Top 20 Restaurants At Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Mumbai

Top 20 Restaurants At Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Mumbai
top 20 restaurants dadabhai naoroji road mumba

Hearing of Mumbai, the first thought that arrives in everyone’s mind is of food. It is well-known for its mouth-watering cuisine. The foods in Mumbai, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, have a rich taste, fieriness, and outstanding flavours. Mumbai’s cuisine includes a wide range of fascinating, authentic cuisines as well as tangy seafood dishes. Especially street food which are pav bhaji, misal pav, kebabs, vada pav, panipuri, kokum sharbat, Achar and papad, bhelpuri, falooda and the list continues. These items are served in every restaurant and every hotel in Mumbai.

Dadabhai Naoroji Road has some of the most exotic restaurants in Mumbai and some of them are listed below.

1. Burma Burma Restaurant And Tea Room

The Burma room is very aesthetic with a cosy ambience, they have wooden flooring and an excellent interior. They provide courteous service. Cuisines served here are Asian, Burmese, Bubble tea, Beverages and salad. Must-try dishes here are Kaffir Lime Cooler, Samosa Soup, Tofu Stir Fry, Khow Suey, Peanut Chutney, and Khau Suey. The Approx cost for two people is ₹1,600.

Burma Burma Restaurant And Tea Room

2. Cafe Shaheen 

The cafe serves exotic flavours from cuisines that include Chinese, North Indian, Mughlai, Biryani, Seafood, and popular street foods of Mumbai and Sichuan. The quality of food is great, and the staff is satisfactory. It costs ₹550 for two people.

Cafe Shaheen

3. Kala Ghoda Cafe

This wonderful eatery is well-known for serving nutritious meals. The food is always hot, fresh, and generously portioned. The speciality here is Nutella! The nicest thing is the wide variety of flavours available. They provide cuisines like Italian, Espresso, Salad, Healthy food and Tea. It costs ₹700 for two people.

Kala Ghoda Cafe

4. American Dry Fruit 

The well-known shop for dry fruits at Dadabhai Naoroji Road. Apart from dry fruits it also serves sweets like Shrikhand and dessert too. Prices start from ₹400.

American Dry fruit

5. Royal Chin 

A five-star restaurant at Dadabhai Naoroji Road serves exotic dishes from Chinese, Cantonese, Asian, and seafood cuisines. Along with the delicious and sweet desserts. The site is prominent for its decor, excellent quality of food, ambience, and friendly staff. Must-try dishes on this site are Dim Sums, Wine, Fish, Soup, Prawns, and Noodles. The cost for two people is ₹2,500 approximately.

Royal Chin

6. Paratha Mantra

A well-known local paratha place at Dadabhai Naoroji Road provides the most delicious and tasty parathas made from desi ghee. It has a great ambience and comfortable seating. They provide real quick service and have a friendly environment. Their unique pickle is the must-try side dish that is served with all the paratha dishes. It costs ₹900 for two people.

Paratha Mantra

7. Bombay Vintage

Bombay vintage is a notable place to dine in or have lunch. It provides its customers with excellent services, comfortable seating, and soft music playing in the background which makes it a calming place to be. The decor is of vintage theme and looks super aesthetic. They include North-Indian, South-Indian and Maharashtrian cuisines in their menu. The dishes that you should not miss to try are Crab Ghee Roast, Bhindi Kurkure, Chura Paratha, Nalli Nihari, Lamb Chops, and Neer Dosa. ₹2000 is the cost for two people.

Bombay Vintage

8. The Fork Tale

A site full of old and vintage look with modern touch in their decor is a go to restaurant. It provides positive vibes and is a pure vegetarian restaurant, it also includes Jain food in their menu. The must-try dishes are Casablanca, Matar Methi Malai, Palak Kofta, Dahi Papdi Chaat, Cheese Kurkure, and Roasted Peanuts. Approx cost for two people here is ₹1000.

