The Top 20 Best Places To Have Delicious Meals At Connaught Place, Delhi

The Top 20 Best Places To Have Delicious Meals At Connaught Place Delhi
The Top 20 Best Places To Have Delicious Meals At Connaught Place Delhi

Connaught place is a central business area in the metro city of Delhi. But, in the last few years, it has become a significant street for some great food. Connaught Place is a vibrant place for some good social gatherings. The place has risen as a shopping and eating hub in the city. It is a good blend of street food joints with classy and family restaurants to suit all choices. We have listed the top 20 places to eat from Connaught place. Look for your ideal one below:-


Work in the Cloud- WITC is a distinguished restaurant in Connaught It serves Chinese, Continental, North Indian, and Asian meals. WITC is a family restaurant. It gives quick service with good music in the background. The great dishes from WITC are Kulfi Platter, Appam, Chicken Dimsums, Cocktail, Chilli Paneer, Nachos, etc. They are good dessert options also.


2 Farzi cafe

Farzi Cafe is a popular eating joint in Connaught Place. The presentation of food from Connaught Place is very good. It is the best place to have Fusion food, Mughalai, North Indian food, etc. There is an arrangement for a live band performance with live music. Farzi Cafe is a classy place to spend some cozy moments. The well-known dishes from Farzi Cafe are Dal Chawal Arancini, Karela Calamari, Milky way, Chicken Tikka Curry, Butter Chicken Bao, etc.


3 Sandoz

Sandoz is a prominent Chinese food joint. It has a thematic decor with a peaceful Sandoz that is perfect for large gatherings. This family restaurant is pocket-friendly in terms of budget. The most outstanding meals from Sandoz are Bhatti Chicken, Mutton Handi, Chicken Handi, Paneer Butter Masala, Lemon Chicken, etc.


4 Daryaganj

By the Investors of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani- Daryaganj serves very tasty and Awesome food. It offers unique dishes like Tandoori Fruit chaat, Kurkure Mushroom, Butter Chicken, Naan, and Chicken Pakora. Daryaganj is a clean place with music and weekend brush service. It also has an option for customizing dishes.


5 Diggin

Diggin is a continental food joint in Connaught place. There are various fast food, Italian, and dessert options on it that have a comfortable atmosphere with quick service. They serve good quality food in a peaceful ambiance. The average cost of dining for two people would be around Rs. 1,400.


6 Veda

Veda is a great restaurant serving extraordinary North Indian cuisine. The good interiors with a regal touch look gorgeous. There are red brick walls, red curtains, and mirrors in a sequence for an elegant atmosphere. The food has a modern taste with authenticity. Lamb’s leg is a great alternative for dinner at Veda. There is a mini-menu that offers dishes of a small quality with a great variety.


7 Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan is renowned for its tasty and affordable authentic south Indian food. It is a well-known chain of restaurants across India and abroad. The branch in Connaught Place began in 2004. It is an attraction for weekend dining. The dosas are the most outstanding dish from this restaurant.

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8 Kwality

Kwality is one of the best historic restaurants in India. It has been working since 1940. It got a revamp in 2018. Their interiors are modern with a vintage touch and lots of The specialty of this restaurant is Chole-Bhature. The recipe has arisen from a cook in Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan). Rawalpindi is also known as the Chole Capital. There are some classic Indian dishes with continental cuisine on the menu.


9Bikkgane Biryani

Bikkgane Biryani offers authentic Hyderabadi Biryani in There are several other rice dishes and non-vegetarian aromatic curries on the menu. The biryani is a blend of fragrant Basmati Rice with flavorful spices in a pot. Different combinations of rice with Mutton, Chicken, fish, prawns, etc. There are vegetable alternatives with paneer tikka also.


10 Rajdhani

Rajdhani serves the best Thalis in Connaught place with a wide range of dishes. It has an elaborate menu with vegetarian, Rajasthani, and Gujarati Cuisine options. It has more than 30 outlets across the nation. You will get tasty and authentic food with a wide range of options.

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11 Haldirams

Once a small outlet from Bikaner, Rajasthan has become a major food brand. It delivers good and hygienic flavorful options of Rajasthani food and snacks. Haldiram is a vegetarian food joint. It is well-known for its authentic street food dishes. The most promising dishes at Haldiram’s are Raj Kachori, Masala Dosa, Pav Bhaji, etc.


12.Cha Bar

Cha Bar in the Oxford bookstore is a unique point to have tea in It handles the transformation of traditional tea into a trendy drink. There are more than 150 options of different kinds of tea on the menu.

Cha bar serves flowering, herbal, Ayurvedic, and organic teas. There are tea varieties from numerous regions across India.


13 United Coffee House

United Coffee House has been a prominent eatery in Connaught Place since 1942. It is an old-vibe eating place taking you back to the pre-Independence era. The walls have wooden details, large chandeliers, and rustic furniture. It is a reflection of the luxurious lifestyle of former rulers in It began as a Coffee House into an elegant multi-cuisine restaurant.


14 Ardor 2.1

Ardor 2.1 is famous for its gigantic Modi Thali with more than 20 dishes in it. It gets good media attention while attracting numerous food lovers. Ardor has comfortable seating with luxurious interior decor. You can enjoy some tasty drinks with a soulful Ghazal It has an elaborate menu with Italian, Mughalai, and Mexican servings. If you are looking for something captivating then take up the challenge with the Bahubali Thali.


15 The Embassy

Do you want to dine at an elegant place? If yes, then the Embassy is the right place to spend your time. It is an iconic restaurant from the pre-Independence era serving satisfying dinner. The restaurant retains its charm with a contemporary touch. It will take you back to the old world with regal interiors and an elegant You can get continental and European dishes with classic Indian cuisine. Don’t forget to try its Veg Jalfrezi, Butter Chicken, Murg Musallam, etc.


16 Kake da Hotel

Kake da Hotel is an extraordinary place that is a must-try. It serves mouth-watering Indian curries with authentic Tandoori food. The rich buttery Chicken and ghee-filled Mutton dishes are a This is a favorable point for non-veg lovers with numerous kebabs and rolls.


17 Chilis

Chilis serves tasty like crispy burgers and mouth-watering beverages. You can try its American and Mexican food options. The excellent dishes from Chilis include Fajitas, burgers, chicken wings, tasty food, and a modern ambiance that is a relaxing experience. It is a great place to hang out with friends over the weekend.


18 Odeon social

Do you want to have food in retro-industrial decor? If yes, then Odeon social is a favorite hangout place for the locals. It has a different aura and is delightful Odeon social has a sumptuous menu with Pizzas, Nachos, momos, etc. Food has a good presentation that makes it ideal for a click and uploads on social media.


19 Fuji

Do you have to have authentic Japanese food in a Connaught place? Fuji is a good option for trying out new cuisine. It serves tasty Japanese food that will give you a feel of being in Japan. There is a traditional seating arrangement with Intricate Japanese There are various regional Japanese dishes like Yamen and Pork fried rice.


20 Veerji Malai Chaap Wale

Veerji Malai Chaap Wale is a great dining place to have Delhi’s special Chaap. It has a safe packaging service for food. Veerji Malai Chaap Wale offers a variety of tasty and Fresh Food items. It is a restaurant serving North Indian, Chinese, Momos, Fast Food, and Indian You can get affordable food at Veerji Malai