Top 20 Restaurants With Amazing View In Pondicherry

Top 20 Restaurants With Amazing View In Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a mystical place to spend your holidays. This town is also called Puducherry and is also referred to as the Little France of India. This town is severely influenced by the French, Portuguese and English style which had dominated this land for eons earlier. The beauty and the serene environment of that land nourish your soul and soothe you to an utmost level. The salty sea breeze and the slightly thick wind ruffling your hair calm you down and make you a placid human being for some time. That place has been rated as the most common place people visit to relax and forget their daily worries for some time. While traveling another most important thing along with the serenity of the place is that food served there. Pondicherry has some beautiful restaurants which serve some amazing delicacies and the view of those places is just beyond imagination.

Here presented is a list of top 20 restaurants which have a dual advantage. The advantages are a mystifying view of the magical place- Pondicherry and the other is some delicious food which is unique and simple both.

1. Kasha ki Aasha

this restaurant is probably the only restaurant which provides spectacular food adorned with different types of spices and a shopping spree. This restaurant is aligned with the beach in Pondicherry and is an extremely culturally significant diner. Once you enter this place you will find local Tamilian women greeting you who have served this restaurant for over ten years. While walking to the rooftop of this place you will not be able to miss the beautifully decorated walls with traditional paintings and handmade products.

Kasha ki Aasha

2. Le Pondy

When you enter this eatery you will realize what a perfect blend of simple and luxurious style is. This place is made with a simple thatched roof hut and is decorated with ferry lights all over it. It is quite famous because of its location as it is placed near the Narasimha Swami Temple. This diner overlooks the sea and has a wide expanse of swimming pool over which the ferry lights shimmer at night beautifying the place further more.
Le Pondy

3. Tanto Pizzeria

People, who tend to visit Auroville, either has already eaten here or they must have planned to go there. This place as the name suggests is Italian and mostly serves pizza to its visitors. The choices of pizza available here are numerous and it is sort of difficult to choose from the menu. The day’s special is strictly advised to be ordered while you visit this place as the aroma of roasted bread and non-vegetarian toppings are just a treat to your taste buds.

Tanto Pizzeria

4. Baker Street

This place is located in the French Quarters and if you go by the look of it this place is anything but French as the decor of this place is often critiqued as confused. However, when you enter this place you will find an impressive array of sweet French delicacies. It offers a range of sweets which are specially made from a French point of view and guidance. They have colorful macaroons, Mille Feuille, Tiramisu and many more desserts which are extremely hard to pronounce linguistically.


5. Right Path Cafe

Tthis place is specifically designed and created for health conscious people. This place serves only healthy and organic food which is yummy and nutritious at the same time. It is a small place and there is not much place to sit as well however people come here specially to relax and get a little tanned up in the blazing sun and have a nutritious meal while enjoying the sea breeze slightly soothing their muscles.

right path cafe

6. Rendezvous

This place though seems French by its exquisite modern decor and aligned interior is a multi-cuisine restaurant and you cannot go wrong while ordering stuff here. You can safely experiment with the new dishes and you will always have a good experience to share. The dim lights of this place make it seem a little romantic at times and hence it is much famous amongst the couples there.


7. Madam Shante’s

This place is situated in the midst of the crowded city and yet the ambiance of this place is extremely well maintained and alluring. The rooftop seating option and the open air gliding on your face soothe you down and make this place a memorable place. Even though food offered here might not be that good and up to the mark but the amazing ambiance of this place makes this place so charming that you can spend the night there gazing the stars and drinking some delicious traditional wine.

Madam Shante’s

8. Farm Fresh

The famous ‘mantrimadir’ which is also called the Golden Globe is walking distance from this restaurant. As the name suggests everything served here is extremely fresh and done readily in front of the customer. The titles of the food offering are creatively designed and are placed n wooden slabs at the entrance of the gate. It is a unique enterprise as no other restaurant has opened up with this basic concept in the entire town till date.

Farm Fresh

9. Satsanga

it is located on the La Bourdonnais Street where it tends to grow its vegetables organically and it also serves its daily catch of the fish in their seafood menu. Everything served here is so fresh that it reflects in the taste which radiates form the dishes which are infused with a lot of spices and herbs. Also the large space around the restaurant allows the people to roam around in the courtyard garden by which they can see how vegetables are grown organically.


