Top 20 Most Popular Places To Have Street Food In Surat

Top 20 Most Popular Places To Have Street Food In Surat

Street food lies at the heart of people of Surat. But, where to have street food if you are in Surat? Here, are the 20 most popular places to have street food in Surat:

1.Mini Meals

This is the most popular place to have street food in Surat. This place expertise in a variety of street foods, may it be North Indian food, Chinese food, Thai food or the famous street foods of Surat, this place has it all. Although this place is a little expensive for street food, yet is worth every single penny.



The 2nd most popular place to eat at in Surat is Gangour. This place does not offer much variety in its food as Mini Meals but it is equally pleasing to your taste buds. This place opens up as early as 10 in the morning and stays open as late as 11 in the night.


3.Jani Locha House

Now, this is the place that I would recommend if you are new to Surat. This is the most popular place in Surat to have its signature Locha. If you do not know what Locha is then you might want to read the other list of most famous street foods in Surat. If you know what Locha is then you must rush to it immediately!


4.Mahesh Pav Bhaji

Now as the name gives away, this place is famous for the classic street food of India, Pav Bhaji. You can see long lines of people standing in line just to get a single plate of Pav Bhaji from here. If you are in Surat by any chance, try one of these plates yourself!


5.Vijay Dairy and Sweets

This place is famous for making the popular “Ice Dish,” and that too with great style! The representation of dishes here are beautiful, and the taste is heavenly. No wonder this sweet shop is so popular in Surat.


6.Mr. Egg

Now as the name suggests, this place is heaven for egg lovers. Here, you will get a stunning variety of 150 egg dishes to choose from! Yes, you read it right! 150 egg dishes and each one is as tasty as the other. Although, this place is more famous for its “Egg Ghotala.”


7.Kailash Sweets and Snacks

Now, this place is a kind of a mumbo jumbo of all types of street foods, where you get Ice Dish, and Locha and Bhajiya, along with standard continental snacks like burgers and patties. All of this at one single place. Your one stop shop for everything!


8.Raju Chacha Vadapav

As revealing a name of the shop as it could be, this place is famous for its Vada Pav. Here, you’ll get 20 varieties of Vada Pav ranging from simple Vada Pav to potato-coconut-spicy delight. The Vada Pav is accompanied with a mouth-watering coconut chutney.


9.Kailash Parbat

The name refers to a famous mountain in India, the Kailash Mountain. “Parbat” is the Hindi name for “mountain.” The height of the popularity of this place is as high as the mountain like it is named after and serves all variety of street food that one can imagine.



A very unusual, interesting name for a street food shop, but is still perfectly capturing the interesting dishes that are served at this place. This place is for the spicy food lovers and the tangy tongues. Everything here is served with an abundance of spiciness and tanginess to satisfy the taste buds of such people.


11.Maakhan Bhog

Now, if you are of the type who always is in need of finishing off your food with some sweet dish, then this place may just be the thing you need. Here you can have all the street food you want, and then end it off with some tasty sweet delight from here itself.


12.Midday Munchies

Although a little expensive for a street food place, it is a place to go to if you enjoy those little tea time snacks a lot. Here, you can have a taste of Dhokla, Thepla, Bhajiya and all other tea time snacks that will go well with your tea or coffee.


13.Shiv Shakti

The name of this place may not be all that fancy, but the food is exactly what our taste buds desire. Filled with mouth-watering street food, this place is a must go to for all in Surat.


14.Balaji Restaurant

It may get the word “restaurant” in its name, but it is by far the cheapest restaurant that there can be. You get the ambiance of a good restaurant with the price of normal street shops. And that is what makes this place so popular.


15.Tipsy Topsy Chat Center

All the chat lovers out there? This is the place for you. If you love a tangy, spicy chat, then you might give this place a visit.


16.Hotel Priya

Just like Balaji restaurant, what makes this place so popular in Surat is what you get for the money you pay. As you get the ambiance of a hotel at the price of normal street shops along with great food! What more can you ask for.


17.Karnavati Dabeli Center

If you have not heard of Dabeli before, then put this place as number 1 on your list. This place specializes in Dabeli and serves the most famous Dabeli in Surat.


18.Gopal Locho

This place is the 2nd most popular place for Locho in Surat and is loved as much as the 1st one on this list. You can try Locho from any of the two locations.


19.Nav Durga

The specialty of this place is that it is capable of serving you food even at midnight as it stays open the longest among all the street food joints at night.


20.Mama Bhanja

A partnership of Mama-Bhanja started this sweet shop and now is as popular as any on this list among the people of Surat. If you want to treat yourself with a sweet delight, do plan to visit Mama Bhanja sweet shop!