Top 20 Prawn Dishes of Hyderabad

Top 20 Chicken Dishes Of Hyderabad 1
Top 20 Chicken Dishes Of Hyderabad 1

1. Garlic Prawns with Noodles and White Wine

Garlic prawns are yummy, no doubt. The noodles are kids and youngsters favorite, we all are aware of this fact. White wine is very special. Just imagine what will be the outcome of the combination of these three amazing ingredients. Yes, the combination is just out of the world. The taste is amazing.


2. Prawn with Coconut

Prawns with coconut are very famous in Hyderabad as deep fried prawns are coated with coconut which gives it a totally different touch and taste as well.


3. Hyderabad Prawn Fry

Prawn fry in Hyderabad is a little bit special as the garnishing part of this dish is very unique. The prawn fry snack is served with chopped coriander leaves, onion and lemon juice. The taste of the dish is simply yummy.  


4. Prawn and Pork Meatballs

Meatballs are very yummy, and when they are made with prawn and pork, then the taste is simply fantastic. The dish is very yummy as both the ingredients are very edible in taste.


5. Prawn with Egg Yolk

The Egg is very healthy, and it is recommended that one must have two eggs daily. But the specialty of this dish is that only egg yolk is added in this dish. The egg white is not added to this dish. The combination of prawn and egg yolk is not only healthy but tasty also.


6. Fried Prawn Sandwich

The dish is very yummy. The Fried Prawn Sandwich has some special taste. The prawns are just little fried and added to the sandwich along with all the veggies. You can also add the boiled prawn or deep fried prawn in the sandwich.


7. Prawn Salad with Avocado

Avocados are very healthy and good in taste. The salad is very yummy and less spicy. Yes, this dish is not a pure salad as some Hyderabadi spicy touch is given to the dish.


8. Crumbed Prawns with Noodles

This dish is very yummy as Crumbed Prawns with noodles have two different touches in it. One is the Hyderabad touch, and other is the Chinese touch. The soya sauce added in this dish enhances its taste. The dish is simply amazing.


9. Spicy Prawn with Almond

Spicy prawns with almonds are scrumptious in taste. Boiled prawns added in spicy gravy along with almond paste. The dish is very special and tasty as well.


10. Prawn Curry with Cashew Paste

Prawn curry is very spicy, and the addition of cashew nuts enhances its taste. This dish is very special for spice lovers as lots of spices are added in it. The dish is well garnished with chopped coriander leaves along with chopped parsley leaves.  


11. Prawn Pulao with Green Masala

Prawn pulao is very famous in Hyderabad. The specialty of this dish is the addition of green paste which is made with boiled veggies, coriander leaves, parsley leaves, mint leaves along with green chilies. The dish is less spicy and very scrumptious.


12. Prawn with Coconut

The coconut added in the prawns makes the dish little more crispy. They enhance the taste and look of the dish.


13. Prawn Curry Hyderabadi Style

Hyderabad is very famous for its biryani but the specialty of Hyderabad is not limited only to biryani there are a number of gravy dishes also. This dish is one of them. The prawn curry is very famous in Hyderabad. It is always served with the biryani. The taste is simply amazing.  


14. Prawn and Pork Soup

Prawn and pork soup are very healthy and tasty as well. The addition of noodles enhances its taste. The specialty of this soup is that no oil is added to it. So, you are getting two benefits here; one is the yummy taste, and other is a healthy benefit.


15. Prawn Biryani Hyderabad Style

This is one of the famous biryani in Hyderabad. The price of biryani is little bit high as this dish is the combination of one of the best seafoods and yummy basmati rice. The addition of tomato enhances its taste. The dish is simply scrumptious. It is well garnished with chopped coriander leaves.


16. Honey Prawns with Walnuts

This dish is very yummy as it has two yummy ingredients in it. One is honey, and another is prawn. Also, the addition of walnuts makes this dish healthy and yummy as well. Walnuts are very special as they can make any dish yummier. This dish is very healthy and scrumptious as well.


17. Chili Prawns with Spaghetti

Pastas are very popular in India because of its quality. The special category of it is spaghetti which enhances the taste of any dish and makes it tastier. Chilli prawns with spaghetti are simply amazing. The Chinese touch and Hyderabad touch given to this seafood is all you need to have.  The dish is well garnished with chopped coriander leaves and chopped parsley leaves as well.


18. Garlic Prawns with White Wine and Garlic Sauce

Prawns are very popular sea food. All seafood lovers are aware of its scrumptious food. The specialty of Garlic prawns with white wine and garlic sauce is the addition of lots of garlic along with white wine and garlic sauce. The addition of garlic sauce gives this dish an amazing touch and taste as well. You can’t afford to miss this scrumptious dish. The dish is well garnished with chopped spring onions.  


19. Fried Prawns with Chili

Fried and crispy prawns with loads of chili. This dish is simply amazing. Only spice lovers can understand the power of chili. How amazing taste chili can create. This dish is very special as deep fried prawns are crispy outside and soft inside. They are garnished with loads of chili. The taste of this dish is just out of the world.


20. Butter Chili Prawns with Garlic

The specialty of Butter Chili Prawns with garlic is the addition of butter which gives this dish a creamy touch and garlic which gives this dish a Chinese touch. The addition of both garlic and butter makes this dish scrumptious and mouth watering as well. You must have this dish once.