Top 20 Dishes Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acid

top 20 dishes rich in omega 3 faty acid

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are needed for our body to function well. It is highly nutritious and can prevent heart diseases, and it also is proven to reduce depression if consumed correctly in a proper way. Healthy and rich in availability, we should all consume them to stay fit. It is mainly found in various saltwater fishes, but for vegan people, there are plants and herbs full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. We must incorporate it into our diet charts for healthy, carefree living. There are easy and quick recipes that we can prepare to have with our daily meals to strengthen our bodies. Let’s see and learn them quickly for a nutritious guide ahead for caring for ourselves.

1. Roasted Salmon With Chilies, Fennel, And Citrus

Made with skinless salmon fillet, fennel bulbs, blood or navel orange, regular lemon, and jalapeno very thinly sliced, it is filled with flavors. Sprigs of dill, kosher salt, and coarsely ground black pepper are added to the cuisine for lip-smacking results. Quick and easy to make, it can be eaten alone without a side dish. Its unique taste draws us toward tasting it.

1 Roasted Salmon With Chilies Fennel and Citrus

2. Sour And Sweet Cherry And Buckwheat Crumble

Cherries are tossed in sugar, vinegar, and cornstarch in a bowl. Later topping is made using buckwheat flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, cornstarch, and sugar. The dish is baked till the topping is bubbling and turns syrupy. It is yummy, and the color comes out rich and authentic. It is a fantastic dish to incorporate Omega 3 Fatty Acids into your diet.

2 Sour And Sweet Cherry And Buckwheat Crumble

3. Sauteed Kale With Lime Pickle

Shallots mixed with halved kale leaves, lime pickle, salt, and pepper are fried in ghee to bring out the authentic taste of the dish. It can be eaten alone or served with other dishes. Light and easy to make, it can help us increase the Omega 3 Fatty Acids content in our body to make us healthier. A dish worth changing your diet for better reasons.

3 Sauteed Kale With Lime Pickle

4. Tofu And Spinach Casserole

It is sometimes tricky for vegetarians to get a dish full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and this dish is for them without any fish oil or fish content. Made with tofu, onions, bell peppers, spinach, carrots, and local spices, this dish makes a healthy lunch or dinner. Being the main course meal, it can be served along with potatoes or streamed brown rice for a satisfying meal.

4 Tofu And Spinach Casserole

5. Baked Sardines

Sardines are quickly baked with some local spices and finely chopped parsley and sprinkles of oregano and chili flakes. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, they are baked soon and can be served for a wholesale meal along with brown rice to increase the overall nutritious value of the meal. For fish-loving people, this is a quick recipe to satisfy hunger.

5 Baked Sardines

6. Mackerel With Crushed Potatoes

With the rich creaminess of potatoes, mackerels are easily made with local spices. Lemon zest, lemon juice, oregano leaves, and greek yogurt are added for the authentic richness of the dish. It is delicious to taste and a lip-smacking healthy dish for non-vegetarians. It can quickly be served to guests at dinner on the main course.

6 Mackerel With Crushed Potatoes

7. Garlic Walnut Dip

This sauce can be served with fish for appetizers. Made with finely crumbled bread, walnuts, garlic, lemon juice, and parsley leaves, it tastes sour and spicy. For better results, extra virgin olive oil is used, and it can be stored for a while to serve with other main course dishes for lip-smacking lunch or dinner.

7 Garlic Walnut Dip

8. Walnut Cherry Tomato Salad

Quickly made with a pinch of local spices, this salad is highly nutritious and can be incorporated into our diets to make us healthier. Crushed walnuts mixed with halved cherry tomatoes with finely chopped chilies can be pretty alluring for snacking. Black pepper is optional for people craving spiciness. Make it and relish the refreshing salad with its pleasing tastes.

8 Walnut Cherry Tomato Salad

9. Walnut Pancakes

Pancakes are mostly loved by all and are easy to make it can be a fantastic appetizer or breakfast to start the day with something healthy. Made with wheat flour, sugar, crushed walnuts, and milk, it is nutritious. Sweet in taste, it quenches the sweet cravings and keeps us full for a longer time. It can be served with a caramel dipping for a sweeter taste.

