Top 20 Places To Try At Serampore


Serampore is one of the most developed towns in Hooghly. For the last ten years, this place has shown immense development, especially in the food industry. Many popular food brands are now willing to open their branches in Serampore. This place is also easily accessible because it is well connected by roads, water transport, and trains. They have some authentic as well as some foreign brands, which makes it an exciting place. It has many famous food brands like Wow Momo, Bancharam, Chowman, Dominos, and Pizza Hut.


It is one of the most well-known Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. I won’t say they serve authentic Chinese dish, but they indeed serve authentic Indo-Chinese dishes. They have their versions of everything. Their dumplings and noodles are delicious. Their chicken Manchurian and garlic chicken is also trendy.1625266915_chowman-lead

2.Tripty Restaurant

It is a decent family restaurant serving north Indian and indo Chinese dishes. The ambiance is very lovely and simple. The managing staff and the hospitality they provide are also fantastic. Their chicken preparations are also excellent and it is one of must try restaurant in Serampore.unnamed


It is a Lebanese dish prepared from with fermented bread loaded with shredded chicken, mayonnaise, and salad. It also has a vegetarian version when it is stuffed with patties made with beans. It is trendy nowadays among students.2f6f91034437b8018cacd90561d83727


It is one of the popular sweet shops in Kolkata. It was opened in 2018 in Serampore. It has many options like Abar Khabo, Gulab Jamun, and Mango mishit doi, samosas, and paneer roll. They serve fresh and pure ghee products. It is very close to Serampore railway station.801_502339641

5.Rupashi Restaurant

It is a restaurant as well as a guest house located on G.T.Road near Battala. Veg pulao, mutton kosha, and mutton keema biryani are their signature dishes. The presentation, taste, and texture of the food are totally flawless.6f60a0735461dbb55514de6b05681082_1550138288


It is the home of quality fried chicken. Every dish of KFC gives nostalgia and they are equally delicious. Their rice bowls, burgers, vanilla blue, and soda lime are very good. They have served quality food over the years and we hope it continues to do the same in recent years.IMG-20201024-WA0014


It is one of the popular street food joints in Serampore. They serve good quality chicken, and paneer preparations. Their fried rice is their signature and most sold dish. They have now prohibited dining arrangements due to pandemics but are delivering through zomato and swiggy.103_509934003

8.Basanti Cabin

It is one of the pocket-friendly joints in Serampore. They serve good quality starters at affordable price. Mughlai, cutlets and fish fry are some of its most popular dishes. These cabins have a very age-old charm and you can find many such cabins in different parts of Kolkata.7ae6979db5b609c4f14707d39284ee0a


Aminia does not need any introduction. It serves one of the best biryanis in Kolkata. Apart from biryanis, this place also serves good quality north Indian food. Sites like Aminia, Arsalan, Dada Boudi are very popular and have their own characteristic taste and flavor.banner-one

10.Haldiram’s Prabhuji

It is a good choice for all vegetarian food lovers. They serve a wide variety of Indian food. It is mainly known for its snacks like raj kachori chat, puchkas, grilled sandwiches, and north Indian thalis.mfe1ujm6miaegzct272j


It is one of the popular multi-cuisine restaurants with a separate roll counter. It provides a full-day package because it has a lot of options like rolls, main course and starter items. Do visit this place for a beautiful and lively experience.329_507695191

12.The Denmark Tavern

It is one of the oldest shops in Serampore and is managed by the Park Group. The interior of this restaurant has an age-old charm. It offers a wide range of dishes ranging from north Indian, Chinese and continental. The rates are slightly high but there is no compromise in the quality whatsoever.d354c262-c781-4bee-a353-4b46991dbb18

13.Bawarchi Biryani

It is also one of the popular food joints in Serampore. As the name suggests, it is famous for its aromatic biryani. It sells both vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis. It is one of those restaurants, which have done really well in the past.332_509368638

14.Samrat Hotel

It is not one of those shops which sell premium biryanis but one of the best when it comes to mid-range biryanis. The best part about the biryani is the succulent mutton pieces. The flavor, and aroma is exquisite and is a must-try dish.677fdc526f6411e782c6025f77df004f


It is one of the liveliest cafes in the town. The drums of heaven and pizza are the most recommended ones. The ambiance is pretty relaxed and very popular among the students.8ab71cc1ed9400bf9b5870f583b86285_1575562969

16.Street Kebab

It is a pocket-friendly kebab center selling delicate and juicy kebabs. Both the fish and chicken preparations are excellent. The shop owner is also very gentle and kind and recommends some delicious stuff.maxresdefault

17.RR Café

It is one of the authentic places going around serving yummy foods. Fish oyster chili and fried rice are the tastiest ones. The behavior of the support staff is also cooperative and all in all it will be a wonderful experience.maxresdefault (1)


It is a go to shop for any meet-ups and gatherings. Many college and school going students visit Domino’s as their first-ever hang-out place with friends. Farmhouse pizza and Indi Tandoori Paneer pizza are some of the delicious pizzas.c2e24872b2b5e15a17754a83f4450575

19.Mio Amore

It is one of the most famous confectionery shops in Kolkata. It has around 50 branches. They serve many good savory items like chicken internet, patties, pizza, and desserts like chocolate truffle pastry and chocolate chips cake.Mio-Amore-Store


It is one of the popular takeaway food joints in Serampore. The kebabs and cutlets are very delicious. The chutney they serve is the game-changer. It is tangy, sour and, slightly spicy and goes really well with