Top 20 Punjabi Dishes To Eat In North India

Top 20 Punjabi Dishes to eat in North India
Top 20 Punjabi Dishes to eat in North India

The well-known breadbasket of India is undoubtedly a treat to visit for fantastic hospitality and food. The food drenched in desi ghee and richness of North India is prevalent in the entire world. The exotic and earthen flavours, spices, and love added to the Punjabi food make it even more worth having. Punjabi cuisine is known for offering delicacies to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian consumers.

1.Aloo Samosa

The best tea-time Punjabi snack is a triangular-shaped flaky samosa filled with spiced-up potatoes and peas. Samosas fried in desi ghee give an authentic taste of Punjab. They are served with tamarind and mint sauce.

aloo samosa

2.Hariyali Kebab

Hariyali kabab is for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian consumers. It is marinated meat or spinach, infused in mint and coriander along with a fresh, smoky taste directly from the tandoor.

hariyali kebab

3.Amritsari Fish Fry

Amritsari Fried fish with the coating of special spices is a must-have for the fish eaters. The fish is well cooked and is tender to have. It is served with onion rings and also mint sauce which adds to its flavor.

amritsari fish fry


Dahi Ke Sholay

Crispy bread fried rolls stuffed with rich and thick curd along with cottage cheese is a go-to Punjabi dish. Dahi ke Sholay goes well with tomato ketchup and spicy sauces.

dahi ke sholay

5.Cream Chicken

Soft chicken pieces marinated in thick lemon and curd sauce is the winner for all dinner parties. The gravy tastes so good and exotic along with butter naan, which is a famous bread in North India. The fresh coriander on top adds to its tempting taste.

cream chicken


Butter Paneer Masala

Tomato-based thick and sweet curry which is the specialty of Northern India added to this cubed paneer piece is a heart-filling dish. The cream and malai on the top gives it a rich flavour. This delicacy is served with tandoori rotis and naan.

butter paneer masala

7.Kadhi Pakora

A dish with gram flour and curd as its main ingredients is trendy in the northern region. It also has bite-sized onion pakoras and a flavour of curry leaves, which is optional to add. Kadhi tastes the best with plain white rice and some salad.

kadhi pakoda


Malai Kofta

Mouth-melting dish of thick onion and tomato gravy is all that you need to have. The crispy fried balls of paneer and potatoes soaked in tomato curry with a creamy texture, which is a popular vegetarian dish in the north.

malai kofta


Vegetable Korma

A healthy dish having all the vegetables like carrots, peas, French beans, cauliflower, potatoes which are cooked well and served in a gravy, which is creamy and has a cashew base. The korma is topped with some cashew nuts and green coriander leaves.

vegetable korma


Pindi Chana

Boiled chana with some potato pieces in every bite served with fresh coriander is the winner in all meals. Pindi Chana is served with rotis and pooris. The spicy gravy of Pindi Chana is the key to its delicious flavour.

pindi chana

11.Chicken  Chaap

North is well known for  chaaps, out of which Chicken chaap is the best. It is a combination of minced meat and spices that is deep-fried to give a crispy and authentic taste. Lemon and onion are the side heroes of this mouth-watering dish. Champ is best eaten with plain kulcha and serves as a complete meal.

chicken chaap

12.Keema Naan

One of the famous loaves of bread in Punjab is keema naan. It is a special kind of naan that is stuffed with zesty, spicy, and well-cooked meat. Topped with rich butter and comes with a zesty red gravy. Keema-naan is the life of every party that takes place in the North.

keema naan

13.Aloo Matar Paneer

Potatoes, peas, and paneer tossed in thick gravy is a beautiful dish that is every vegetarian’s go-to meal. The authentic taste comes from the flavours and spices infused in the sauce. Some plain rotis or naans are this dish’s best friend.

aloo matar paneer

14.Kesar Pista Milk

Saffron and pistachios-rich milk, which served cold are surreal to have for beating the scorching heat. The yellow color comes from the pure saffron strands, and to give it a modern twist, it comes in different flavors such as strawberry and mango.

kesar pista milk


Ice cream is what everyone craves, but Kulfi is the ultimate source of happiness. Vibrant and thick ice cream along with malai. It is a combination of faluda and rabdi. A splash of sweet syrup acts as a cherry on the cake.


16.Aate Ka Halwa

A simple yet exotic sweet dish in the north is Aate ka Halwa. This is a blend of three simple ingredients that are water, sugar, and wheat flour. It is offered as a prasad in many of the gurudwaras in North India.

aate ka halwa



A chewy and munchable snack that is extremely popular in the winter season is Pinni. The specialty of this sweet is that it is made in pure desi ghee and is full of nuts and cashews.


18.Amritsari Khajoor

A crispy and flaky sweet dish that is served hot with rabdi. It is formed of wheat flour and fried in desi ghee. Khajoor is a specialty of the Lohri festival in North India and is an exclusive sweet dish of the winter season.

amritsari khajoor


Gachak is known for its chewy and sticky texture. This sweet dish has loads of moongfali that is also known as peanuts. The sugary snack is mostly available during the cold weather. Gachak can be stored for months as it is well-cooked in desi ghee and is enjoyed when it is crispy.



Panjiri is a fine and easy-to-eat the sweet dish that is the result of a combination of wheat flour in ghee and roasted in loads of dry fruits. This sweet dish is the essence of North India and is also served as a prasad in temples.