Top 20 Resorts In Hyderabad

Top 20 Resorts In Hyderabad
Top 20 Resorts In Hyderabad


Located outside the hustle, and bustle of the city, Alankrita is a heaven for people who want to experience nature while enjoying luxuries of modern day. It is an Ethnic Getaway. Alankrita has facilities which include a swimming pool, indoor games, video games, and much more. There are many restaurants which feature different cuisines. Spend your day here to enjoy the greenery, and beautiful, earthy architecture, which makes one rejuvenated.


2LEONIA Holistic Destination

It is called a holistic destination for a reason, LEONIA provides something unique for everyone. It has ten restaurants, clubs, and bars. This Resort also has theatres, spa, and medical center. You can enjoy the water at one of the many swimming pools. The ambiance is very soothing, and you will be surrounded by nature all the time. The rooms are very luxurious, and some even have a pool attached. The outdoor games are situated spaciously, and there are many activities for adventure freaks too.


3Lahari Resort

Lahari Resort is very well known for its quaint ambience. It is surrounded by lush green trees, and has picturesque views. Their service is impeccable, and activities are worth mentioning. The list scheduled for a day outing are bowling, cricket, paintball, snooker, go karting, and table tennis. To sum it up, you will be coddled by the staff who will provide all the amenities for your stay to be perfect.


4Pragati Resort

This Resort proudly presents itself as eco-friendly. Upon reaching you will notice that it has tree plantations around the Resort. You may find peacocks wandering around early in the morning. The service is marvellous, and one must visit this place to breath in fresh oxygen. Their lagoon suite is highly suggested.


5Golconda Resort and Spa

It’s just a quick drive away from the city, located in Gandipet. It is a perfect getaway for families to enjoy a day away from the busy mundane life. The landscape of this place is delightful, and is perfect to unwind on the weekend. It has many recreational activities to keep its guests occupied like squash, cricket, indoor games, swimming pool, and other netball games.


6Dream Valley Resort

Situated amidst thickly planted area, the Dream Valley Resort is the best place for families as well as business persons to enjoy the tranquil surroundings. Located in an extravagant area of Banjara hills, it boasts of luxury and amenities. There is a water park, banquets, spacious rooms and scrumptious food. Immerse yourself in the modern-day amalgamation of nature and entertainment by visiting this place.


7Songs of The Earth

This place is known as the ‘Nature Lovers’ Resort. It is best when visited as a couple or with a group. They specialise in arranging adventure activities which focus on building the team spirit. The activities include exploring the jungle zone, climbing, bridge walk and ATV rides to fuel up the adrenaline.


8Celebrity Holiday Retreat

Celebrity Holiday Retreat is a very prominent name among the celebrities who come here to rejuvenate from their hectic schedules. Situated in Shamirpet, which are outskirts of the city, this place has the architecture which resembles the Victorian era. The activities include games, swimming pool, car rentals and ayurveda massage. It is an indulgence rather than experience.


9Papyrus Port

Popular for its Egyptian theme, Papyrus port is one of the known themed Resorts in Hyderabad. A place which is enjoyable and yet very budget friendly. It is small in area, but they provide a variety of facilities like swimming pool, cricket, rain dance, rock climbing, obstacle courses, and much more. A humble place for families to be entertained, it is on the Bangalore highway near Kothur.


10Ragala Resort

If private time and quiet is what you’re looking for then Ragala is a perfect venue. Food is satisfactory, the services provided are top notch, and the infrastructure is praise worthy. If you want to host a party or a function, this place is apt as they cater to customise the area to satisfy your requirements. Their USP is that they have wellness tours which are renowned for its specialised treatments.


11Summer Green Resort

Dance in the shade of the trees, and admire the beauty of the nature. Summer Green Resort stands by its name; you will be immersed in greenery with different kinds of trees, and plants grown across the entire Resort. Mango trees are seen the most. You can choose among many options such as Sports Arcadia,Nirvana Halls, Water Front, Rock View,Villa Mansion, and amphitheatre. There’s a lot to do for the adrenaline enthusiasts like rappelling, Burma bridge, Cargo Net, Sky walk, Rope, and knot climbing, and many more. The list is never ending. So, if you’re a large group of family or friends looking for adventure or a group of corporate, there are multitudes of things to do here.

12Darling Cave Resort

Specifically targeted for couples, this Resort is a secluded getaway perfect for newlyweds, and even older couples to get cosy. This romantic getaway has 28 rooms designed to ignite the sparks between the couples. The guests will experience the finest of luxuries. There is Candle light dinner arrangements, and this is one of their premium groves. Sweet romantic music and the moonshine will take you into a dreamland.

