Top 20 Restaurants In Ambur, Chennai

Top 20 Restaurants In Ambur Chennai
Top 20 Restaurants In Ambur Chennai

Ambur is a locality in Tirupattur District, Tamil Nadu. It has number of Leather factories and industries and this town is famous place for their specialty food called “Ambur Briyani”. It has a unique taste & flavor which doesn’t have any perfect substitute. There are many places in other states where people open a shop or restaurant as “Ambur Briyani” to sell this famous Ambur Biryani to all. Almost, every restaurant in Ambur sells -Ambur Briyani and other delicious foods. Let’s see what are the restaurants located in Ambur to have the foods.

1.  Zaitoon Restaurant 

This Zaitoon Restaurant is trendy in Ambur. You can easily locate this restaurant as it was located on Highway road. You could have a great time there as not only the foods are delicious but also the dining out interiors are made attractive. You can visit this place with family, friends, or others. Indeed, you can get foods at affordable prices with various items on their menu. They serve North & South Indian dishes, desserts, Fast foods, Arabian, and others. The best part is, you can get all types of biryani available there. The recommended briyani are Mutton dumbriyani, Egg briyani, and others.

Zaitoon Restaurant

2. Rahmaniya Briyani Hotel 

Rahmaniya Briyani Hotel is a great place to dine out with family & friends. Most people love the foods from this restaurant, especially the people of Ambur, love to prefer the foods from this restaurant. Indeed, the taste of the biryani and other Non-Veg items is very delightful. You would get the delicious foods at affordable prices, and obviously, you can dine out at this restaurant for a great time.

Rahmaniya Briyani Hotel

3.Star Briyani Since 1890

As the name of this restaurant is Ambur Briyani, you could get varieties of Briyani in this restaurant and mainly if you are a Non-Veg lover, and wish to try the Non-Veg dishes then this place is simply for you. You can get different Non-Veg dishes- from the BBQ Chicken, Alfaham chicken, starters, main course (Noodles, fried rice, and others).

Star briyani Since 1890

4. Sai Sangeet 

Sai Sangeet is located in Bye-Pass road Ambur (Opposite Vasant Eye care hospital). As this is located on the main highway road, you can quickly find it. This is purely a veg restaurant, most people prefer the South Indian dishes like 110 meals, mini-meals, and mainly South-Indian Thalis. You can get all types of foods starters, main course, bread, Lunch combo, fried rice, noodles, Chinese dishes, soups & salads. The place is large enough to be dine-out with many people.

Sai Sangeet

5. Dindigual Thalappakatti

This restaurant menu is designed to be suitable for both Veg as well as Non-Veg lovers. Many restaurants only serve Non-Veg biryani, but from this restaurant, you can even get Veg biryani. This restaurant has a range of dishes you can try out your favorite one. They serve starters, kebabs, barbeque, curry, noodles, rice, parottas, and a variety of biryani (Veg and Non- Veg).

Dindigual Thalappakatti

6. Star Ambur Briyani

This is located in M.C.Road, Ambur. If you want to have Ambur Briyani, then simply you can visit this place. This restaurant doesn’t have many items on its menu. But, you can get biryanis from here. They sell bucket biryani (Small & large buckets), Mutton biryani, Chicken biryani, Chicken 65 biryani, Khushka, and egg biryani.

Star Ambur Briyani

7. Charminar Restaurant

This Charminar Restaurant is located opposite to Railway station in Nethaji Road. This place is quite famous for the Ambur briyani. They have a unique offer on their menu apart from selling regular biryani, noodles, fried chicken. They have match day special combo available (Super over combo and power play combo).

Charminar Restaurant

8. Classic Rider Café

It is a newly opened café In Ambur, and you can get all types of dishes. Their menu is designed for both Veg and Non-Veg restaurant. They have a range of food items on their menu, they serve varieties of wraps (Classic VEg wrap, African peri-peri wrap, Spicy paneer wrap, Chicken wrap, and others), Barbeque (Chicken barbeque Manchurian). Their special items like classic rider café’s (CRC sandwiches, CRC shawarma, CRC burgers, CRC milkshake.

