20 Out Of The Box Food Ideas Of India

20 Out Of The Box Food Ideas Of India

India being the land of varieties of foods has always been a home for new ideas. It has always welcomed different cuisines to get mingled with its own. Let’s check 20 out of the box food ideas that will blow your mind.

1. Chocolate Golgappa

All the chocolate lovers out there, yes it is true. There is finally something that is better than a regular golgappa, paanipoori or puchka (whatever you like calling it). Golgappas dipped in yummy chocolate sauce served with a shot of milkshake or ice-cream is a delight for that unsatisfied chocolate craving soul. Try these little sweet balls of happiness and get the oh-so-chocolicioius experience!


2. Karela Calamari

Whaaat?Karela? If the name in itself grosses you out, you are not alone. Everyone in India hates Karela. Thanks to food mixologists (as they like calling themselves) as they are doing wonders with this green veggie. Who could have imagined gummy Mediterranean squid – calamari getting in with our very own karela and making a miraculous combination? Served at Farzi café, the busiest restaurant of India, this dish is a must eat whenever you visit.


3. Masala Tea Ice-Cream

The solution to every problem an Indian has is Masala tea. Tired? Tea.Sleepy?Tea. Upset? Tea.Workload?Tea.Death?Tea. Jokes apart!All of us know how much us Indians love tea. But can you imagine the level of pleasure one can feel when our life supporting system masala tea gets transformed into an ice-cream? The fragrance of cardamom, clove, ginger and what not lingering into the creaminess of ice-cream is a must try. You can actually make it at your homes by churning and freezing your masala tea and enjoying the aroma of tea and goodness of ice-cream.


4. Eggs Kejriwal

First things first, Kejriwal toast or Eggs Kejriwal has nothing to do with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. This dish is named so because of the name of its inventor Devi Prasad Kejriwal, who made it back in the 1960s. A yum combination of fried eggs, onions, chilies, cheese and lots of cheese eaten with toast, Eggs Kejriwal is the dream breakfast for an egg lover. If you’re no “Masterchef” and are feeling like cooking something fancy looking and delicious, try Eggs Kejriwal. They might save you. Thank us later!


5. Barfi Paratha

Getting bored of having the same boring Chapati or Paratha daily? We have the solution. Get your sweet tooth satisfied with an excellent combination of age old Indian delicacy – Barfi and your parathas. Imagine how satiated your soul would feel when the tender paratha gets a soft filling inside. Is your mouth already watering? Don’t blame us.


6. Burrata Papdi Chaat

All of us are chaat lovers over here. That spoonful of yogurt or dahi as we call it can remind us of all the times we bunked our school classes and had a chaat treat. Now will you consider replacing that dahi with burrata cheese? Well, we can sacrifice the freshness of curd for the creaminess of burrata cheese. Thanks to Indian Accent, Delhi for giving this exceptional recipe a place on their menu, which has the same old desi essence, just with a little global punch.


7. Sea Food Bhel

Bhel is hands down the munchy food of India. The food that primarily originated in Mumbai now has reached far and wide in India. The Mumbai-based restaurant Bombay Canteen has decided to globalize it by adding seafood in our crunchiest snack. This exotic combo is definitely going to go places.


8. Nutella Dosa

Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about your favourite, healthy, everyday-snack– NUTELLA. For all those with a sweet tooth, this idea will make you fall in love more with this heavenly choco spread. A spread of Nutella on your regular dosa and loads of cheese over it is the best food option for whenever you’re feeling upset, or happy. In fact, you just need an excuse for having this sweet, delicious treat.


9. Tandoori Margarita Kulcha

The chhola kulcha combo has always been our favourite brunch idea. But what if, a MasterChef completely transforms the dish. The kulcha is now marinated with margarita and cooked in a tandoor. Chef Zorawar’s masterpiece has all the Indian essence in it just with a little sprinkle of global. A brilliant idea and delicious results!


