Top 20 Restaurant Food Chains In India

Indian cuisine, like that of any other country, is a wide jumble of culinary inspirations and traditions from around the Asian continent. With each passing year, the food industry’s contribution to the world food trade grows larger and larger. The leading restaurant chains in India have emerged as one of the most profitable and fastest-growing industries in the country. Let us have a look at the leading food chains in India.

1. Saravana Bhavan

It was in Chennai that the largest South Indian vegetarian food chain, Hotel Saravana Bhavan, was started. When you enter Sarvana Bhawan and inhale the mouthwatering aroma of dosas, it’s difficult to put into words the sensation you get. Dosas, idlis, vadas, and other dry savory snacks are Sarvana Bhavan’s specialty. P. Rajagopal launched it in 1981. Foreigners have been flocking to this establishment for decades. If you’re missing home cooking, check out one of the many canteens in the area. Many of the regular customers have come to expect the filter coffee, fluffy idlis, and crisp dosas from this restaurant throughout the years.

Saravana Bhavan 1

2. Shiv Sagar

MT Poojari launched Shiv Sagar in 1990 intending to provide fresh, fast cuisine to the people of Mumbai. Shiv Sagar is a vegetarian restaurant franchise that is well-known for its pav bhaji and badshahi falooda, among other dishes. The first Shiv Sagar restaurant opened its doors in Mumbai in Kemp’s Corner. This fast-food company has since expanded to include locations in Surat, Ahmadabad, Pune, Mangalore, and New Delhi.

Shiv Sagar

3. Bikanervala 

Bikanervala is a multi-cuisine restaurant and mithai shop. The Aggarwal brothers launched it in 1950. Indian, Chinese, Indo-Italian, and even Continental cuisine are served at Bikanervala’s fast-food chains. Most Bikanervala establishments are multi-story buildings with a lower floor for sweets and dry takeaway savories like samosas and kachoris and upper floors for dine-in. Weekdays and weekends are equally crowded here. Bikanervala has more than only food establishments. Bikano is their foray into packaged foods – chips, sweets, curry, and dal masalas. Also, don’t miss their Bikanervala till chikki, Bikanervala pinni special, Bikanervala milk cake, Bikano coconut cookie, Bikano kaju choco chip cookie, Bikano kaju pista cashew cookie, and more. Another multi-cuisine restaurant owned by Bikanervala is Bikano Chat Cafe, where they can have chaat. Their fast food is top-notch in India.


4. Nirula’s

As one of the first Indian fast-food franchises, Nirula’s was a household name in Delhi NCR. Hot chocolate fudge is still one of its most popular products (HCF). Nirula’s restaurants in Ghaziabad, Noida, New Delhi, and Gurugram serve a wide variety of healthy and delicious food from around the world. A broad range of delectable foods are available, such as ice cream parlors, ice cream sodas, ice cream shakes, deluxe cheese Margherita pizzas, chicken tikka, and capsicum onion mushroom footlongs. However, its ice cream sundaes and milkshakes are legendary. It was founded in 1934 under a different name and opened its first store in New Delhi’s Connaught Place in 1977. Takeaway locations and small ice cream parlors can be found all across the country. Nirula’s is one of the top 10 fast-food restaurants in India and will remain such in the future.


5. Darshini

Darshini is a sort of vegetarian restaurant in India that is quick to serve and self-service. Darshini serves a diverse selection of breakfast foods that are predominantly of a south Indian origin. Thanks to its high-quality variations of south Indian fast food products, their delectable food varieties are well-liked by the Bangalore populace. They serve idly, vada, dosa, sambar, and a few north Indian dishes, as well as some south Indian dishes. Various types of coffee and tea are also available in this establishment.


6. Bukhara, New Delhi

Ranked recently as Asia’s very best restaurant by a London-based Restaurant magazine Bukhara in New Delhi is one of the top restaurant chain brands in India. Established in the year 1977 Bukhara has managed to retain its position among the top five restaurants in India. Known for its exquisite range of North-West Frontier cuisine this restaurant is a hot favorite among celebrities and top-notch conglomerates and government officials.


7. Ratna Café

Ratna Cafe is a food service company and fast-food franchise with its headquarters in Chennai, India. Their sambar idly dishes have become fairly famous due to the high quality and flavor they provide. It has been in operation for a long time and continues to attract customers with its delectable offers. A range of south Indian cuisines, including sambar rice, tamarind rice, dosa, and idly, are available at this restaurant, as well as a large variety of other south Indian dishes. It is possible to find Ratna cafés around the city of Chennai, and these are excellent places to sample southern Indian cuisine. Because of its nostalgic cuisine and long-term client base, the restaurant chain is well-known throughout the city of Chennai.

Ratna Cafe

8. Thai Pavilion Mumbai

The luxurious and opulent Thai Pavilion in Mumbai is considered to be one of the top Thai restaurants in India. The restaurant, which is a treat for vegetarians and fans of Thai cuisine, has risen to become one of India’s most popular restaurant chain franchises. This restaurant in Mumbai, which attracts customers from all over the world, is known for providing outstanding service and hospitality to its customers.

Thai Pavilion Mumbai

9. Barista Lavazza

Barista Lavazza’s coffee has made it a household name in India, where it is now one of the most well-known food brands. Lavazza’s baristas serve fresh-roasted coffee that’s brewed to perfection. Even the coffee powder can be yours for a low price. As you may know, this establishment was known for its excellent Italian coffee. They become a household name because of this. Barista Lavazza currently provides services in nations such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Myanmar, and more. In addition to the oreo chocolate latte and caramel latte, there are many other options on the menu.

