Top 20 Sweet Dishes Of Hyderabad

Top 20 Sweet Dishes Of Hyderabad

1. Semiya Jaggery Payasam

This sweet dish of Hyderabad is simply yummy. It is made with semiya, rice, jaggery, roasted cashew, and saffron. This dish is very special; it has the taste of both kheer and semiya. The payasam touch given in this dish with the addition of boiled rice is very amazing. This sweet dish is simply scrumptious. It is well garnished with saffron.


2. Jauzi ka Halwa

Jauzi ka halwa is very famous in Hyderabad. The speciality of this halwa is the ingredients used in this halwa. The price of this halwa is very high as all the costly ingredients are used in the preparation of this halwa. It has loads of ghee and lots of dry fruits.


3. Khubani ka Meetha

Khubani is very famous fruit, we all know this. The speciality of this halwa is that khubani is dominant in this halwa. The addition of almonds and loads of ghee enhances its taste and give it an amazing aroma as well.


4. Brown Rice Payasam

This dish is very yummy, no doubt. It has roasted cashew nuts in it which gives it a special touch and taste as well. The speciality of this dish is that it is made with brown rice. The brown rice not only makes it look amazing but also gives it a totally different taste. You must try this dish once.


5. Coconut Laddoo with Milk Powder

We all are aware of the taste of coconut candy. The normal coconut laddoo has same taste. The speciality of this Coconut laddoo with milk powder is that the addition of milk powder gives this laddoo a totally amazing taste.


6. Banana Payasam

Banana payasam has a very yummy taste. Banana is very healthy and tasty as well. The speciality of this payasam is that it is well garnished with roasted dry fruits. The taste is simply scrumptious.


7. Dates Payasam

Dates are very tasty when we eat them normally. When we make date payasam, the specialty of this dish is that, we add jaggery instead of sugar. As the addition of jaggery not only give the dish an amazing taste but also enhances the taste of payasam. You must try this dish at least once.


8. Orange Payasam in Hyderabad Style

The taste of this payasam is simply scrumptious. This sweet dish has unique taste. As we all are not having any sweet dish with orange pulp in it. That’s why this dish is very special also. The orange pulp added in this dish not only gives it an amazing touch but also gives this dish an amazing aroma as well.


9. Shahi Tukda with Rusk

The taste of shahi tukda is very fantastic. It has mouth watering quality in it. The specialty of this Shahi tukda with Rusk is that this dish is made with rusk instead of bread which makes the dish a little more crispy.


10. Nankhatai with Besan

Nankhatai with Besan is very special as the addition of besan gives this dish a totally different taste and texture. The soft cookies become tastier when we add besan in it.


11. Mix Fruit Payasam

Tasty Mix fruit Payasam is made with boiled fruits mixed with condensed milk. This sweet dish is well garnished with finely chopped fruits and nuts. You can also garnish the dish with berries and cherries.


12. Akkaravadisal in Hyderabad Style

Akkaravadisal in Hyderabad style is all you need to taste in case if you want to taste Hyderabadi cuisine. The taste of this sweet dish is just out of the world. If you are visiting Hyderabad, then don’t come back without tasting this amazing sweet dish.


13. Pineapple Payasam

Pineapple payasam is very yummy, no doubt. The recipe of this payasam is little bit tricky but the taste in the end is more than worth. The speciality of this payasam is that it is always served in pineapple shell. The dish is well garnished with chopped roasted cashew nuts.


14. Dehrori in Hyderabad Style

Dehrori is very special dish due to its sweet crispy combination. The Hyderabad touch given to this dish is very special as it enhances its taste.  


15. Milk Rice with Cinnamon

Cinnamon is very special spice. It simply enhances the taste of the dish in which it is added, whether the dish is gravy spicy dish or sweetie yummy sweet dish. The addition of cinnamon enhances the taste of milk rice and makes it tastier. For garnishing you can sprinkle cinnamon powder on the sweet dish.


16. Hyderabad Mishri Mawa

Dessert is life, dessert is not a dish, it is a feeling. You cannot ignore sweet dishes. The speciality of Hyderabad mishri mawa is that the Hyderabadi touch given to this amazing dish. The dish is served in small clay pots. Believe me, the taste of dish gets many times amazing when it is served in clay pots instead of plastic bowls.


17. Hyderabad Mawa Kachauri

Hyderabad mawa kachauri is a delicious sweet. You can have two to three dishes at a time. You can’t consume more than that as the sweet dish is very heavy. It is well garnished with nuts.


18. Banana Malpua with Rabri

Malpua are very soft and for increasing the softness and enhancing the taste of malpua, banana is added in the dish. Banana Malpua with rabri is the dish which is the yummiest one in malpua category. The rabri simply adds flavor in the dish. it is well garnished with saffron.


19. Balushahi in Hyderabad Style

The Hyderabad touch given to this amazing dish is very special. Peanut paste is added in this dish. Also, it is cooked in coconut oil which gives it a beautiful and amazing aroma.


20. Sohan Halwa in Hyderabad Style

The special thing about sohan halwa in Hyderabad is that, the halwa is freeze and then cutted into small circles. Yes, you heard right. The halwa is transformed into barfi. So, the barfi is sohan halwa barfi. The barfi is very scrumptious in taste. It is full of ghee and lots of dry fruits. The dish is very yummy and famous as well.