10. Wild Mushroom Chai

Wait, what? Yeah, we love mushrooms and all, but adding them in a tea? Well yes, this exists, and just FYI Wild mushroom chai has strengthening, nourishing energizing and deeply cleansing mechanism. Also, it has the relaxing aroma of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Now when you know about it, aren’t dying to try this unusual tea? Get some of it and then you will know what keeping calm truly means.


11. Chinese Samosa

A twisted variant of samosa with a Chinese filling in it, Chinese samosa is a famous fast food item. Although it needs no introduction, Samosa is an Indian fried pastry with usually a potato filling. With the spread of Indo-Chinese cuisine, our well-known snack samosa, got combined with savory Chinese stuffing and became an experimental hit. With an infusion of noodles or veggies cooked in tangy Chinese sauce, it is sold everywhere; from small food joints to fine restaurants, all over India. Next time whenever you don’t know what to eat, grab a Chinese samosa on your way home.


12. Fire Paan

Fire in your mouth! Like literally. Paanwalaas of Delhi started this sensationalizing concept of setting fire to a betel leaf getting inspiration from flame shots. Apart from the usual ingredients of Paan, two burning cloves are added and BOOM! You just took an ignited paan in your mouth! Doesn’t it sound mind-boggling? Try and taste it. Feel the fire!


13. Butter Chicken Lasagna

Butter chicken apparently is loved by all of us Indians, and we’re oh-so-proud of that. And of course, lasagna is the best Italian food. What if we get some butter chicken, some lasagna sheets, an oven, and wow!! Welcome to heaven, Sir. Dig in the lasagna with the strong spicy flavours of butter chicken and enjoy till it lasts.


14. Blue Cheese Naan

Feeling blue? Maybe you just need some blue cheese in your life. Moulds, eww! No, a big no! Just try this Blue Cheese Naan, and you will for sure become a great fan of it. The idea of a naan with the filling of the oh-so-soft taste of blue cheese, it will beautifully melt in your mouth. Savour each bite of this exotic variant of naan and put an end to all the blue moods.


15. Coffee Peda

Peda is one of the oldest desserts in India, served as an offering in the temples. What if these pedas get combined with freshly brewed coffee and provide you all the freshness of this world. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about Coffee Peda. A simpler microwave peda which can be made very simply and tastes yum with that strong coffee-ish flavour and aroma. Try making these mushy pedas this festive season.


16. Tandoori Momo

If there could be a name given to momos, they are real mouth-watering balls of pure lusciousness. Originated in Tibet, momos now are the definition of love for many Indians. If you are a momo lover too, try this variant which can very easily be called as DESI momos too. Cooking soft, beautiful momos in a hot tandoor adds a lot taste to them. If you have already tried, join the fan army, if not then you really can’t afford to miss them. Go, have them!


17. Jalebi Caviar

Damn! The very idea of blending Jalebi and Caviar is amazingly brilliant. Jalebi being a daily snack of North India and Caviar being an international, luxury delicacy, the fusion of these two makes an entirely new combination. Served at Masala Library, Mumbai, Jalebi caviar stands out among all the possible fusion dishes made till date.


18. Pulled Kathal Phulka Taco

Kathal and Phulka. Reminds you of the lunchbox you used to take to school. How a dish just sends you down the memory lane. For keeping the memories alive, yet again Indian Accent introduced Pulled Kathal Phulka Taco, by giving it a Mexican zing. Tacos made with pulled pork, chicken and Kathal became a rage as soon as they came out.


19. Khoya Tarts

We all love Tarts. The pastry on the top of it is just yum. But what if creaminess of Khoya replaces that pie? Khoya or mawa has been used since forever for making desserts in India. The idea behind a Khoya tart is just awesome. Maybe the best possible way of making tarts for us Indians, the khoya lovers.


20.Curry Mango Chutney Foam

Well well well! Stop it already Farzi Café! How can one even think of this mind-blowing idea of blending with  mango chutney and adding our very dear curry leaves in it? And then taking it to an extreme level of consistency, making it into foam? I believe everyone on this planet earth will be mind-blown after just listening about it.