Top 20 Must-Try Foods In Gangarampur, West Bengal


Gangarampur is a beautiful city in West Bengal. It is a little away from Kolkata and has its own definite culture and tradition. This part of Bengal is mainly famous for its decadent desserts. It is like a hidden treasure in the heart of Bengal. The only purpose of this article is to introduce you all to this magnificent part of Bengal. If you have an old-age charm and like the same, you can surely visit Gangarampur because it has a lot to offer.

1.Jhal Muri

Puffed rice tossed in mustard oil, green chili, coconut cubes, and lots of spices. It is one of the staple street foods here. All age groups love it because it is light and tasty at the same time. The vendors have their characteristic masala, and hence it is unique and must-try food.1

2.Porota and Torkari

Flaky, crispy parathas served with spicy potato curry. It is one of the most demanded breakfasts here. It is cheap and filling at the same time. This combination is deadly and highly recommended.piyanki-sarkar1538749542

3.Dal Puri

The advanced version of luchi, stuffed with lentils. It is pretty flaky and served fresh and hot with spicy chana dal. The crispiness of the puffed bread, along with soft, flavorful potatoes, goes very well together.


4.Kheer Doi

It is one of the traditional dishes which are very popular among the locals. If you like mishit doi, then you will love this sweetened curd even more. It is richer in taste and texture. There are many local shops here, where you can find this fantastic preparation.


5.Aloe Vera Juice

Yes, you read that right. Aloe vera is very healthy and has many medicinal values. It is sold near to Gangarampur bus stand. The vendor sells various other herbs which are really beneficial, whereas aloe vera juice is most recommended.14MPHealth1


It is one of the tastiest drinks you can have here. Milk mixed with mishit doi is a wonderful combination. It is sold at a very nominal price, Rs 10, and hence it is worthy. It gives you instant energy on a day where the sun is beating high.img_7363


It is prepared by mixing puffed rice and jaggery. It is delicious but seasonal. Moa is often served with raisins on the top. The texture and taste are different from that of other traditional Bengali sweets.Joynagar_Moa_-_Howrah_2016-01-26_9250_20180523172728

8.Dada Didi Hotel Mangsho bhaat

Mutton and rice go very well together. A spicy, rich, tasty mutton curry is served with steamed rice. Succulent pieces of mutton are their signature. It is one of the well-known restaurants here.


9.Dada Didi Ellish curry

Ellish fish is one of the most craved foods here. It is mainly prepared with mustard paste. The eggs of this fish are its tastiest part. This place prepares richly flavored gravy, which is very famous and applauded by everyone around.shorsheilish

10.Chom Chom

This sweet is prepared all over India, but Gangarampur’s Chom Chom has its unique taste and flavor. It is slightly sweeter than the other ones, but sweets are meant to be sweet. Spongy cylinders are made with chenna, then topped with thick condensed milk is like heaven on earth.SWEET_KHIRER_CHOM_CHOM

11.Kolkata Haji Biryani

It is famous for its fifty rupees biryani. Yes, you can get a full plate of biryani here at just fifty rupees. The quality and hygiene is adequately maintained, which has made it very popular nowadays. It is very light and not too oily, which is one of the unique features of this biryani.nlnoiuicqdywegnvafzk


It is one of the oldest sweets of West Bengal. It is either steamed or fried. It has various stuffing that varies from region to region and family to family. It is not readily available in every shop but don’t miss it as soon as you see it. It is a unique preparation and hence prepared by selected shops.Patishapta-pitha-recipe

13.Gur Rasgulla

This has to be the most satisfying rendition of Rasgullas. The only difference here is that the sugar syrup is made with jaggery. It is a winter dish and prepared during the winters only. If you visit Gangarampur, it has to be on top of your list if you are a dessert lover.maxresdefault (3)

14.Pizza at Castle Cafe

It is one of the promising upcoming ventures at Gangarampur. This place serves good quality and fresh pizzas at affordable prices. This has to be one of those first few restaurants that have tried something else apart from the authentic Bengali cuisine, which is commendable.om2fzya3g4mr8tygkikx

15.Chicken lollipop

Chicken fritters tossed in spicy red gravy are a must-try. It is so popular that it has now become an integral part of Bengali weddings. Sonargaon (Akash Residency) is the best place to try this.c830298c708699946e4d24f83f1e6826-1140×768


Jalebi is called jillipi here. You can try luscious, fresh and mouth-watering jilipis at Babaji Mistanno Bhandar at Borobazar, Gangarampur. It is made with a fermented refined flour mixture. It is dipped fried and then dipped in colored sugar syrup.jalebi

17.Mishti Doi

Gangarampur is famous for its sweetened curd. It is prepared by curd, condensed milk, and then left to set. It is sometimes flavored and slightly manipulated but the taste of authentic curd is unparalleled.maxresdefault (4)


During the evenings, it is one of the go-to foods for the local people. It is mixed with puffed rice or eaten directly. There are various telebhajas that are available here, like the alur chop, mochar chop, dimer devil, and many more.telebhaja-1

19.Rimpa’s Hotel Maach bhaat

Boiled rice with slightly flavored fish curry is something unforgettable. The curry is fried with nigella seeds, ginger, garlic, spices. Fish and rice are the two most loved items in Bengal, and their combination is even more prevalent.dheuvz0tsojxl55dyfux

20.Maitri hotel mangsho

This is the last one on the list but undoubtedly not the least one. This hotel is top-rated for its mutton. The richness of the gravy is unmatchable and has to be certainly one of the best mutton curries around this place.1200px-Chicken_Butter_Masala