13Mrugvani Resort and Spa

Frequently rated to be one of the best Resorts of Hyderabad, Mrugvani Resort, and Spa is a great place for family fun. Situated near Mrugvai National park that is across 1000acres, Mrugvani offers a splendid eco-tourism experience. Talking about the Resort, along with luxurious, and spacious rooms, they also have a swimming pool, and play area for kids. The golden leaf restaurant serves delicious Hyderabadi, and Continental dishes, and one can enjoy a fine dining experience here. They also have Nature’s hub that consists of thatched huts where one can relax. The spa is where one can revitalize, and it is one of the best spa to be experienced.

14Trident Hyderabad

Located near the airport, Trident is one of the best luxurious hotel where one can visit for leisure, with family, or for a business trip. With 320+ rooms, and suites, each provided with modern day amenities like fast internet, LCD Televisions, etc. Trident also has many recreational facilities like spa, a fitness centre, swimming pool etc. It also provides its customers with a luxurious fine dining experience where you can have a variety of cuisines, and last but not the least, a late night bar. Be sure to create memories that’ll last a life time!


15Vivanta by Taj Begumpet

Vivanta by Taj holds its high reputed standard, and is one of the opulent hotels in Hyderabad. The interior design of the hotel is mind blowing. The crystal chandelier, well-furnished marble, granite floor, and a wooden exterior dazzles in front of the visitor. Vivanta is known all over Hyderabad for its fine dining restaurant that serves scrumptious, and delicious foods from various cuisines. Ensuring that the customers have all the facilities available to them, like swimming pool, bar, coffee shops, safe boxes etc., the management, and staff are 24×7 at your service. Rejuvenate yourself amidst the luxuries provided by Taj’s best hotel in Hyderabad.


16Brindavan Resort

Brindavan holds anvital place in Indian mythology, for being the hometown of Lord Krishna. The Resort is specifically designed to withhold the divinity, the piousness of Brindavan. Visitors are startled by the beautifully carved sculptures, and paintings, swings, and peep windows. One experiences tranquillity, calmness as the environment is pleasant and cosy, with wonderful gardens, and lovely flowers. The Resort has 13 elegantly designed rooms with an authentic Indian theme that serves all the necessities, and yet maintains a very sophisticated, calm, and relaxing ambience. The customers can also enjoy a dining experience at the jharoka (peep window). The customers are entertained with plays events with a theme of mythological India. The coffee shop is also very famous.


17Honey Berg Resort

The Resort is known for the concordat mix of the modern, extravagant amenities it provides while being situated among a beautiful and natural environment. Situated far from the city, one can spend a peaceful, rejuvenating day among the magnificence of nature. The Resort also provides a lot of recreational activities for its customers that include sports, rain dance, pool, tug of war, Burma bridge, wall climbing, horse riding, water zorbing etc. A perfect place to go if you want to take a break from your everyday busy and stressful schedule.



Designed with a theme of a Royal Rajasthani town, Dhola-Ri-Dhani is one of the primary attractions of Hyderabad. It’s one of the best tourist spots, where people of all age groups can have fun. Be it with family, or friends; you’ll surely have the time of your life. With play centres, and mini mela for kids, to horse riding, swimming pool, puppet shows, and ventriloquist, Dhola-Ri-Dhani is packed with recreational, and fun activities. Also, popular for the exquisite, authentic Rajasthani cuisine with original Rajasthani dishes, one can enjoy, and experience the taste of Rajasthani food. The customers are greeted with a courteous, and prompt staff, and are requested to follow certain guidelines, and steps to experience the true Rajasthani feel. With a wide variety of dishes availed to the customers, it gives a royal feel. A must visit place!


19Palm Exotica

Situated at a pictorial location of Shankarpalli where the visitors are in surprise because of the breath-taking view of the locality. Along with the mind-blowing environment, the place is full of recreational activities, and services that just make your day perfect. Fine dining experience with delectable food, spa, adventure games, fests, feasts, a day-night cricket ground is available to the customers. It surely feels like heaven as soon as you reach the place. Another recommended destination to escape to from your everyday busy life!



Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

One of the many High-end hotels in Hyderabad, Westin offers a wide variety of luxurious amenities and facilities to visitors. Along with being fully furnished, High-speed Wi-Fi equipped rooms, they also provide a gym, kitchenettes, private lounges, spa, massages, and whirlpool baths, and a 24×7 room service. A popular place for business meetings and gathering Westin assuredly comes under the top hotels/Resorts in Hyderabad!


As per a leading website, they say many celebrities stay in these resorts when in Hyderabad.