Top 20 Popular Foods In Bangladesh


You might know that the staple food of Bangladesh is fish. This is mainly because fish farming is the primary occupation of the people. Also, the presence of a lot of fish in the Padma River makes it possible for the people to carry on export even after the consumption of fish by the natives. If you are looking for fish recipes to cook quickly at home, you can try out these popular fish recipes from Bangladesh. Also, there are other tasty Bangladeshi recipes that you can try out at home.

1.Prawn Malai Curry

One of the authentic Bangladeshi prawn recipes can never miss out on this one. This Prawn Malai Curry is topped with creamy Malai, which makes the curry even more creamy. This is one of the top recipes for hot plain white rice.


2.Mustard Hilsa (Shorse Ilish)

This is a delicious Bangladeshi fish recipe in which the Hilsa fish is cooked with mustard. The fish is fried at first and then cooked so that its smell is removed. You can also extract the fish oil after frying the fish and serve it with rice. Green chili is an essential component of this recipe.


3.Bhuna Khichuri

Bhuna is a special Bangladeshi recipe that is usually cooked during festive occasions. It is a special recipe of hotch-potch. Here, meat is added with cashews, raisins, cardamom, chili, and peas in the hotch-potch (mixture of rice and lentils) and cooked as a wholesome lunch meal.


4.Mughlai Paratha

This is a delicious and mouth-watering Mughlai recipe that is popular in Bangladesh. The recipe for this dish is straightforward. You prepare the filling of the dish as per your choice. You can add eggs or chopped pieces of chicken in the filling or just add veggies. Stuff the filling inside the paratha and deep-fry it with butter. The dish is ready!


5.Kala Bhuna

It is a special Ramadan recipe that uses mutton. The main ingredients are ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, red chili powder, bay leaf, and onions. The actual taste of this taste comes from cumin powder and pepper powder. Garnish it with yogurt and coriander leaves.


6.Potoler Dorma

It is a very healthy and nutritious dish that you can make at home very quickly. Children often refuse to have vegetables at all. So, in case you think of cooking gourd, you can try out this recipe which is different yet tasty. Customize the filling as per your choice and serve it with rice!



It is a form of Bangladeshi dish in which the Dalia is cooked especially. What’s unique is that mutton is added to Dalia and moong dal and dal chana are added to give texture to the dish. Saffron is also added for taste. If you want to serve it as soup, you can add the meat stock to it.


8.Chicken Korma

Besides Bangladesh, Chicken Korma is a dish that is quite prevalent in India also. This recipe goes well with Tandoori Roti or Butter Garlic Naan. If you are thinking of serving something yummy to your guests at the Iftaar party, you should select this recipe unhesitantly!



Luchi is a kind of Bengali dish that is made with wheat flour. It is similar to a tortilla, but the difference is that it is baked, and the Luchi is fried in oil. The appearance of both dishes also shows a significant difference. It is served with Chorchori cooked with potatoes, coriander leaves, tomatoes, and other Indian spices. You can also add other veggies in the Chorchori if you want to.


10.Misti Doi

Misti Doi is one of the most popular and tastiest desserts in Bengal and Bangladesh. It is a form of sweet yogurt made by curdling milk overnight. What is unique about the Bangladeshi Misti Doi is that it is served in small earthen vessels and is topped with pistachios to add taste.


11.Doi Chira

It is a pure Bangladeshi recipe that is very easy to try out at home and can be considered an ideal meal for Iftaar during the month of fasting. In this recipe, the rice flakes are mixed with sour yogurt (Tok Doi) and Jaggery, and a cup of cream is added to give a taste to it. It is a very healthy meal to have during the summer.



It is a Bangladeshi fish recipe that is prepared using puffed rice. The fish head is chopped into slices and mixed with the puffed rice, and then the chopped pieces of potatoes, tomatoes, and onions are added. The fantastic taste of this recipe comes from mustard oil and green chillis, which gives it a typical Bangladeshi taste!


13. Roshogolla

If you ever visit Bangladesh or Kolkata, the first thing that you should try out is Roshogolla. It is a special sweet that is prevalent all over Bengal. The primary ingredient used in the making is milk chick. You can add flavors to your Roshogollas like, mango, rose, etc.



This is a kind of crispy sweet that almost every Indian has tasted. It is a very popular sweet in Bangladesh also. The sweet syrup is specially prepared and deep-fried in oil to give it a round shape. It is a delicious dish and can be prepared at home very quickly, but it is suggestive to use olive oil to deep fry it.



Falooda is a Mughlai cold dessert recipe that has its origin in India. It is prepared with Vermicelli, chilled milk, cardamom, basil seeds, and rose syrup. It is best served during summer and gives a refreshing effect that energizes you.


16.Chitol Macher Muitha

This dish is a signature Bengali fish recipe from Bangladesh. It is cooked using Chitol fish and is served best with dal, plain white rice, and ghee. Mustard oil is used in cooking this dish. You may or may not add potatoes to the curry. Garnish it with coriander leaves and garam masala!



Pitha is an authentic sweet dish prevalent in Bangladesh, Odisha, West Bengal, and Bihar. First, the coating is made with wheat flour, and then the filling is prepared and stuffed into the wheat flour coating. The filling is made using finely ground coconut, jaggery, and raisins. You can also add cardamom seeds for taste.



Beguni is a Bengali dish in which long sliced pieces of eggplant are coated in batter and deep fried. Mustard oil is generally used for deep frying. But you can use olive oil too. It serves well as an evening snack with puffed rice.



Shukto is an authentic Bangladeshi vegetable curry that you can prepare at home very quickly. You can use a variety of vegetables in this recipe like bitter gourd, sweet potato, beans, papaya, and potatoes. It is a healthy vegan dish that you can try out during the summer.


20.Bangain Bharta

Bangain Bharta is a recipe that is prepared by roasting eggplant and is served well with roti or paratha. What is unique about this recipe is you have to remove the skin of the eggplant before cooking or rather roasting it.