Classic Rider Cafe

9. Deluxe Briyani Restaurant

Any Ambur restaurant is incomplete without having Biryani, especially the delicious Ambur Briyani on their menu. Most of the restaurants have special Ambur Briyani on their menu. This restaurant, called “Deluxe Briyani Restaurant”, also has most types of biryani, and chicken items on their menu like Chicken 65 biryani, Chicken biryani, Mutton Briyani, Brain fry, gravy (Mutton Paya) etc.

Deluxe Briyani Restaurant

10. Rahmaniya Hotel New 

This Rahmaniya Hotel is located in M.C road, Ambur. You can easily find this restaurant, and it is situated just near the main road (If you are stuck in traffic, you can easily find this restaurant. This restaurant holds place for a large number of people. Also, this is a branch of a famous restaurant so many people could trust the quality of food they serve.

Rahmaniya Hotel New

11. Sri Annapurna Hotel

This Sri Annapurna restaurant is an excellent place to have a dine-in. You can hang out here with your family. It has good interior design & also its seatings are very comfortable. You will also get good hospitality from the staff and also it has a spacious parking facility. The menu is designed for Veg and Non- Veg persons. It’s a nice and quiet place to dine in.

Sri Annapurna Hotel

12. Ambur Star Kitchen

This Ambur Star Kitchen is located In one of the localities of Ambur called “Vathumanai street”. You can get to eat the snacks items like egg burji, omlette from here. Apart from the snack items, you can also get fast food, light food items like (Semiya), gravy’s, and briyani items.

Ambur Star Kitchen

13. Meat And Eat

This is another popular restaurant in Ambur. You can dine out here with friends, family or others. The seating arrangement is good and spacious enough to have seatings there. It is located on Highway road. So, you can identify it easily. They serve fast food and snacks items like they have bucket chicken, mojito, fries, frappe, and wraps.

Meat And Eat

14. A1 Briyani And Fast Food

In North, people prefer Momo, Panipuri as a street snack, but in Ambur, people love to prefer noodles, fried rice and especially the variety of fried chickens as a street snack. This A1 briyani, and fast food sell chicken, noodles, fried rice, etc. Even if you give bulk orders from this hotel, you can also order it.

A1 Briyani And Fast Food

15. Ambur Mandi Briyani

This is also a newly opened restaurant. It’s a nice place to hang out with family or others. You will be served great food with a good quantity of food on the plates. In addition to that, you will get good hospitality inside. It’s located on the highway road, so you will not find any difficulty locating this restaurant. Most people love the quantity and also the taste of the foods available here.

Ambur Mandi Briyani

16. NR Kebabs &Briyani

This NR kebabs &Briyani was started to serve as a street snack shop to the people. It serves biryani and their special kebabs (Fried chicken food items ). Most people love to have Sheekh Kebabs as they taste great. It is Easily locatable, and it has flexible prices for varieties of delicious food specially briyani’s.

NR Kebabs Briyani

17. AL Taj Briyani

It is located in MC Road, NH 46, (Near Railway Station), Ambur. It opens from morning 7 till night 11. You can get the delicious spicy Ambur biryani. In addition to that, Chicken 65, liver fry, Pepper chicken gravy, and many other items are available.

AL Taj Briyani

18. Charminar Hotel (Beef & Chicken Only)

There are many branches of this restaurant named “Charminar Hotel” but with each brand has made its place by selling only the speciality items. This is located in Flower garden (opposite ESIC hospital), but two different restaurant next to next that sells Beef Briyani in one hotel & the other sells Chicken biryani. You can visit any of these two restaurants, according to the food you want to prefer.

Charminar Hotel Beef Chicken Only

19. KR Briyani

This is a small shop to get the famous Ambur biryani – 0located in Housing Board Colony In Ambur. This shop has been running from many times till maintaining the same delicious flavors in Briyani. You will always find a crowd as most of the people prefer to buy this biryani in the breakfast time too. You will get biryani at affordable prices.

KR briyani

20. Khaja Restaurant

This is another restaurant in Ambur where you 0can dine in, and enjoy the Ambur biryani. From this Khaja Restaurant, you will be served many items apart from Ambur Briyani. Parottas, Semiya, Raita, Chicken side dish, etc are available.

Khaja Restaurant