Top 20 Recipes of Ragi, The Richy Rich Resource

Top 20 Recipes of Ragi The Richy Rich Resource
Top 20 Recipes of Ragi The Richy Rich Resource

Nowadays, many people are searching for healthy alternatives for their kitchen. Studies reveal that whole grains should be a part of everyone’s diet. One such super millet is Ragi (Nanchi/ Finger millet). It was a part of our staple diet, and then rice came. This millet is a rich source of fibre, Amino acids and proteins. Vegetarians are often advised to make ragi part of their regular diet. Some have preconceptions that ragi is an uninspiring millet. If you are one among them, then This is for you. This millet gives us both health and happiness. Note that people having KIDNEY ISSUES, THYROID PROBLEMS, OR CONSTIPATION should NOT consume ragi WITHOUT consulting their doctor.

1.Ragi Malt

Ragi malt, also called ragi java, is one of the easy and most delicious breakfasts of all time. It is similar to porridge in texture. Some people also have honey according to the demand of their sweet tooth.


2.Ragi Idly

Many people from young to old consider Idly as ordinary routine food. This recipe can change their opinion once and for all. It is not a very strenuous task. Just add some ragi to the original idly batter. Lo! Here is a new variant of Idly!


3.Ragi Dosa

There are millions of dosa lovers across the world. There are over 100+ varieties of dosa, and still, new variants are invented every day. One such delicious Dosa recipe is Ragi dosa. This is a must-try variant for every dosa lover.ragidosa

4.Ragi Bhakri Chivda

Bhakri child is yet another delectable recipe from Maharashtra. This dish is, however, not recommended in high amounts as it is a heavy calorie food. Also, serve this dish just after cooking it because it becomes hard very soon.chivda

5.Ragi Laddoos

Are your kids reluctant to eat the ragi varieties despite your sincere efforts? This is a fantastic choice to introduce ragi to them. If prepared carefully, they would never know that it has ragi in it. It tastes sweeter and is for diabetic patients.


6.Ragi Muthias

This delicious dish, prepared using ragi and wheat flour, is just the right choice for teatime snacks. Just sit back and relax with a cup of tea or coffee and this wholesome recipe. But it must be served immediately after cooking because it gets oxidised and doesn’t taste good.

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7.Ragi Rotis/ Chapatis

Most of the Indians have rotis or chapatis as part of their dinner. Some have them as breakfast. Those who are having weight concerns eat them all three meals a day. Introducing a little ragi brings luscious taste along with health. It also helps you in losing weight soon.


8.Ragi Pongadalu

If you want to try something new and delicious with Idly batter, then this snack is astounding. Their taste is similar to Idly but adding some onions and chillies brings them a mouth-watering flavour.


9.Ragi Khichu/ Gujarati

Khichu is a heart-filling and healthy snack of Gujrat. This fills your stomach but is light on the tummy. Those who are trying to shed a few kilos can try this recipe as their afternoon snack.

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10.Ragi Adai/ Crepes

Ragi adai is a healthy dish that can be savoured at any part of the day. Like some ragi dishes, this dish also becomes hard when left to open for a long time. Remember that while preparing it, only hot water should be used. Only then we can get the proper consistency.


11.Ragi Halwa

Many hearts here melt on hearing the name of Halwa. It is loved by many people across India. If you are a halwa fan, definitely try it. It is made using simple ingredients like milk, ghee and ragi. It is at its best when served sizzling.


12.Ragi Barfis

Ragi barfis are just like the chilled version of halwa. They are easy to make and are life saviours when unexpected guests arrive. You can also prepare them to give a hearty surprise to your dear ones.


13.Ragi Khakras

Khakras are the top priority for those who are dieting. They are very light since they require very light to no oil for their preparation. The main of weight loss is to shed off weight and, retaining muscle and bone density. So it is recommended that they add ragi to their dishes for maintaining their calcium levels.


14.Ragi Puttu

Ragi puttu is exclusively made in South India, to be more specific, Kerala. This dish has a blast of calcium and proteins. It is cooked in special containers with a long cylindrical mouth. If puttu maker is not available, then it can also be made using traditional idly maker.


15.Ragi Sankati

Ragi Sankati is the staple food of the Rayalaseema and Karnataka regions. It is a dish which can be made with only two ingredients- Ragi and water. They are moulded into a round shape after cooking. This is served with chicken curry, egg curry, Dal or chutney.


16.Ragi Murukkulu

Many of us know about murukkulu, a delicious crunchy snack. Especially during Sankranti, many of us relish these at home. Carom seeds are added to them so that they can be easily digested. This delicacy can be made even healthier with Ragi. Of course, ragi can be introduced into every food we prepare based on our taste and culinary style.


17.Ragi Biscuits

Today, many biscuits are available in the market made with so many preservatives that can damage your health. Some even have drugs in them that can show adverse effects on you. In this instance, it is better to switch to Ragi biscuits. They are tastier and healthier. It can also be a delightful breaktime snack.


18.Baked Ragi Namak Pare

If you are a lover of ragi, then this is one dish you can eat unlimitedly without thinking of calories. They are delicious, wholesome and crunchy. They are even healthier because we bake them rather than frying them.


19.Ragi Samya Upma

Samya or vermicelli is loved by many people. Vermicelli is cooked in both sweet and spicy methods. Those who do not enjoy the ordinary Upma generally opt for Samya upma. Ragi Samya upma is tastier than normal Samya upma. Nowadays, ragi vermicelli is being readily available in the markets.


20.Ragi Idiyappam

Idiyappam is a delicious dish of Kerala origin. They are a very healthy and light dish as they are absolutely oil-free, steamed food. These can also be done using ragi flour. This delicacy can also be prepared using ragi. It is best served along with chicken stew or vegetable stew.