Top 20 Recipes To Pack While Traveling


Traveling is an appetite for life. It refreshes, energizes, and brings back a reason for living. Furthermore, some people are born travelers. They live for traveling. I aspire to be one of them soon. But, did you notice the problems we face during traveling? Yes, many people face lots of diet-related issues while traveling. It is better to take homemade food for them. But how will homemade food last longer? We got you covered. We will discuss the top 20 recipes to pack while traveling. They are homemade recipes. They are easy to make. Also, you will love them.

1. Sabudana Wada

Sabudana Wada is my favorite dish. I can carry it in my school box, my picnic box, and eat at home and almost everywhere. Preparation of Sabudana Wada doesn’t take much time. It goes well all alone or with curd. Lastly, it is delicious food to take on your trip.Sabudana Vada Recipe | How to make Sabudana Vada

2. Chakali

Chakali lasts longer than you think. Making Chakali requires a few ingredients and lots of love. It can cover your desire to eat something super spicy. Also, Chakali has a few essential nutrients which can help you out with your traveling tiredness. It is one of the best foods you can carry during your travel.Chakkali Recipe | Murukku Recipe | Deep Fried Snacks

3. Banana Chips

You can make bakery-like banana chips at home. Dont you believe me? Give it a try yourself. Most of the Banana chips are homemade. The Banana chips in Kerala have a big name all over the world. Hence, you can try making them and carrying them on your trip.

4. Fritters

There are plenty of Fritters around the world. Some are non-vegetarian, some are Vegan, some have veggies, and some have meat. Fritters can go with you on your trips for around five days. Plus, you can make them healthy by adding good veggies to them. A meat Fritter can fulfill your protein requirement.

5. Falafel

Some might say it is not worth taking on a Trip. However, I need something that can fill my tummy up. Falafel is a good option I have. They last up to three days if kept in the right conditions. They are tasty, healthy, and tummy- filling food.

6. Hotpot

I am not talking about carrying a hotpot. I am talking about making one. If you are on a trip with your friends and want something good, delicious, and healthy, Hotpot is your answer. You can add the food items of your choice to a hotpot and make them worth remembering. It can create a moment to make memories.

7. Kimchi

Some people might call me mad. But I am sure the Korean population will love the addition of Kimchi to the top 20 recipes to pack while traveling. Kimchi has many more uses than just eating all alone. You can add it to your sandwich, sausage, rice, bread, and everywhere. Hence, we suggest you take it on your trip.

8. Fruits

Basically, fruits are worth taking on trips. They are nutritious, healthy, tasty, and fresh. Majorly they provide you with all the nutrients you are missing during the traveling period. Also, you should take some fruits on trips. You should carry citrus fruit on boats or ships.

9. Sweet Corn

Kudos to the great person who found our sweet corn. It has vitamins, carbs, fiber, proteins, calcium, and iron. Plus, you eat it raw or cook it on an open fire. It tastes good either way. You can take it and even find it anywhere. Give it a try.3-Minute Masala Corn - The Fiery Vegetarian

10. Sausage

I have heard a well-cooked sausage can last around four to five days in refrigerated conditions. Off course! I am not asking you to take a fridge on your tour. You can take a well-cooked sausage instead. Basically, you can eat it all alone or with a slice of bread. This dish will make good comfort food.

11. Cup Noodles

Now that’s something trendy, isnt it? Cup noodles are here and there and everywhere. People have given them immense love and encouragement. People want to try more and more flavors of it. So, why not take them on your trip?Cup noodle - Wikipedia

12. Wraps

Homemade wraps are healthier and tastier. Precisely, they have the goodness of home. That is the biggest thing they can have. Also, you can take wraps on your trips. You can share them with your friends too. One single wrap can last for three days. Take a risk, take a wrap.

13. Waffles

Precisely, you will find waffles in the breakfast of every hotel where you will stay. You can also carry some from home. They are great for breakfast. Plus, they dont take much time and effort to prepare. You can pair them with any sweet or spicy food that you want.

14. Salads

Some Salads are worth taking on the trip. You can eat them on your way too. You can make fruit or veggies salad. Add a good amount of chicken and other meats to it. Salads go well with clear water. Furthermore, you dont have to give much time to preparations.

15. Pancakes

Pancakes do stay fresh on a picnic. I have taken them on many picnics. Also, they were my favorite. So, next time pack your kids picnic boxes and give pancakes consideration. It goes well with honey or chocolate syrups. Hence, we include them in the top 20 recipes to pack while traveling.

16. Juices

Homemade fruit juices are far better than carbonated drinks. So, next time while going on a picnic take some Amm Panna, lemon juice, shakes, orange juice, etc. They will help boost your immunity during your travels. They will keep you safe and protect you from harmful carbonated drinks.

17. Cakes

The cake is the ultimate solution. You can try the fruity cake, choco chip cake, lava cake, fondant cake, and inverted cakes. They are trendy these days. As well, they have the best sales in the market. Grab your pack fast before going on your trip. 18. Cutlets: You will find them in every house. Cutlets are children’s favorite. Somehow, they are adults favorite too. They are healthy and delicious. They last around three to four days if kept well. Hence, you can include a cutlet and sauce on your trip.

19. Boiled eggs

Many people were waiting for this. Boiled eggs are the simple, most healthy, and super beneficial food you will ever find. It has all the nutrition your need to have. You have to find a place to dispose of the shells. Other things are super fine to have. You don’t need seasons for this dish.

20. Boiled Pulses

Pulses are a great source of protein. You will find a lot more protein in pulses. Plus, they are easy to cook and carry. They last long for many days and are tasty and very delicious. They can fill your nutritional gaps and be a good travel buddy. Hence, we include them in the top 20 recipes to pack while traveling.