Top 20 Places to Try In Thamel, Kathmandu

Top 20 Places To Try In Thamel Kathmandu
Top 20 Places To Try In Thamel Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is surrounded by the great Himalayas. It is famous for its religious monuments. One of the popular places in Kathmandu is Thamel. It is a great hot spot for tourism. It is known for its valleys and shops. Apart from that, it is also famous for its food. Here are some of the popular food joints you should definitely try in Thamel:

1 Thamel Momo Hut

Is it possible to talk about Nepal and talk about momo? This is a nice and easily accessible place. They are famous for serving local momo. You can try various types of momo here such as Chicken momo, Chocolate momo, Veg momo, Mushroom momo, Desert momo platter, Peanut butter momo, Meat lover special momo platter, Pork momo etc.

Thamel Momo Hut

2 Forest & Plate

It is a wonderful place to have food in Thamel. Located on the top floor, this place gives you the opportunity to have food away from hustle and bustle of the city. Some of the must-try dishes of this place are Cheese balls, Guacamole salad, Dal bhat, Mexican salad, Cashew cake, Forest salad, Chicken sadeko and Mexican chicken salad.

Forest Plate

3 Legendary Fresh Food Kitchen

As the name suggests, this place serves hot, fresh homely food. It is run by a joint family. They are really kind and warm. You will feel like you’re having your food at home. You can try their Fried momo, Spaghetti, Chilly chicken, Egg chow mein, Momo soup etc

Legendary Fresh Food Kitchen

4 Hot Breads

This is a nice place with beautiful view from the terrace. The environment is serene and the food is great. It is famous for Pastries, Coffee, Triple chocolate dessert etc. They serve a mix of Indian, Nepali, Chinese, Thai and Greek cuisines. The delicious food with live music is just soothing.

Hot Breads

5 Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop

It is a warm, cozy place. The hospitality is really nice. They have Nepal’s first craft beer. They are also famous for Cappuccino, Duck breast, Yogurt cheese cake, Chicken satay, Stuffed chicken supreme, Marinated tofu, Authentic Nepali thali  and Kung pao chicken.

Rosemary Kitchen Coffee Shop

6 Places Restaurant & Bar

It is a great place for the vegetarians. The place is cozy and peaceful. Some of the popular dishes of this place include Cocktails, Mexican quesadilla, Places special pizza, Spinach pie, Cauliflower steak, Mocha, Pad Thai and Chocolate brownie cake.

Places Restaurant Bar

7 Kaiser Café

It is located in a really beautiful place. It is great for photoshoots. The place might be a little expensive but is worth it. It is famous for Coconut rum cake, Panini, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tiger prawn, Baked perch and Christmas pot pie. You can also try their caramel cheesecake and Italian ham salad.

Kaiser Cafe

8 Roadhouse Café

It is one of the most famous places in the entire country. The food options here are diverse. The management is extremely professional and well-behaved. It is known for serving delicious pizzas. If you’re here, you must try Hawaiian pizza, Smoked chicken pizza, Four cheese pizza, Loaded potato skin, Penne truffle mushroom, Loaded hummus and Margherita pizza.

Roadhouse Cafe

9 Yala Café & Coffee Shop

It is a beautiful place with amazing ambience. It serves traditional Nepali food. The staff behavior is really nice. It is famous for Cappuccino, Momo, Eggs benedict, Teriyaki noodles, Chilly chicken, Mustard potatoes and Veg burger.

Yala Cafe Coffee Shop

10 Kathmandu Steak House Restaurant

This is hands down the best place in the city to try exotic dishes. The place is well-organized and the food is just awesome. It is famous for Ostrich steak, Meat, Kathmandu steak, Beef steak, Pork chops, Ostrich burger and Chicken sizzler.

Kathmandu Steak House Restaurant

11 Kathmandu Sandwich Center

This is a great place for all sandwich-lovers. It is a nice and cozy place with proper seating arrangement.  You can try Veg sandwich, Grilled chicken sandwich, Ham sandwich, Salami sandwich, Hotdog roll, Ham burger, Chicken burger, Black tea and Black coffee.

Kathmandu Sandwich Center

12 Kettle Café

It is a beautiful place with charming ambience. The atmosphere is very peaceful. The seats are placed at a lower level than the usual which is a nice addition. It is famous for Espresso, Caffe latte, Cappuccino, Hot chocolate, Fresh lemonade, Oreo shakes, Cold coffee with ice cream.

Kettle Cafe

13 Café Mitra

It is a great place with nice decor. The food is organic and delicious. It is famous for Avocado-nuts salad, Lemon grilled chicken, Guacamole, Chicken momo, Cappuccino, Mongolian stir-fried chicken and King burger. You can also try milkshake vanilla, mint lemonade, Caesar salad and honey coffee.

Cafe Mitra

14 Basecamp Café And Restaurant

It is one of the wonderful places in the area. The ambience is great. The food is yummy. It is popular or different types of Sandwiches, Chicken momo, Burger, Garlic hummus and Pita bread.

Basecamp Cafe And Restaurant

15 Himalayan Yak Restaurant

It is a great place to visit with your family. It serves amazing fast-food items. It is famous for Veg fried rice, Fried rice with egg, Thukpa, Chilly chicken, Chow mein, Steamed momo, Laping etc.

Himalayan Yak Restaurant

16 Tukuche Restaurant

It is well-known for its hospitable staff and fast service. The place is also really amazing and the food is fantastic. Popular dishes here include Mutton gravy, Cheese balls, Mutton momo, Mutton thali, Chicken thali, Veg thali, Fish curry, Onion rings and Peach iced tea.

Tukuche Restaurant

17 Markham Bistro

It offers a wonderful dining experience. It serves delicious food at an affordable cost. If you come here, you must try Espresso, Caesar chicken salad, Ting-momo, Chicken clear soup, Buff chilly, Mexican pizza, Chicken momo, Chicken thenthuk and Kathi roll.

Markham Bistro

18 Hotel Mi Casa

It is a really calm place with peaceful vibes. The food is hygienic as well as tasty. You can try Momo, Chicken soup, Man chow soup, Thukpa, Spring rolls, Egg benedict etc.

Hotel Mi Casa

19 Eco Hotel

The place is highly recommended because of its top-notch hospitality. The prices are pretty good. The food is fabulous. They serve healthy breakfasts like Chickpea curry, Tandoor-style grilled mutton, Vegetable curry , Dal-bhat etc.

Eco Hotel

20 Gyoung Bok Gung Restaurant

It is a famous Korean restaurant. The management is really good and they serve amazing foods. They are famous for serving several types of momo, Noodles, Veg clear soup, Chicken clear soup, Thukpa, Dal bhat and Grilled chicken.

Gyoung Bok Gung Restaurant