Top 20 South Indian Dishes

Top 20 South Indian Dishes

The South Indian Food includes the cuisines of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. These cuisines are  different from each other but with a few similarities like rice, coconut, red chilies and green chilies, spices and vegetables like garlic, tamarind, ginger, and snake gourd. They usually differ in spiciness. A few famous traditional south Indian dishes like idly, dosa, were born in Karnataka and now has become the most favoured dishes. So here are a few south Indian dishes from these places which are very famous. A South Indian lover would have tried them all.



They are small, white, soft cakes which is made of rice and lentils. It usually served with sambhar, ghee and chutney. Idly is the most popular south Indian dish which is loved by many.



It is soup kind made with tamarind and a few spices and vegetables like beans, onion, carrot, etc. Also, coriander leaves are added to give it an exceptional taste.



It is made with rice and urad dal. Dosa are prepared in most of the south Indian homes. It is very easy to make and comes in different shapes and sizes. Dosa is usually served with chutney or  Sambhar.


Medu Vadai

It is a fried snack made with urad dal which is very delightful dish among the South Indian dishes. Preparing this is no big task. The dal is first soaked then ground together with spices and deeply fried until it becomes golden brown. Once ready it is served with coconut chutney.



It is prepared in many ways according to the taste one wants. One can add different vegetables like carrot, beans, etc. to make it healthier. They are varieties of Upma like Bread Upma, Wheat Upma, Idly Upma and Aval Upma.



It is a mandatory south Indian dish. It is a mouth-watering soup kind off dish prepared with tamarind pulp as of the most significant ingredients. It i s mixed with different spices, and curry leaves are added for taste. It can either be consumed with rice or as soup separately.



They are the healthiest Kerala dish which is easy to make and are also popular.  The centre portion is mainly soft in touch where as the sides are crisp. Not many ingredients are used hence Appam is served with some vegetable mix and variety of chutney.


Tamarind Rice

For all the busy people out there here is the solution. Tamarind rice is the easiest dish to make. Tamarind rice is prepared with boiled rice which are ornamented with peanuts, coriander leaves, mustard seeds, pepper, jaggery, graded coconut, curry leaves, turmeric, black gramme, cumin and of course tamarind juice.


Ven Pongal

It is termed as south Indian Ghee Khichdi. They are typically served for breakfast in most of the South Indian homes. It is served hot with chutney and Sambhar.


Onion Uthappam

This is another variety of Dosa. Make Dosa and on top some fried pieces of onion and serve it with chutney or sambhar. A few of them add tomatoes and green chill for a different taste. Remove the Dosa from the pan as soon as it starts turning brownish. Make sure to remove it on time or it will get stuck onto the pan. Also, turn the Dosa upside down, so the upper parts with vegetables are also cooked.


Chakkarai Pongal

It is made with newly harvested boiled rice and some ingredients added to it like cashew nuts, sugar, etc. to make it a sweet dish. It takes an appropriate of 15 minutes to be prepared and 20 minutes to cook. It is a South Indian dessert which loved and made by many. The main occasion when Chakkarai Pongal is made is during Pongal which is a-four day festival.


Masala Dosa

They are crisp Dosa stuffed with potatoes, fried onion and some spices. It is served with different Chutneys and Sambhar. It is also ranked 39th in the world’s most delicious dishes.



Kanchipuram Idly

It is another variety of idly. The process of making this is the same as a normal idly only procedure addition is kaiju, curry leaves and a few spices.




A delicious dish made with boiled rice and vegetables like a carrot, beans, onion, etc. are added with some spices as well. It usually is served with thin curd called raita. It is another favourite dish of all the South Indians.


Chicken 65

It is luscious, spicy and pungent with a fervid taste of chillies which goes well with roti, rice, dosa or idly.


Rava Dosa

This is just another variety of Dosa. Rava Dosa is very divine and perfect for a quick breakfast which can be served with any chutney. Rava is one of the prime ingredients in making Rava Dosa.


Vegetable Semiya

It is made with vermicelli, vegetables and green chilly to give it a spice. It is a prevailing South Indian breakfast dish. It is easy to make and tasty to eat.


Potato Fry

It is quick to make and very tasty. It is made with boiled potatoes chopped into pieces.  Then a few spices are added, and of course, curry leaves. It goes well with rice, Rasam and Papad.



Malabar Fish Curry

As you know, fish is the chief food of Kerala. Although there are many varieties of curry which can be made, the main ingredients used are red chillies, and fish for all types of curry. It goes well with rice or bread.


Mango Pickle

Made with raw mango pieces, they are dried for a day. Then a few spices are added, and it goes well with rice. A few housewives make Mango pickle in bulk as it doesn’t get spoiled for 12 months.