Top 20 Recipes Using Blue Cheese


To work correctly we need to consume fantastic nutrients that don’t let us tire quickly, and we can also concentrate on the daily schedule. If we stop consuming healthy ingredients then we will readily get prone to unwanted bacteria and viruses and suffer often due to life-threatening health conditions. Try to avoid packaged foods and takeouts and make a habit of consuming foods that you can readily make at home with the help of your family members, and enjoy delicious cuisines with them whenever you’re happy or sad. Let’s look at fantastic recipes using blue cheese.

1. Pear, Date, And Walnut Salad With Blue Cheese

This recipe includes extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey, dijon mustard, salt, black pepper, red leaf lettuce, walnuts, dates, Bartlett pears, and blue cheese. Healthy meals help to make our lifestyle better and keep us worry-free about future health conditions. Consuming meals three times a day is pretty important.

2. Blue Cheese Balls

This recipe includes beets, shallots, salt, pepper, red grapefruit, oranges, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, coarse salt, toasted walnuts, blue cheese, and green onions. You can quickly gobble up this fantastic meal recipe and enjoy the deliciously creamy and salty flavors of blue cheese. Don’t cultivate bad snacking habits.

3. Blue Cheese Balls

This recipe includes cream cheese, blue cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, celery, dried onion, dried parsley, pecans, and Worcestershire sauce. Wondering about what to make for snacks? This is the perfect cheesy and salty snack idea to make your evening memorable. Enjoy with a mug of coffee and stay healthy.

4. Buffalo Chicken Dip

This recipe includes rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, blue cheese dressing, red hot sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, carrot sticks, celery sticks, tortilla chips, potato chips, and crunchy bread pieces. This is a fantastic idea for snacks if you’re soon throwing a party at home. Learn to create new meals by following easy recipes.

5. Blue Cheese Pear And Honey Crostini

This recipe includes baguettes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, blue cheese, lemon juice, pears, walnuts, honey, and sage leaves. If you love trying unique and fresh recipes then you must try to make this one at home and you’ll love the delicious flavors and taste. Make sure to use all the ingredients in the right quantities.

6. Avocado And Blue Cheese Watercress Salad

This recipe includes watercress, spinach leaves, avocado, red onions, grapefruits, blue cheese crumbles, olive oil, honey, grapefruit juice, salt, and pepper. Salads contain a lot of nutrients and antioxidants in them; therefore, we should try to consume them with meals or snacks on them whenever we feel hungry.

7. Blue Cheese Dressing

This recipe includes sour cream, mayonnaise, buttermilk, Worcestershire sauce, granulated sugar, dry mustard, garlic powder, black pepper, kosher salt, and blue cheese crumbles. Crumble the blue cheese finely before you make the recipe, and you’ll love the outcome. You can readily serve it with varieties of salads.

8. Grilled Peaches With Blue Cheese And Balsamic

This recipe includes balsamic vinegar, peaches, grape seed oil, sugar, blue cheese, and blackberries. Blue cheese makes the recipe yummy and salty. Grape seed oil takes care of our health, and the juicy blackberries help to keep our antioxidant levels intact and help us stay strong by avoiding foreign bodies.

9. Strawberry Bacon Blue Cheese Salad

This recipe includes mixed greens, strawberries, pecans, blue cheese, and cooked bacon. Readily make the dressing using olive oil, orange juice, golden balsamic vinegar, pepper, and ginger. Want to try recipes using blue cheese then try this one and you’ll love the nutritional values this recipe can provide.

10. Blue Cheese And Bacon Pizza

This recipe includes butter, all-purpose flour, milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg, pizza dough, bacon, and blue cheese. This is a unique meal recipe that you can quickly make to please your kids, and they’ll love the taste and fantastic flavors of this recipe. Make sure to enjoy some of it yourself and take care of the oil you’re using to make your daily meals.

11. Easy Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This recipe includes chicken, pepper, celery ribs, hot sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, cider vinegar, yellow mustard, lettuce, and blue cheese. After a hectic schedule, we want to grab some yummy snacks to satisfy our hunger in the evenings, and this is a unique recipe with fantastic flavors that you can quickly cook and enjoy.

12. Grilled Chicken, Mango, And Blue Cheese Tortillas

This recipe includes chicken breasts, blackened seasoning, lime zest, yogurt, salt, lime juice, pepper, mango, red onions, flour tortillas, blue cheese, and fresh cilantro. Make sure to clean the ingredients well before you start preparing the recipe. Enjoy hot served food with your near ones and take care of the health quotient.

13. Steak And Blue Cheese Pizza

This recipe includes beef top sirloin steak, salt, pepper, olive oil, baby portobello mushrooms, onions, heavy whipping cream, blue cheese, pizza crust, and fresh parsley. Enjoy this fantastic recipe for supper, and you’re going to make it again because of its creamy texture and delicious taste. The aroma of this recipe won’t let you miss it no matter how busy you are.

14. Chunky Blue Cheese Dip

This recipe includes cream cheese, sour cream, white pepper, salt, blue cheese, chives, pecans, apples, and pears. Make this delicious and creamy dip and enjoy it with various crispy fries. Make quick dips and enjoy their creaminess to fill in the void of full meals and boring days and upcoming worries. Choose unique recipes and enjoy the delicious flavors.

15. Blue Cheese-Mushroom Stuffed Tenderloin

This recipe includes baby portobello mushrooms, butter, Worcestershire sauce, spicy brown mustard, pepper, olive oil, salt, beef tenderloin roast, blue cheese, and french-fried onions. Enjoy this delicious recipe and stay worry-free because worries make us sick and they don’t solve problems. Your life should be your choice and always choose peace and satisfaction.

16. Broccoli And Blue Cheese Salad

This recipe includes broccoli, lemon juice, olive oil, almonds, garlic cloves, yogurt, blue cheese, lemon zest, and chives. Healthy ingredients give us good health and we don’t need to worry about life-threatening diseases. Calm yourself by consuming delicious and unique recipes that you’ll quickly cook at home and enjoy some time with yourself.

17. Celery And Blue Cheese Soup

This recipe includes extra virgin olive oil, celery, onions, floury potatoes, vegetable stock, single cream, blue cheese, and chives. Make the winter special by making creamy and warm soups for your dear ones and enjoy the season with them full of unique flavors. Don’t quit enjoying your life while you can and be careful of the decisions you take.

18. Winter Panzanella

This recipe includes sourdough, extra virgin olive oil, beetroots, balsamic vinegar, orange juice, garlic cloves, blue cheese, red onions, and butterleaf salad leaves. Make sure that you don’t skip the salads during meals and if you feel they’re dull then you can quickly make changes in some spices or other ingredients to make it yummy and healthy.

19. Steak And Blue Cheese Pie

This recipe includes olive oil, eggs, stewing steak, brown ale, onions, flour, thyme, bay leaves, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, beef stock, blue cheese, and puff pastry. This is a yummy recipe that you cook for small occasions at home and enjoy a unique meal with your close ones. Be innovative with your food ideas.

20. Oven-BBQ Brisket With Blue Cheese Slaw

This recipe includes beef brisket, french fries, and pickles. Prepare dry rub using garlic granules, smoked paprika, mustard powder, and sea salt. Make the glaze using brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, smoked paprika, and Dijon mustard. Prepare the blue cheese slaw using carrots, white cabbage, sea salt, white wine vinegar, Roquefort, mayonnaise, sour cream, chives, and white pepper.