Top 20 Restaurants At City Light Road, Surat

Top 20 restaurants city light road surat
Top 20 Restaurants At City Light Road Surat 01 01

Surat is a beautiful and famous city in Gujarat, a state in India. It is better known for art culture and hospitable people. The outlook of Surat reflects from its people, they are friendly in nature and have generous behavior for visitors. It also includes the World’s largest diamond manufacturing centre. People visit here from all over the country for viewing its art culture and buying diamonds, it is also popular for clothing industry. It has its own delectable cuisines and the popular dishes are Rasaawala Khaman, Surati Khaman, Petis, and many more. Locho is the most famous dish in Surat which is a steamed snack to be eaten quickly.

1. Taste Of Bhagwati

It serves North Indian, Chinese, Asian, Sichuan cuisines with delicious beverages. This restaurant is famous for its Fusion dishes and has a wide variety of veg options. The food comes in affordable and pocket-friendly budget with quick services. The staff is polite and generous towards customers.

Taste Of Bhagwati

2. Go China Citylight

It is a vegetarian restaurant famous for serving Asian, Sichuan, and Chinese food. This place is best known for providing perfect presentation of food with best food quality. It provides instant and quick services to its customers and home deliveries. Takeaways are available and packaging of food is excellent.

Go China Citylight

3. ChinaTown Chinese Food

It is a Chinese restaurant that is famous for catering Sichuan, Chinese and Street food. It has many variety of delicious fast food in its menu. It provides takeaways and instant home deliveries to its customers and it does the fresh and immediate food delivery for the customers.

ChinaTown Chinese Food

4. Bombay Cha Tadka

It is a Maharashtrian restaurant that mainly serves the Maharashtrian cuisines such as Vada Pav, Dabeli and many other favorite dishes. It is famous for its excellent food quality combination of delicious, healthy, and fresh food. It does the spill proof packaging of food for customers in pocket-friendly price.

Bombay Cha Tadka

5. Healthy Junction

It is famous for serving healthy food to its customers that includes North Indian food with healthy and delicious salad. It includes the incredible presentation of food with great portions in affordable price. The food here is worth the money and mouth-watering.

Healthy Junction

6. Shreeji Locho House

It is a fast food restaurant that serves the Gujarati and fast food cuisines. The food has best quality and presentation is incredible in pocket-friendly budget and it values for money. It includes the best services that they provide and the staff is generous and customer-friendly.

Shreeji Locho House

7. Maskaa Maarke Multi Cuisine Restaurant

It caters to Punjabi, Chinese, North Indian, Pure vegetarian, Italian, and fast food. It has a casual dining area with comfortable indoor seating and cozy outdoor seating as well. It serves alcohol and breakfast also and packs the takeaways and home deliveries are available.

Maskaa Maarke Multi Cuisine Restaurant

8. Ajay’s Takeaway Food

It is a fast food restaurant that is famous for serving mouth-watering Burgers. It is an excellent place for Burger lovers, includes many varieties of burgers such as Veg Burger, Veg Cheese Burger, Shezwan Burger, Tandoori Burger, and many more varieties. It provides instant home deliveries of fresh food to its customers.

Ajays Takeaway Food

9. Café B2

It caters to North Indian, Mexican, and fast food with beverages. The favorite dishes here are Pizza, BBQ, Sandwiches, and other street food. It includes the quick home deliveries and packaging the instant takeaways for customers.

Cafe B2

10. Famous Frankie

It is a fast food restaurant that serves the North Indian, Sichuan, and fast food. It is better known for serving fresh and delicious food that includes fresh food with excellent food quality. The services are quick and home deliveries are instant. It has outdoor seating are for customers to dine in.

Famous Frankie

11. Mumbai’s Grill Fast Food

It serves the fast food and street food. The famous dishes here are Sandwiches and Pizza. It is a decent place and has a casual seating area with nice environment and atmosphere. The food here is fresh and delicious available in affordable price. The staff is polite and friendly with customers.

Mumbais Grill Fast Food

12. Let’s Table Talk

It is an Indian restaurant that serves the delicious North Indian cuisines. It includes the prompt and quick services to its customers and instant home deliveries. It prepares the finger-licking and spicy food with incredible presentations and textures. The staff here is creative and friendly to its customers.

Lets Table Talk

13. 360 Chai Shai And Fast Food

It serves the different varieties of fast food and street food. The famous dishes are Sichuan, Sandwiches, Rolls, and many other fast food varieties. It has the various types of Sandwiches known as Veg Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich, Achari Sandwich, Double layer Sandwich, and so on.

360 Chai Shai And Fast Food

14. Friend’s Omelette Center(Ashok)

It is a quick bite outlet with comfortable outdooe setaing area available for customers. It serves the best street food and excellent quality of fast food. Noodles and Pizzas are the most favorite and popular dishes here. The staff is responsive and services are quick and timely.

Friends Omelette CenterAshok

15. Schez On Spice

It is a Chinese restaurant famous for serving Sichuan and Chinese cuisines. It serves delicious starters with mouth-watering main course and with colorful and tasty beverages. It provides the quick and responsive home deliveries to customers with excellent services of packaging the food.

Schez On Spice

16. Surat Mow Chow

This restaurant is famous for serving North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi, and Pure Vegetarian cuisines. It has a casual dining area with indoor seating available to dine in. It includes the polite and generous staff behavior and immediate services and quick responses to the customers.

Surat Mow Chow

17. Radhe Dhokla

It is a takeout restaurant popularly known for catering Chinese, Gujarati, North Indian, and Sichuan food with many varieties of street food. It is better known for its excellent food quality and delicious and fresh food. The quantity is more in an affordable budget. The packaging of food is excellent and plastic free.

Radhe Dhokla

18. Rasna Buzz Surat

It mainly serves the fast food, juices, shake, and beverages. It has famous dishes such as Goti Soda, Iced Tea, Premium Mocktails and Hakka Noodles. It has great serving for customers and provides instant home deliveries in pocket-friendly budget. Takeaways and packaging of food is available.

Rasna Buzz Surat

19. Starbucks Coffee

It is a coffee café, better known for serving fast food, beverages, and desserts. It is an excellent place for weekend brunch and popular place among young and student crowd and a good dining place for family crowd. It has a nice ambiance and excellent interiors.

Starbucks Coffee

20. Basil Garden

It is a continental restaurant famous for its beautiful and modern ambiance and comfortable dining area with spectacular environment and interiors. It attracts the fancy crowd to dine in. It serves fast food, American, Asian, and Mexican cuisines with delicious desserts. It has a courteous and professional staff with great experience.

Basil Garden