The Fork Tale

9. Aram Vada Pav

Coming to Mumbai and not eating vada pav? Is something like you never went to Mumbai. Because Vada pav is the worldwide popular snack or street food that everyone craves for. And Amar vada pav is one of the most known in that area. The place is hygenic, and the quality of food is incredible. Apart from Vada pav they also serve Misal, other snacks and chutney. For two people it costs ₹150.

Aram Vada Pav

10. Copper Chimney

A family restaurant with a positive environment and startling hospitality. They expertise in North-Indian, Mughlai and Biryani cuisine. Dishes that can’t be missed here are Chicken Platter, Rasmalai, Paneer Tikka, Kebabs, Mutton, and Drink.

Copper Chimney

11. Punjabi Grill 

A well known restaurant franchise across India. Punjabi Grill is famous for its Punjabi, Mughlai, and North-indian cuisine, but you can’t miss their desserts. The dishes that are most recommended are Malai Kulcha, Chicken Kurkuri, Dal Punjab Grill, Veg Kurkuri, Salmon Tikka, and Paneer Lababdar. The staff is friendly and courteous.

Punjabi Grill

12.  Foo Town

Looking for weekend brunch? This is a place for you. Here, they serve the best quality food and the environment is friendly and has a positive vibe. They provide Asian, Chinese, Sushi and desserts in their menu. You must not miss their well known dishes that are Dimsum, Dumplings, Cheesecake, Cocktails, Salad, and Dessert. They also have an outdoor seating arrangement.

Foo Town

13. Poornima

Amongst some of the most popular local restaurants of Mumbai, poornima is a vegetarian restaurant that provides South Indian, North Indian and the Mumbai street food snacks. It is economical and pocket friendly. Must-try dishes here are Curd Rice, Filter Coffee, Sambhar, Thali, Snacks, and Chutney.


14. Oye Kake 

Famed for its North-Indian, Street food, desserts and beverages has a themed decor with a restful seating area. It’s a family restaurant and a pocket friendly site. You should not miss their Tomato Paneer, Amritsari Papad, Punjabi Kulcha, Tandoori Mushroom Cheese Melt, Kurkuri Bhindi, and Paneer Pakora.

Oye Kake

15. Cafe Military

The best parsi food you could get at Dadabhai Naoroji is here. They also provide beer. A themed decor cafe with friendly staff. You should not miss their Boneless Mutton Biryani, Chicken Salli, Kheema Fry, Kheema Ghotala, Raspberry Soda, and Salli Boti.

Cafe Military

16. Ustaadi

Ustaadi, mainly prominent for Mughlai food but also serves North-Indian, Continental, Asian, Sichuan and fast food. It has a positive vibe and friendly environment. The staff is courteous and the management is awesome. Some of the popular dishes are Toast, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Desserts, and Starters.


17. Bombay Burger Cafe

Prominent for fast food, bombay burgers provide burgers, pizza, fast food, street food, chinese and wraps. They have indoor seatings, takeaway and delivery options. They also have combos in their menu.

Bombay Burger Cafe

18. Pratap Lunch Home

A great site to have lunch, very aesthetic with themed decor. The food here is fresh and hygienic which is worth the value. Their menu includes North-Indian, Chinese, Mangalorean, Seafood, Mughlai, and Sichuan in their menu.  Some of the well known dishes are Neer Dosa, Chicken Sukka, Crab, Prawns Koliwada, Seafood, and Butter Garlic Prawns.

Pratap Lunch Home 1

19. L&S Bistro And Pizzeria

A very prominent cafe. They host live DJs only on Saturdays and the environment is friendly.its a relaxing site and a beneficial place to enjoy with friends. They also have a sea facing balcony where you can eat and enjoy the marine drive view. Its an inter-continental restaurant.

LS Bistro And Pizzeria

20. Gulshan-E-Iran

Food with good taste and made from fresh ingredients is provided here. The staff is quick and friendly. They have a comfortable seating area. The food comes at a reasonable price. Must-try dishes are Chicken Taronest, Shahi Tukda, Firni, Seekh Kebabs, Mughlai Food, and Keema.

Gulshan E Iran