Top 20 Punjabi Dishes

Top 20 Punjabi Dishes

1. Aloo Shakarkand Ka Chaat

This peppery-Chaat is one of the best dishes to have while visiting Punjab. It’s awesome, and the peppery taste is too good that you are going to ask for another round of this dish. Spice lovers are going to love this dish definitely. This Chaat is very famous in Punjab. If you want to try any Punjabi dish go for this Chaat first.


2. Achari Paneer

This yummy and amazing dish is all you need to have during festive season. This Amazing Paneer has Achari taste and is very spicy. You are definitely going to be on seventh Heaven while eating this dish. The tadka used here is very special in this paneer. Just imagine soft Paneer with Naan. The combination is very yummy.


3. Aloo Matar Mughlai

Aloo Mutter Mughlai has a royal taste to it. Fried potatoes along with soft peas is just a beautiful and tasty combination. A very delicious dish to have and serve. It goes well with Naan. Garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves. To make it even spicier, add with red chili powder mixed.


4. Anjeer Halwa

Anjeer is one of the tastiest and healthiest dry fruit. The Anjeer Halwa is one of the most delicious Halwa. Garnished with chopped Almonds, it is a Mouth-Watering dessert. This comes under the category of “must try” this dish.


5. Egg Masala

Deep Fried Eggs are dipped in a tangy gravy. The uniqueness of this dish tends to leave one awe-struck. Garnished with Chopped Coriander, this dish tastes amazing. It goes well with Naan. Here you have two choices to make eggs; one is to fry the eggs, and other is to just add non-fried eggs. Both tastes very good.


6. Baby Corn Paneer Jalfrezi

The combination of Baby Corn and Paneer is the best of all the combination anyone has ever come across. This is amazing mouth-watering dish. Capsicum gives it a special touch and taste. Garnished with Coriander Leaves. It goes well with Naan.


7. Baigan Bharta

Baingan Bharta is just an amazing dish. Roasted Brinjals are added to the spicy Tomato Gravy and garnished with Chopped Onion and Coriander. Don’t miss this dish if you are a food lover just like me.


8. Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is a very famous Punjabi dish. Deep fried Potatoes are dipped in the Peppery Tomato Gravy which is then garnished with Curd and Coriander Leaves. Served especially at dhabas. It tastes very yummy. Every Dhaba has this dish on top in their menu card.


9. Bhindi Do Pyaza

A very tasty dish that you can’t afford to miss. Crispy Ladyfingers with lots of Fried Onions are one of the best dishes you must have if you are in a mood of trying Punjabi dish. The Capsicum added to this dish gives it a very unique taste.


10. Butter Naan

This is one bread which can be eaten with all the famous dishes of Punjab. You can have this with all the gravy dishes and dried dishes as well. Loaded with Butter and Garnished with Coriander this bread is very tasty.


11. Chana Dal Halwa

This taste of this Halwa is out of the world. Yes, you can make a very tasty dessert from boring Chana Daal as Punjabis always do. Taste it and get that feeling of awesomeness. Just imagine hot yummy Halwa melting in your mouth.  This is surely the heavenly feeling. This dish comes under the must try category.


12. Chana Paalak

Another yummy dish that you can make with Chana is Chana Palak. We all have had Chana in the form of Chole and Palak in the form of Palak Paneer. But this dish is way different from the other two. Here you have two choices. One is to add the Chana after mashing and the other is to just add normal boiled Chana and mix well. Both have their own unique taste.


13. Aloo Matar Korma

Aloo Mutter Korma is different from our general Aloo Matar Sabzi as it has Punjabi touch to it. This is a spicy dish and it goes well with Jeera Rice. You can have it with Naan also. Here also you have two choices; one is to make it dry and the other is to make it with Gravy. Both dishes taste well.


14. Chenna Rabdi

Now, this is amazing dessert. You must add this to your eat list. We all are aware that the taste of Chenna is amazing and we all are aware of the taste of Rabdi as well. Just imagine if they both taste amazing when alone then how good will their combination taste. Yes, it’s going to be amazing.


15. Chili Paneer

We all know the amazing and extraordinary taste of Paneer. What makes this dish even more extra ordinary is the addition of Capsicum to it. A must try dish.


16. Crispy Karela

Yes, it’s a little bit weird that how could anyone say that Karela is tasty. But yes, Bitter Gourd is given a truly new face which is going to change everyone’s mindset towards this amazing vegetable. Just taste it once and you will feel like eating this again. Crispy and pleasant-tasting dish.


17. Dal Amritsari

What you actually need to know about Dal Amritsari is the Punjabi touch given to it. This Dal is very tasty and spicy. So don’t hesitate to taste it as it comes under the must try category. It is garnished with tomatoes and coriander leaves.


18. Mushroom Curry

Amazing dish made with small Mushrooms. Fried Mushrooms are dipped in a Tangy Gravy and garnished with Coriander Leaves. This dish has amazing taste. You can make it spicy and peppery as per your taste. If you want to make it spicier then just increase the amount of Green Chili and in case you want to make it more peppery just add a few more tomatoes and little bit of lemon juice.


19. Gajar Ka Halwa

No need to specify the taste of Gajar Ka Halwa. It’s an incredible dessert having amazing taste and spectacular qualities. It is garnished with chopped dry fruits and is served hot. This dish truly explains the statement- “The aroma of a tasty dish is always special.”


20. Aloo-Gobi Pulao

One of the famous Pulao’s made in Punjab. Fried Cauliflower is added to fried rice and mixed well which is then served with a Gravy dish. This Pulao has an amazing taste. You can add the Cauliflower in two ways as per your choice. One is to add the deep fried cauliflower and the other is to add the boiled cauliflower. Go for it.