Top 20 Granny’s Grind Powders For Complimenting The Meals

Top 20 Grannys Grind Powders For Complimenting The Meals
Top 20 Grannys Grind Powders For Complimenting The Meals

Having a problem with bland foods in hostels? Running late for office? An Indian in foreign who is missing Indian food? Do you want something which tastes good with any meal- Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Then do not worry at all. These powders are there for your rescue. Whenever we think of powders, masalas strike our minds. The Indian cuisine is much diverse than you can ever imagine! It consists of many other powders apart from those which are raw ingredients of other delicacies. These are some of the powders (or podulu) shared by my grandmother. You would relish them too. It is inevitable.

1.Karivepaku Podi/Curry Leaves

Adding some curry leaves to your curry will make every family member waiting for the feast. Such is its influence and aroma. There are so many merits of consuming curry leaves. It enhances hair growth, purifies your blood, and also keeps your skin glowing. It is the best choice if you are facing troubles with hair loss too.


2.Chintaaku Iguru Karam Podi/Tamarind Leaves Powder

This tangy powder of tamarind is best for basic breakfasts of India like Idly and Dosa. It is delicious when it is mixed with ghee and eaten with rice. It has ample health benefits that make it worth trying.


3.Ulava Karam Podi/Horse Gram Powder

A south Indian function in India is incomplete without Ulavacharu. It is a delicious recipe that is savoured by many people in India. The same with Ulava Karam Podi. Do you know that it has a unique ability to reduce weight at the same time provide energy? It is also great for those who are undernourished. Give this a try!


4.Nuvvula Karam Podi/Ellu Podi/Sesame Powder

These days many people are choosing vegetarianism. Some are not being able to eat because of their commitments, and some due to time constraints. Whatever the reason is, to compensate for the protein intake, this powder is the best choice.


5.Palli Karam Podi/Peanut Powder

Is that someone who goes nuts on peanuts on the other side? Then you must try this powder. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels. It also helps in fighting stomach cancer. This healthy powder is a great time saver too!


6.Kobbari Karam Podi/Coconut Powder

Coconut adds an extraordinary taste to any dish in which it is added. Apart from its taste, it is tremendously healthy due to its rich fibre content. Thus it is impressively good for digestion. It promotes improvisation of immunity, gives an energy boost when you are having a dull day.

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7.Pudina Karam Podi/Mint Spicy Powder

This summer, beat the heat with Mint! It is one of the ancient herbs known to mankind. It is known to improve gut health without increasing body heat. When you go summer shopping, do not forget this one! It can be eaten as a pudina bath with rice and ghee. It can also be a good alternative for pickles for breakfasts. Gives you health along with time as wealth!


8.Avise Ginjjala Karam Podi/Flax Seeds Powder

Flax seeds powder is the best for any meal of the day. Especially south Indian breakfasts like Idly or Dosa. It keeps your heart healthy, which means you can reduce your risk of getting a heart attack by consuming it. It also helps in fighting many diseases like diabetes and some types of cancer. So if you fall ill often, then try this powder.


9.Kottimeera Karam Podi/Coriander Powder

Another popular powder in demand is coriander powder or kottimeera podi. Coriander brings flavour when it is garnished on curries or chats. Coriander is even tastier when it is ground as powders. This flavoursome leaf, when ground with other spices, gives it a mouth-watering taste.


10.Kandhi Karam Podi/Spicy Dalia Powder

Some dishes are tasty but not healthy. Some are healthy, but they do not taste yummy and do not please the tummy. But this special powder is both healthy and tasty. Just give this powder a shot if you are one among the health-freak foodie.


11.Kakarakaya Karam Podi/Bitter Gourd Powder

In my opinion, except for Gian (ft Doraemon), every school-going child hates karela. Due to its health benefits, even when elders try to feed them, they make a fuss. For those kids, just try to make bitter gourd rice with this kakarakaya podi/ karela powder/ bitter gourd powder. Add some ghee and this powder into the rice and let them taste. They will start loving the recipe!


12.Gongoora Karam Podi/Roselle Powder

Gongoora is one of the most relished dishes of Andhra. It is a constant companion of any kind of dals. It is a must and should be for any Andhra marriages. It has immense health benefits and never fails to impress with its taste. Once try this. Who knows? It may steal your heart too!


13.Munagaku Karam Podi/Drumstick Leaves Powder

Give your tongue a spicy explosion with this Mungagaku Karam podi or drumstick leaves powder. It is a fantastic remedy for controlling eyesight. If eaten every day, you can see improvement in very few days. The taste of tender drumstick powder and thick drumstick powder varies greatly. Next time you are trying to make a powder, opt for munagaku.  It is worth it.


14.Senaga Podi/Putnala Podi/Chickpeas Powder

Senagapodi or putnala podi is one of the most admired powders of all. It is always honoured with its inclusion in the most favourite powders on the mess table. Next time, bring it to yours too!


15.Kaju Karapodi/Tangy Cashew Powder

Cashew is loved by many people in both spicy and sweet versions. Do those cashew lovers know that there is a powder with it? With cashews and the right mix of tangy flavours, We can make a mouth-watering powder.


16.Dhaniyala Podi/Coriander Seeds Powder

Dhaniyala powder is one of the most relished powders in our childhood. My mom makes the best dhaniya powder I ever tasted. Unlike kothimeera podi, it is made using coriander seeds instead of coriander leaves. It is lip-smacking when served with ghee.


17.Velluli Karam Podi

Many consider it as a curry leaf in curry. But according to Ayurveda and modern sciences, it has many benefits like controlling cholesterol, removing heavy metals from the body etc. If you are very reluctant to eat it as a whole, then opt for garlic powder.17

18.Nalla Karam Podi/Mixed Pulses Powder

People of Andhra cannot finish their meal without its compliments.  Apart from the main meal, there must be something or the other. Be it an avakai pickle, an appadam, or a heart-melting podi. Nalla Karam podi is usually served as a compliment for dal. It basically means black chilli powder. It derived its name from its prime ingredients, black urad dal and chillies. Give this powder also a shot. You will fall in love with this since it saves a lot of time and effort.18

19.Gasagasalu Podi/Poppy Seeds Powder

Gasagasalu is one of the best flavouring agents in Indian culinary. It adds flavours to the dish it is added in. Sometimes it is used to give the recipe proper consistency. When this flavouring agent is made of ground, can one resist admiring it? Of course Not!


20.Royyala Karam Podi/Prawn Powder

Finally, something for non-veg lovers! Usually, non-veg goes well with pickles and gravies or curries. So it is better not to experiment on them. But yes! This is a tested and tried recipe. It tastes sublime and saves you from the deadly boredom of everyday foods.