Top 20 Plantain Preparation To Try In Krishnonagar In West Bengal

top 20 plantain preparation to try in krishnonagar in west bengal

Plantains are a very unique and fantastic vegetable to try out different recipes with. They are cooking bananas having a lot of nutritious values. It is variedly used in Bengali dishes in Kolkata and widely used in other countries for its easy and cheap availability in the market. They are originally from Southeast Asia and can be fried, baked, and made into thick and rich curries for serving alongside a full-fledged meal. Moreover, sweet pancakes are made from ripe plantains and are also used in making cookies.

1.  Plantain Bread

Plantain bread is a sweet dish usually eaten with tea for breakfast or evening snacks. Refined wheat flour added with smashed ripe plantains, sugar, and vanilla essence is what it takes to make this quick recipe for a satisfying snack. It is unique and sweetly delicious after mixing sugar.

1 Plantain Bread

2. Plantain Fritters

They are crispy and alluring to look at, served with a spicy and tangy sauce, hot and garnished with coriander leaves. They are not sweet like bananas and therefore can be relished by everyone not wanting to eat extra sugary items. Dipped in gram flour and corn flour with local spices, they will be one of your favorite dishes.

2 Plantain Fritters

3. Chocolate Chip Plantain Cookies

Widely made and sold in the markets can be enjoyed as a sweet snack with hot coffee. This is a must-try dish when you revisit Krishnonagar. Baked with refined wheat flour, vanilla essence, chocolate chips, and sugar, it is a little golden brown savory treat for our stomachs.

3 Chocolate Chip Plantain Cookies

4. Plantain Mushroom Curry

Chopped plantains are slightly sauteed with chopped mushrooms, ginger, garlic paste, chilies, and grated coconut for a creamy gravy. Shallots, cloves, and cumin seeds are added for taste. It can be served for lunch or dinner with hot steamed rice for a healthy meal. 

4 Plantain Mushroom Curry

5. Raw Plantain And Tamarind Curry

A quick and easy recipe made at home mostly in summers for a replenishing taste of the seasonal plantains. Served with Rotis or chapattis, it is a nutritious dish you shouldn’t miss out on while traveling Krishnonagar. Tamarind paste, hing, mustard seeds, and curry leaves are added for the dish’s authenticity.

5 Raw Plantain And Tamarind Curry

6. Plantain Tikka

It is widely made during occasions and celebrations at home or when guests are invited. Plantains are sauteed with tandoori masala, onions, capsicums, and tomato, and a slurry of cornflour is added to make the gravy richer and smoother in taste. It is very delicious.

6 Plantain Tikka

7. Plantain Thick Gravy

Primarily made in the Bengali homes of Krishnonagar, it is served with a daily meal. Nutritious and yummy, it is made with chopped plantains, toor dal, chilies, curry leaves, and mustard seeds. The taste of the spices will tickle your savory senses while making them never forget the unique taste of the dish.

7 Plantain Thick Gravy

8. Raw Plantain Cutlet

With the healthiness of raw plantains, cumin powder, garam masala, ginger-garlic paste, chili paste, and coriander leaves are added. It is deeply fried, then served hot in a bowl as a snack. It can be relishes dipped in tomato sauce. It is made to satisfy the evening cravings of hunger.

8 Raw Plantain Cutlet

9. Steamed Plantain

It is the easiest recipe to make with plantains. Plantains are steamed and chopped into halves and sprinkled with shredded coconut and dollops of ghee or butter for a nutritious breakfast. As it is quickly made, it is mainly made for children going to school early in the mornings.

9 Steamed Plantain

10. Plantain Curry With Peas

Widely made at home as a dish to be served with steamed rice for lunch or dinner. Chopped plantain is tempered with garlic, cloves, mustard seeds, onions, chilies, and peas. Chopped curry leaves are used for flavoring. It will be your following favorite healthy recipe with its alluring taste.

10 Plantain Curry With Peas

11. Plantain Chips

Chips are always very alluring regarding evening snacks or little cravings amidst meals. It is very famous among children and is a healthy way to feed them nutritious foods. Sliced and fried plantains can be salted, or local powder spices can be used to garnish them.

11 Plantain Chips

12. Prawn And Plantain Curry

A rich, healthy dish with small fried prawns, chopped plantains, toor dal, pumpkin, potato, tomato, and carrot served with Rotis or rice is very yummy. Mostly made at home for lunch or dinner. A dish you must try while traveling in Krishnonagar for relishing flavors.

12 Prawn And Plantain Curry

13. Spicy Steamed Rice And Plantain Dumplings

It is highly nutritious and is served as breakfast with various chutneys made at home. Rice, urad dal, chana dal, asafoetida, chopped coconut and plantain, curry leaves, coriander leaves, and black pepper are mixed for relishing flavors. Its unique taste is what makes this dish unforgettable.

13 Spicy Steamed Rice And Plantain Dumplings

14. Fish and Plantain Curry

Tomatoes, onions, potatoes mixed with coriander leaves, fried fish, and plantain with the local spices available is a ubiquitous dish made almost regularly in the homes of Krishnonagar for lunch or dinner. It is highly nutritious and tasty. Even sick people are advised to eat it for varying tastes.

14 Fish And Plantain Curry

15. Plantain And Potato Curry

Easily and quickly made at home, it is a healthy vegetarian dish you must try while revisiting Krishnonagar. Chopped plantain, tomatoes, and potatoes are added with curry leaves for flavoring. It is popular when there is a lack of vegetables in the kitchen, and its yumminess doesn’t let us complain.

15 Plantain And Potato Curry

16. Kachakola Bata

A famous Bengali dish with flavors tickling your savory senses. It can be spicy for spice lovers, or the extra chili powder can be kept aside. Plantains are boiled and smashed, then slightly sauteed with mustard seeds, kalonji, onions, and chilies. It is mainly served with other dishes as a side dish.

16 Kachakola Bata

17. Plantain Sandwich

A healthy breakfast recipe is mainly for children and is sometimes packed in lunch boxes for tiffin breaks. Made with local masala, bread, and boiled and smashed plantains, it is deep fried and served with a spicy and tangy tomato sauce. A yummy dish can be served as a snack in the evenings. 

17 Plantain Sandwich

18. Kacha Kola Paratha

With the goodness of plantain and whole grain wheat flour, it is mixed with local masalas, chaat masala, and amchur powder; it is a quick and easy recipe for dinner or breakfast. It can be served with tomato sauce, spicy chutney, or even potato or mixed vegetables curry for a full-fledged meal. It is alluring and tasty and can’t be missed while visiting Krishnonagar.

18 Kacha Kola Paratha

19. Plantain And Black Chickpea Curry

Plantain is mixed with overnight soaked black chickpeas, shredded coconut, mustard seeds, and coriander seeds to make this homemade dish. It is served with rotis or steamed rice for fantastic flavoring. A fulfilling dish with highly packed nutrition. It is mainly loved by vegetarians for its unique taste and alluring flavors.

19 Plantain And Black Chickpea Curry

20. Kachakolar Kofta

It is a famous and favorite dish of the Bengalis cooked mostly on occasions or when guests are invited home for dinner. Crispy koftas are dipped in the curry to give it a lip-smacking taste. Plaintain and potatoes mixed with local spices are made into small ball shapes and fried into crispy koftas. Tomato gravy is made with local herbs to make the dish complete.

20 Kachakolar Kofta