Top 20 Popular Lassi Varieties In India


Each country has its own beverage that is famous and loved by all. That particular beverage represents that country as a whole. In India this place is taken by our favorite, Lassi. It is of different forms in each state and with rampant westernization new flavors were added to the classic recipe so that we get a mix of western-desi flavor each time we have a sip. Lassi is in fact curd that is mixed with some flavors. It is most popular in the state of Punjab where it is enjoyed on a regular basis.

The benefits of drinking lassi are many but I would only list some here. Since it is solely made of curd the benefits of curd are also present in the drink. It is high in vitamin B12 and citric acid. In some parts of the country it is believed that eating curd increases the body heat but by mixing curd with water, it reduces the heat and provides a cooling effect. So it is a must have drink during the summer season, when hydration as well as cooling of the body is required.

Below I have ranked the varieties of this beverage according to my preference, but you can choose otherwise. Let’s Go!

1. Sweet Lassi

Nothing beats the classic recipes, does it? I like the standard recipe of dishes instead of a twist. I know it is a very ‘old school’ thought, but everyone has their own preference. This recipe is the first lassi recipe that was tried and is still prevalent and more famous than the twist of flavors. This simple drink with just three ingredients- curd, water and sugar, beats the taste of the complex beverages with multiple ingredients. I have even seen people use jaggery instead of sugar and that just has a minuscule change in taste. There is also cream that is layered on the top of the lassi after beating it and it is scrumptious. That is like extra cream over chocolate cake. Do try it.


2. Salted Lassi

For most beverage recipes there is a sweet and a salty recipe. In the same way, lassi too has the sweet and the salty version. In this lassi instead of sugar, salt is used. In South Indian recipes, Jeera, some chilies and coriander are also added to give it that extra spice and flavor and are known to help in digestion. So, South Indians mostly drink it after having lunch or even have it with rice. It is really tasty. They call it ‘More’. It is not as much liked compared to the sweet version, but is still good compared to other varieties and that’s why I gave it the second position.


3. Masala Lassi

Masala Lassi literally has masala added to it. This recipe uses dry ginger powder, cumin powder, black pepper, mint leaves, black salt, red chilies and of course salt and water. This lassi is best suited for those who love masalas, like those who absolutely crave them. It is for those who are diet conscious but still want to eat masala foods. This recipe is your small piece of heaven.


4. Kesar Lassi

So here I present to you the first twist of taste recipe in lassi and that is the Kesar Lassi. In this recipe few strands of saffron are added to the regular sweet lassi, but the impact is huge. The small amount of the strands added not only changes the color of the lassi but also brings about a huge difference in the taste of the recipe. But again the difference is in the positive way. This variation of lassi is delicious. The saffron added gives it that aroma of saffron that is absolutely delectable. This delicacy is especially for those who love saffron.


5. Chaas

It is somewhat similar to lassi, but lassi has more curd and chaas has more water. The ingredients in chaas also differ accordingly. Again chaas does not contain sugar in it. It is solely a salted version. I love chaas as it is lighter than a lassi but just as good. It is better to have chaas if you are feeling too heavy.


6. Chocolate Lassi

I’m sorry if you feel that in all my articles I tend to bring dishes related to chocolate into the top 10. But I am an absolute chocolate freak, I crave them. And for those chocolate freaks out there, I present to you the chocolate lassi. It is luscious. I seriously do not have words to describe it. They way I am framing sentences are enough to make you realize how much I love it. It tastes somewhat like a chocolate milk but with the acidity of the yogurt. And that acidity makes it even more want worthy. If you love chocolate then you are supposed to taste this drink.


7. Mango Lassi

We have milkshakes of different flavors. In the same way we now have lassi with different fruits and the fruit that has surpassed all the other fruits in the run is over favorite summer fruit, Mango! Who doesn’t like mango. Combine it with yogurt and there you have your favorite mango lassi. This drink is almost similar to a milkshake but as I mentioned earlier, the acidity of the curd does wonders and that is what sets it apart from the other recipes.


8. Strawberry Lassi

The next in line is our favorite berry, Strawberry. Strawberry milkshake is the best when it comes to milkshake flavors. I especially like the aroma of strawberry. Its sweet smell and sour taste sets it apart from the other fruits and of course the strawberry seeds that provide that extra crunch to the otherwise mushy fruit. Just like you love strawberry milkshake you will also like this lassi.