Barista Lavazza

10. Oh! Calcutta Kolkata

One of the most recent models available in the industry Oh! Calcutta has managed to build out a distinct identity for itself in a relatively short period of time. Kolkata-based Top Restaurant Chain Brand with branches in Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore among other cities is well-known for its varied and authentic Bengali fare.

Oh Calcutta Kolkata

11. Crème Bell

Cream Bell is a popular ice cream brand in India. This was founded in New Delhi in 2003 by the RJ Corp. Cream bell is present in 19 Indian states. This ice cream chain is among the top five in India. Thus, Cream Bell is easily one of India’s top culinary chains. Popular varieties include chocolate cone ice cream, strawberry ice cream, kulfis, and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. Recent varieties include orange candy and chocolate cookies. These are some of India’s top food chains. These eateries are a foodie’s dream. So, go to all of the places listed above and don’t miss any, or you’ll regret it later.

Creme Bell

12. Indigo Mumbai

Indigo Restaurants, owned and managed by renowned restaurateur-chef Rahul Akerkar, is one of the most successful restaurant chains in India. The restaurant offers a delightful selection of European cuisines that are prepared with some of the finest Indian spices available today. Indigo has not only served the elite of the city, but it has also hosted several worldwide celebrities. Indigo, a historical home that has been transformed into a sleek modern restaurant comes in at number two on the list of the best Indian restaurants in the world.

Indigo Mumbai

13. Indian Coffee House

One of India’s most well-known restaurants in the Indian Coffee House. Worker co-operative societies are responsible for running this Indian restaurant company. Nearly 400 coffee shops dot the country, making it a well-known brand. Vegetable and chicken sandwiches, vegetable noodle soup, vegetable man chow soup, lemon rice, vegetable biryani, paratha, ice cream, egg biryani, chicken Mughlai, Chinese platters, and more can be found in Indian coffee houses. Some of the many locations where you’ll be able to find an Indian coffee shop include Alappuzha as well as Kollam and Kottayam as well as Thiruvananthapuram.

Indian Coffee House

14. Haldiram

Another Indian food chain that resembles Bikanervala is Haldiram’s, which originated in Bikaner, Rajasthan. This chain sells mithais and namkeens (sweets and savory snacks). The company sells a variety of packaged foods. They comprise aloo bhujia, sesame sev, and moong dal with peanuts inboxes. But that’s not all. Haldiram’s also makes and sells ready-to-eat meals. While the first Haldiram’s in Delhi opened in 1982, the first in Bikaner opened much earlier. For example, chaat, Indianized Chinese, Italian, and Continental cuisine are all available.


15. Karachi Bakery

Karachi Bakery is located on Moazzam Jahi Market in Hyderabad, in the Indian state of Telangana, and serves a variety of baked goods. Sri Khanchand Ramnani was the person who created the organization. It is one of the most well-known bakeries in the city of Hyderabad. It is famous for its fruit cookies, dil khush, and plum cake, among other things.

Karachi Bakery

16. Annapoorna Gowrishankar

Annapoorna Gowrishankar was founded in the 1960s and has since grown to become one of the largest food chains in the world, operating out of the city of Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The Annapurna group is now the proud owner of 16 restaurants, some of which are located not only in Coimbatore, but also in other regions of Tamil Nadu, including the city of Chennai. If you’re in the mood for a simple, home-cooked supper that exudes purity and warmth, Annapoorna is the place to visit.

Annapoorna Gowrishankar

17. Goli Vada Pav

One of the best-known Indian fast-food chains is Goli Vada Pav. Venkatesh Iyer opened it in 2004 as a vada pav joint in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. One of the most popular and widely consumed foods in Maharashtra is vada pav. They’ve extended to a huge number of places in India as a result of their improved quality and client satisfaction. Goli vada pav, goli sabudhana vada pav, and more are some of the restaurant’s specialty dishes. It currently has over 300 locations in more than 100 cities across the United States and Canada.

Goli Vada Pav

18. Chai Point

In 2010, Chai Point opened in Bangalore and specializes in different types of tea. It is an Indian tea company and a chain of cafes that serve tea-based drinks. One of India’s most popular beverages, chai, is the focus of Chai Point’s business model. It’s a special day for tea, complete with a special menu of pastries and biscuits. Here are sandwiches, teas that are already made, shakes, hot and cold drinks, snacks, and more at chai point. Tea biscuits and cakes to go with your morning or nighttime cup of tea are what we’re talking about here.

Chai Point

19. Monginis

Monginis is a worldwide Indian pastry and bakery chain headquartered in Mumbai with locations throughout India and Egypt. Monginis employs only the finest ingredients in its products, ensuring that the things we distribute are of the highest quality. They have delicious pastries, cakes, burgers, sandwiches, cutlets, doughnuts, and more. You would agree that finding a Monginis outlet in any city is not difficult.


20. Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey is a smoothie company established in Hyderabad, with more than 100 locations in 43 Indian cities. There is a Drunken Monkey in India that sells smoothies and other alcoholic beverages. To promote the idea of a “natural high” through their smoothies, they use an animated Drunken Monkey as their marketing spokesperson. You can pick and choose from many categories of drinks to see which one you enjoy the sound of the most.

Drunken Monkey