10. Le Dupleix

it is located inside the quaint hotel which features the same name. It could be a little expensive for some people however it is still worth a shot. The specialty of this place is their French onion soup. Also this restaurant is known for the fusion it creates with the interplay of the cuisines of India, France and England. The recipes they have which tend to infuse all styles into one are just mind boggling and you will never be able to forget the amazing yet unique taste of that particular dish.

Le Dupleix

11. Sea Gulls

This restaurant is located near the Veeram Pattinam Harbour and is a must visit if you are visiting Pondicherry. This place is a multi-cuisine restaurant and is an amazing place to spend an enchanting evening with your peers and family. The sea view and the fresh sea food are supplemented with the usual concerts which keep taking place at the restaurant. If you want to relax and rejoice the beautiful weather then this is the exact place which you are seeking.


12. Lighthouse Rooftop Grill

This Light House grill offers a spectacular variety of Oriental, Indian and Continental cuisine. The fusion of all these cuisines is just amazing when we taste it. With the cool breeze and the rooftop view of the well-lit city of Pondicherry this restaurant is famous amongst the travelers. Also this place is considered to be extremely romantic as the lighting is dim and the only lighting is provided is through candles. The only problem is that there is usually a long waiting line so pre-booking is preferred.


13. La Maison Rose

It is located in the White Town of Pondicherry and is considered a slice of heaven. An old colonial house is converted into this restaurant with subtle mild colors radiating an elderly and elegant look to the restaurant. The interior creates a sense of peacefulness within the person and there is seating outside as well where you can enjoy the blissful weather of the place. The heavenly chicken breast with a go of tangy flavors is a must try at this restaurant.


14. Auroville Bakery

This bakery is probably the most famous bakery in Pondicherry. People travel long distances to have the fresh and delicious desserts this bakery has to offer. It makes croissants, pizzas, tarts, baguettes, pies and rolls. All these things are available in small cutely wrapped pink packing sheets. However, it is imperative to note that it is usually closed on Sundays so it’s better if you go to this place in the morning on a weekday.


15. Maison Perumal

This place is known for its to-die-for sea food as they prepare it fresh and instantaneously. This place does offer other types of cuisines as well however the sea food is a must try.


16. Cafe Des Arts

The ambiance of this place along with the weird yet mystifying props used to make up the decor of the place more attractive is praiseworthy. The blue colored rickshaws which are placed outside the restaurant add to the funky look of the place. Also the continental food offered here does deserve a special mention. However, the highlight on the menu has to be the soft delicious vanilla crepes which are offered as a dessert here.

17. Surguru

Usually Pondicherry is such a place that it has only European cuisine to offer however, this particular restaurant has some amazing south Indian dishes to offer. The Masala Dosa available here is a hit amongst the locals and the travelers also love the different flavors added to the Dosa. It is a simple place with a spectacular view of the market and the city from above.


18. Bay Of Buddha

This place has a smattering of Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese. You will be able to find some decent Asian food here. Even though there is a set menu from which you have to choose from however you can always go for a la carte menu. The Khmer Roasted Chicken and the Sushi are some of the highlights of this place. Also it is recommended to try out the sorbets for palate cleansing between courses.


19. Appachi

this place is situated in the house of the owner of the restaurant. It is a humble little restaurant with not the nicest view, however the feeling of just being there and eating the home like food is just like a dream come true. It offers traditional spicy and tasty Chettinad food which is infused with a lot of herbs and spices. People disliking chilly should not visit this place however they should go to experience the beautiful feeling of attachment experienced here.


20. La Villa

This place has perfect alfresco dining and the candlelight dinners make the dinner extremely romantic for couples. It is an exquisite place to be at and the attentive staffs make this place more likable. Also because it is a European restaurant the choice of food is huge and desserts offered here are just mind blowing. It has perfect interior walls which are decorated with beautiful shimmery lights adding to the beauty of this place.


These were the top 20 restaurants in Pondicherry which offer some exquisite and delicious food and have a mystifying and breathtaking view also. When these two aspects are combined dining becomes even more enjoyable and you can relax even more with the beauty of the place. So you should visit these places while you are in Pondicherry as it will surely be worth it.