Top 20 Restaurants At Pandurangapuram, Vishakhapatnam

Top 20 restaurants at padurangapuram vishakapatnam
Top 20 Restaurants At Pandurangapuram Vishakhapatnam 01

Vishakhapatnam is famous and largest city in Andhra Pradesh, a state in India popularly known as ‘City of Destiny’ and ‘Jewel of the East Coast’. The majority of people are Telugu and other than this the rest are Tamil, Odia, Hindi, and Malayalam. It includes Anglo-Indian people who speak English thoroughly. It has a mixed Indian culture as many people live in here from different states and countries. This city is a tourist destination and is better known for beaches, natural environment of Eastern Ghats, and ancient Buddhist sites. Its favorite cuisines are Idli, Upma, and Dosa. The food specialties of Vishakhapatnam are Booralu, Anabshahi, Pulihara, Appadams, and many more mouth-watering dishes.

1. Gluttons Garage

It serves the continental and healthy food with delicious Shakes. Pasta, Desserts, Basil Pesto Pasta, and Shakes are the favorite dishes here. It has a beautiful and modern interior for dining. It fascinates people with Board Games and Live Music background. It has a comfortable dining area for customers, it includes wonderful ambiance. It is an excellent place for celebrating Birthdays and throwing parties.

Gluttons Garage

2. Barbeque Nation – Vishakhapatnam

It is a barbeque restaurant famous for serving Mughlai, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Mediterranean cuisines. It has a casual dining place for customers with friendly environment. The Staff here is polite and efficient. Crumbed Fried Fish Fingers, Mini Prawn Masala Bowl, Fish Tikka, Kulfi, and Biryani are the famous dishes here.

Barbeque Nation – Vishakhapatnam

3. Ming Garden

It serves the Asian and Chinese cuisines. It includes a beautiful ambiance and modern interiors to dine in. The staff here is professional and efficient. It serves the excellent food quality and fresh food that worth money. The famous dishes are Soups, Noodles, Dragon Rolls, Dimsums, and many other dishes.

Ming Garden

4. Hotel Maa Nethi Vindu (Siripuram)

It is famous for serving South Indian and Chinese cuisines. It has a casual dining place with comfortable and friendly environment. The delicious Biryani is the main center of attraction here. The food here is mouth-watering and has excellent quality that values for money. The staff is efficient and polite it includes quick services and home deliveries.

Hotel Maa Nethi Vindu Siripuram

5. Coffeewave And The Thickshake Factory

It is a Café with an excellent environment and indoor seating area. It has an air-conditioned atmosphere. Its fast food is highly recommendable and delicious that worth money. The staff here is generous and services are quick and excellent. It provides instant home deliveries with excellent food quality.

Coffeewave And The Thickshake Factory

6. Lawson’s Lounge

It is one of the best restaurants in Vishakhapatnam. It has an excellent ambiance and beautiful and modern interiors with incredible indoor seating area. It serves North Indian, Chinese, Italian, and many more cuisines with delectable beverages. The staff is sincere and experienced and provides excellent services.

Lawsons Lounge

7. Cafooze Restro Café

It is a bakery and a café that serves Chinese dishes with Coffee and Beverages. It is better known for its comforting atmosphere and modern environment. The food is extremely delectable and comes in pocket-friendly and affordable budget. It includes providing quick food deliveries and has a friendly and polite staff.

Cafooze Restro Cafe

8. District 12

It is a Continental restaurant famous for serving Mediterranean and Continental dishes. It has an excellent ambiance and modern interiors. It has a beautiful indoor seating area available for customers to dine in. It serves delectable and finger-licking food in an affordable price that value for money. The services here are quick and outstanding.

District 12

9. Zaykaa Haleem

It serves Mughlai, Hyderabadi, and North Indian cuisines. It is a quick bite outlet famous for serving mouth-watering Biryani. It has an outdoor seating area for customers to dig in and includes serving Non Vegetarian food. The food here is worth money and services are excellent.

Zaykaa Haleem

10. Kailash Pav Bhaji Caterers

It is a fast food restaurant famous for serving delicious Pav Bhaji with many other delectable fast food dishes. The food has excellent quality and value for money. The services are quick and staff here is responsive and customer-friendly. It has a beautiful ambiance and indoor seating area is available.

Kailash Pav Bhaji Caterers

11. Dessertino Harbour Park

It is a Dessert shop that serves fast food and delicious desserts with delectable and colorful beverages and Shakes. It has a beautiful environment and spectacular interiors for dining and indoor seating area is available. The food here is delicious and comes in pocket-friendly budget. It provides excellent services and quick home deliveries.

Dessertino Harbour Park

12. Express Owl

It is a fast food restaurant famous for serving continental and fast food dishes. It serves breakfast and lunch meals to its customers. It is a casual dining place with outdoor seating area. It includes delicious food that value for money and has a beautiful ambiance and quick services. Takeaways and instant food deliveries are available.

Express Owl

13. Food World Snow Dunes

It serves Chinese, North Indian, and Fast food dishes with soft drinks. It has a beautiful environment and excellent ambiance and indoor dining area. It includes providing quick services to the customers. It has a polite and customer-friendly staff that provides quick food deliveries and takeaways to the customers.

Food World Snow Dunes

14. Andhra Special Chicken Pakoda

It is a Street food place that serves fast food and street food. It serves delicious food in an affordable price. The food quality is fresh and excellent. It includes food deliveries and instant services. It has outdoor seating for customers. Takeaways and packaging of food are available.

Andhra Special Chicken Pakoda

15. Percolator Coffee House

This restaurant is famous for serving North Indian, Italian, and fast food dishes with delicious beverages and colorful Shakes and Desserts. Its favorite dishes are Burger, Snacks, Fries, Pasta, Coffee, and drinks. It has outdoor seating area and beautiful décor interiors and includes best sea-view. The services here are excellent and quick.

Percolator Coffee House

16. Infinity Bar & Restaurant

It serves North Indian, Continental, South Indian, Chinese, Thai, Pan Asian, and many more types of food. It includes breathtaking sea view and air-conditioned area to dine in. It has Rooftop seating as well as outdoor seating area. It fascinates customers with Live Entertainment and Candle Light Dinner.

Infinity Bar Restaurant

17. Marcopolo Lounge Bar

It is a bar and a restaurant famous for serving North Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines. It has beautiful ambiance and air-conditioned environment with cozy atmosphere to dine in. It includes TV Screens for Live Entertainment and has a concept of Night Life. The food is fresh and has excellent quality that value for money.

Marcopolo Lounge Bar

18. Masalah Mafia @ Palm Beach Hotel

This restaurant is famous for serving Continetal, North Indian, and Chinese dishes. It has a wide area for dining and a beautiful and comfortable ambiance. The staff here has professional and creative skills and provides instant and responsive services to the customers. It is a family restaurant that serves delicious and excellent food quality to its customers.

Masalah Mafia @ Palm Beach Hotel

19. Flying Spaghetti Monster

It is an Italian restaurant that is near Pandurangapuram, it is famous for serving Mexican and Italian cuisines. Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms, Sizzling Brownie, Pizza, and Spaghetti are the famous dishes here. It includes themed décor and beautiful interiors. It is an excellent place for large groups and families. It includes outstanding and quick services.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

20. Paradiso Resto Café

It is a fast food restaurant famous for serving Chinese, Italian, and various varieties of fast food. It includes excellent interiors and comfortable indoor seating area with beautiful environment. The services are excellent and quick, and the staff here is responsive and humble. It includes quick home deliveries and takeaways are available.

Paradiso Resto Cafe