a great place to have continental dishes with a beer and some live music and DJ nights on weekends. Their Cheesy Classic Alfredo is an all-time classic. Try the small plate platters and the BBX buckets for an amazing side.

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17.The Tipsy Trunk Café (Alambagh)

A very calm vibe with a great menu which also is not so heavy on your pockets. Perfect place to casually hang out with your friends and celebrate occasions. Our pick is the Creamy Pasta alongside Cheesy Garlic Bread. Do not forget to order an Oreo Milkshake which goes well with the pasta.

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18.Spice Caves (Patrakarpuram)

One of the best-themed restaurants for a family gathering, the place offers the absolute best of north Indian food. Our pick is the Alfredo Pasta which tastes best with their blue lagoon mocktail. The place has a cave architecture and is likely with their spiced cuisines.

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19.1936 Ristorante Italia (Mall Avenue)

A fine dining compound serving authentic Italian delicacies, this place is a great spot for food nerds. Our pick on the menu is their Agnolotti with a side of burnt and buttered Garlic bread, which tastes best with a pint of Hoegaarden.

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20.The Peddler’s Café (Hazratganj)

A perfect ambiance to be enjoyed with your loved ones, this café situated at Sapru Marg is a pocket-friendly place offering the best continental favorites. Our pick is the Mushroom Onion Lasagna with Garlic Bread and a mocktail of your choice.

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