9 Walnut Pancakes

10. Date And Walnut Balls 

A convenient recipe for increasing Omega 3 Fatty Acids in our daily diet. It can be stored in a cool place for nearly two to three weeks in an air-tight container. Finely crushed dates mixed with crushed walnuts are shaped into small balls for children to relish this sweet treat without knowing its nutritious values. It is a perfect dish to satisfy small cravings during our meals.

10 Date And Walnut Balls

11. Almond Bread

Homemade almond loaves of bread are fantastic to eat, served with peanut butter or chocolate butter, and can be made into sandwiches of our choices topped with vegetables and cheese. It is gluten-free and aids weight loss, and is a healthy snack for athletes. Almond powder mixed with flaxseed powder, almond milk, and apple cider vinegar can be baked with baking powder for reasonable and beneficial results.

11 Almond Bread

12. Chia Pudding

Made with just three ingredients, it is quick and alluring in taste. Snacking on it increases Omega 3 Fatty Acids in our body and keeps us healthy and fit. Made with chia seeds, almond milk, and sugar, it is pretty sweet. You can use less sugar to curb down sugar intake if necessary. A quickly made appetizer for the hunger-irritating evenings.

12 Chia Pudding

13. Flax Coconut Pancakes

Served with toppings of bananas or maple syrup or chocolate syrup, pancakes have mostly been our choice of breakfast early morning or for snacking on them in the evenings. However, with the goodness of powdered flax seeds, coconut flour, and well-beaten eggs, this is a different pancake recipe keeping in mind the health factor.

13 Flax Coconut Pancakes

14. Blueberry Flaxseeds Muffins

Muffins are so yummy and alluring that we can’t seem to stop ourselves from snacking on them whenever we see them. Made with flaxseeds, flaxseed meal, blueberries, gluten-free flour, unsweetened almond milk, brown sugar, and baking powder, they are quickly baked. Cinnamon powder is added for its rich flavor. Though it is healthy, it should be consumed with a limit for less sugar intake.

14 Blueberry Flaxseeds Muffins

15. Baked Chicken Fingers 

Chicken is very famous among meat lovers, be it pakoras or keema. Baked Chicken Fingers is another healthy dish rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Chopped chicken pieces are baked with wheat germs, bread crumbs, powdered flaxseed, and parse man with local powdered spices available it calls for a tempting treat and can be served hot with a tangy sauce.

15 Baked Chicken Fingers

16. Orange Flaxseeds Smoothie

Made with frozen peaches, oranges, and carrots, its rich orange color is very alluring and refreshing in taste. Ginger can be added for a bit of spicy punch from the simple, bland sweetness of the drink. Smoothies are a fantastic choice whenever we crave something to drink. Effortlessly blended fruits rich in nutrition are a treasure for our health.

16 Orange Flaxseeds Smoothie

17. Lentils With Chia Seeds

Lentils are rich in protein and can be incorporated into our daily diet as a side dish with rotis or steamed rice. Mixed lentils with chia seeds and local spices and herbs call for a full-fledging meal. It may look like a basic dish, but its nutritious value is something we can’t deny, and it has a spicy, alluring taste. 

17 Lentils With Chia Seeds

18. Orange And Apricot Quinoa

This is an essential dish and can be made for breakfast easily in the morning for health benefits. While preparing quinoa, substitute water with orange juice and use a big pinch of cinnamon powder for flavoring. Once the quinoa is made, add finely chopped apricots and hazelnuts. Orange zest can be used for garnishing and making the dish look more alluring.

18 Orange And Apricot Quinoa

19. Whole-Grain Shells With Walnuts

We love pasta for breakfast or evening snacks and always try to make it in different styles with available ingredients at home. Whole-Grain shells tossed with finely chopped bell peppers, spring onions, and garlic are yummy and served with grated cheese and crushed walnuts. Walnuts add to the crunchiness of the dish, making it more fun to eat.

19 Whole Grain Shells With Walnuts

20. Salmon Burger 

This refreshing burger idea uses salmon as a sub to fill instead of meat, increasing the Omega 3 Fatty Acids in our diets; it is yummier. Salmon steamed and sauteed with local spices tastes amazing when put inside the burger bun. It can be packed for lunch breaks or served with mayo for small evening cravings.

20 Salmon Burger