Top 20 Pocket Friendly Restaurants In Chennai



Fu Silli Reasons

Serving one of the best Italian pasta, Fu Silly Reasons has become the centre of attraction for the younger generation. It has a very limited menu, but the taste is unforgettable. It has become the talk of the town in a very short span of time. It is located in Kilpauk.


Mc Donald’s

Craving for some burger? MC Donalds is your destination. MC Donalds serve many types of burgers and fries and is usually filled with the young crowd waiting and enjoying their meal. Different offers here excite people and attract them.


Nungambakkam Chat Corner

Chaat could be one’s anytime favourite. Got less money with you but wants some chaat? Nungambakkam Chat Corner is the place. Right from murukku sandwich to Pani Puri to Dahi Puri, everything here is hygienic and tasty. Do try.



It is famous for it Schezwan rice and heavenly Pani Puri. The price range here is only from 30 rupees to 80 rupees. Everyone who comes here has a convinced meal and goes back with a heavy stomach.


Mumbai Cafe

It provides chat with a taste of Mumbai. For those who love Mumbai Chaat should try this place. Dahi Puri, Vada Pav, Dahi Papdi Chat, Pani Puri and Sev Puri are those dishes which are loved by many and in demand.



World of Sub’s and Salad’s widely known as- WOSS has a stall in Thiruvanmiyur. It is opposite Moormarket. It serves mouth watering Salads and Burgers. This place is usually crowded. It is a competitor of Subway but people prefer WOSS over subway at times because the price differs a lot.



It is a small shop with a kitchen, a few plastic chairs and stools outside the stall to eat. There are no complaints on the service part of it. A huge crowd gathers here in the evening.


Lemon Square

With a pleasant ambience, it is the best place to hangout with friends. Wraps and Sandwich are one of the best dishes served here. On must try this place.


Idli Xpress

It has a stunning atmosphere. The Idlis served there are as soft as the sponge. The prices are not too high not too low. The people who serve here are very friendly. There are varieties of Idlis made here for those who like different stuffs to eat.



This is another place which serves you some amazing Italian pasta and different kind of garlic bread. The ambience here is very charming and pleasant.


Sandwich Square

Many people prefer to spend money only for healthy food. Those people should be to this place for some different sandwiches to try out. With not a great ambience, Sandwich Square still manages to attract the crowd.


The Kati Roll Shop

One Katti Roll can fill your stomach. It is a very pocket-friendly place for people who want to spend less and fill their stomachs. The Katti Roll Shop is a small area with just a kitchen and a few chairs and tables. The Pudina Chutney which they serve is their speciality.


Tibbs Frankie

A Frankie can never go out of taste. For those people who don’t want to waste their money to try out new eatables, grab a Frankie. It can never go wrong. Tibbs Frankie in Kilpauk is just a stand with  stove and a few ingredients are added in every Frankie. People go crazy behind it once they start eating it.


Royal Sandwich Shop

This is for people who are hungry and want something healthy to eat but at a less rate. It serves amazing sandwiches which are salubrious. If you go there once, you won’t be able to resist yourself from eating there again. Royal Sandwich Shop is yet another small stall with no tables and chairs and people stand and eat.


Kailash Kitchen

How about some Momos to that empty stomach? Not a bad idea. You can head straight to Kailash Kitchen. It serves some resplendent items at a very reasonable amount.


Nair Mess

It has the best meals at the most reasonable rate. It satisfies every hungry stomach. There are different varieties of dishes in every meal which includes Appalam, Rice, Curry, Dal, Beans Porial, Pickle, etc. One can choose with what they would like to eat with rice.


Mami Kadai

It is yet another South Indian eating place where one can fill their hunger with amazing south Indian dishes.



A very decent, clean and small place with too good food. The staff here are very welcoming as well. The most loved item here are Nachos, Cheesy Fries and Corn Cheese Nuggets.


Wraps N Rolls

Don’t miss out on the yummiest thing on this planet. Different varieties of wraps like Aloo, Paneer, Schezwan Paneer, etc. they are finger licking good. Everything here is below 100 rupees. It is also a stand where people can buy their wraps and leave as there is no provision for tables and chairs where they can sit and eat.



It is famous for its murukku sandwich and puff. It has its taste which is loved by many. Vaishnav’s is a chat corner one should without doubt try. Vaishnav’s doesn’t have a great ambience but the food attracts the crowd. There are no chairs there but two to three tables where people can stand and eat at ease.