9. Banana Lassi

I call banana the ‘Daily fruit’. Since it doesn’t have a season and is always present at your home no matter what. This one fruit is always present regardless of the time. Even though it is found in abundance, we cannot get enough of it. The taste of bananas is seriously good. We are after all, descendants of the monkeys, so we are bound to like the fruit. This lassi gives justice to the fruit by letting it over-power the taste of the curd with a bit of acidity lurking behind.


10. Rose Lassi

We being Indians have to use this flavor as much as possible. So some Indian has invented this highly delectable rose lassi. I am not complaining since I like the taste of the flower. And its smell is heavenly. Who doesn’t? And since Valentine’s Day is lurking around the corner why don’t you surprise your Valentine by going this way. Make him/her this lassi instead of doing things old way. This is after all made of roses. Instead of gifting them roses you can put them to use better this way.


11. Mint Lassi

I love the smell of this herb and it tempts me to use it every way I can. So I add mint leaves to my drinking water. The water has this refreshing taste that I love. In the same way the mint in this recipe provides the extra freshness. Along with the uplifting taste of the curd this lassi really makes you feel awake and active.


12. Nepali Salted Lassi

So what is different about our regular salted lassi and Nepali salted lassi is that cumin is added along with salt in this recipe. And of course mint forms an integral part of it. It is different from our regular salted and masala lassi because of the combination of ingredients. Though the ingredients may sound weird together they taste good.


13. Caramel Expresso Lassi

What would your reaction be if I say that our favorite coffee flavor now is also a favorite lassi flavor? Even though it does sound a little bit different and makes you feel inside like- “she is got to be kidding’ reaction. But it is true. I saw this one on the net and tried out the recipe at home. And may I tell you it came out really well. Surprisingly enough everyone at home liked it. Especially my mom who is a caffeine addict loved it.


14. Papaya And Honey Lassi

I know that all the flavors that I am mentioning here seem to be like those of a milkshakes, but lassi is replacing milkshakes and hence all the flavors are now being tried in lassi. This is one such awkward combination of papaya, honey and curd. But this lassi is highly nutritious owing to the fact that all the ingredients that are used help to reduce fat and is really good for the skin due to large contents of vitamin E. Papaya, honey and curd make the skin glow with health and make it smooth. Do try it.


15. Mix Fruit Lassi

I love mix fruit milkshake and happen to like this lassi too. It is really good and is definitely the best mix fruit recipe I came across. You get the taste of each fruit that you add without overpowering the taste of the curd and other fruits. Just that one needs to be sure about the amount of fruits that you add so that the taste of each fruit shines through. Otherwise this dish is great.


16. Pineapple Lassi

Weirdly though, I like pineapple juice and pineapple flavored things. Most people avoid pineapple and I still haven’t figured out why. It is really good.  For those who like the taste of this fruit, you should taste this dish. It is luscious and makes you like the fruit even more. I like this fruit because it isn’t mushy like the other fruits and I like fruits that are sturdy and also a bit crunchy and full of water. I even happen to crave for pineapple cakes.


17. Lychee Lassi

I still remember the day I mistook that lychee was a type of strawberry. I guess all of us who saw the fruit for the first time must have thought the same. I even ate it with the skin on. Disgusting, I know. But only after eating them properly I came to know that the fruit has nothing to do with strawberry at all. I like the sour and sweet taste of the lychee and of course the water that is present along with the fruit. This lassi really tastes like lychee juice.


18. Blood Orange Lassi

For those who don’t know what a blood orange is, Google it, though I will explain it further. It is a species of orange that has blood red pulp. The fruit has a slight sour taste but is otherwise really tasty. Adding oranges to lassi really does seem to be different and also strange to an extent but when I asked people they seem to like it. This lassi is a success among many though not that popular.


19. Lassi With Kiwi And Mint

Kiwi is a fruit that is not grown in India, but owing to the export and import of India which is excellent; this fruit is now readily found in all big stores across the country. This fruit is somewhat like the strawberry. What? With its sour flesh and crunchy seeds, it does remind us of the berry. This lassi is a tribute to the import business. It proves that we can even make a foreign product Indian.


20. Masala Spiced Lassi With Roasted Beets

Last but not the least is this lassi. I already wrote about the masala lassi. In this recipe there is an added ingredient and that is the roasted beetroot. It adds a nice smokiness to the lassi making it spicier. I like it though not that much.


And with this ends our Top 20. But again your opinions may differ. I am just citing what I like.