Top 20 Restaurants In Sector-29, Gurgaon

Top 20 Restaurants In Sector 29 Gurgaon
top 20 restaurants sector 29 gurgaon

Sector-29 the hub of five-star bars, pubs and fabulous restaurants in Gurgaon, is a lively site and relaxing area to be and hang out with loved ones. This is a place that you cannot miss if you visit Gurgaon. It has live music, dance, food, entertainment and superb quality restaurants. It’s an area where you can have never-ending fun and enjoy and relax. The site is best to celebrate birthdays, parties, new year, Christmas and other celebrations.

1. The Barbeque Company

Serving the best buffets in the Delhi-NCR barbeque company franchise is well-known for its paneer tikka, cheap, crispy corn, lemon butter chicken, mutton seekh kabab, chicken wings, salsa potato, honey chilli potato, Peshawari fish tikka and other starters. It’s a perfect cheap meal destination.

The Barbeque Company

2. Studio Xo Bar

It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It is a good place to hunt with friends and have a good time. They have arrangements for music and dance. They do not serve buffets.

Studio Xo Bar

3. Cafe G 

Looking for a flawless dining experience? This is the place for you. Superbly crafted and decorated by keeping in mind the customer’s satisfaction. The ambiance is fabulous and the restaurant has a formal, exotic and stylish look. They have a variety of food on their menu.

Cafe G

4. Seasonal Taste

The décor, which is both stylish and contemporary, reflects the grandeur and luxury of the hotel. In the lounge-like setting with sophisticated chairs, comfort is also a concern. The location is ideal for gatherings with family and friends, as well as business lunches. They provide a huge buffet for breakfast and lunch.

Seasonal Taste

5. Big Pitcher 

It’s a super cool site with an outside seating facility. They conclude with facilities of live music and dance. A multi-cuisine building, serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Their must-try dishes are Beer draught, idli goes Asian, and pyazi kebab.

Big Pitcher

6. Friction

An open-air restaurant/bar is a fantastic site to hang out at night. They host live music and dance. Their menu includes snacks, salad, pizzas and other fast food. Their Hyderabadi mutton biryani and Sharabi kababs butter chicken are the must-try but you can’t miss their golden fried tempura prawns as well.


7. Daddy Of Tastes

A formal attire restaurant with a super cool dance floor and live music. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant and serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They serve alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks as well. Dishes to taste here are beer draught, Jal jeera water, chatpate bharwan aloo, and tandoori soya chaap.

Daddy Of Tastes

8. Prego

Prego’s reputation precedes it by a long way, with customers raving about the atmosphere and, of course, the excellent earthy cuisine. The place’s effortless elegance draws a large number of customers. Especially international companies, residents, and couples looking for a romantic dinner date in the darkly illuminated courtyard. The atmosphere is relaxed yet sophisticated, as one would expect from a hotel restaurant.


9. Zorro 

Zorro is a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar. It does not serve a buffet. It includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on its menu. They host live music and dance facilities for their customers. It’s a relaxing place to hunt with friends. You should not miss their chicken tikka and pizza.


10. 21 Gun Salute

A vintage family restaurant serving lunch and dinner. They have a mixture of Mughlai, North-Indian and Punjabi cuisine with some touch of Italian cuisine on their menu. The place is elegant and aesthetic. It gives super vintage vibes and their decor is accordingly.

21 Gun Salute

11. Dabha 29

A site that gives those Punjabi village vibes in a city. It’s an area that you can’t miss. The environment is healthy and relaxing. The decor is according to the Punjabi village theme. They play soft music in the background. The food quality is amazing.

Dabha 29

12. Pind Baluchi Vatika

A themed place straight from Punjab. The Pind Baluchi franchise has restaurants all over India. They are known for their super aesthetic decor and exotic flavours in North Indian, Kebabs and Mughlai food. The staff is friendly and at the gate, they greet you with good wishes.

Pind Baluchi Vatika

13. Duty-Free

A bar that has attractive and spacious scenic seating. The ambience of the lounge is perfect and relaxing. The staff is pleasant and friendly. Their menu includes North-Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese and Mexican. The quality of food is excellent. You cannot miss their Falafel Pita & Hummus Sampler, Veg Kebab Platter, Crispy Corn, Sarabi Chicken Tikka , and Chicken Overloaded Pizza.

Duty Free

14. Ministry Of Beer

A casual dining resto-pub with a microbrewery offering a wide selection of tasty and refreshing beer. They have the best cocktails in the area. The ambiance is superb and relaxing. They host live music and dance to entertain customers.

Ministry Of Beer

15. Decode Air Bar

An aesthetic open-air bar, serving North Indian, Italian and Chinese in their cuisine. The outdoor seating at Decode Underground is lovely and spacious. The lounge has the ideal ambiance for unwinding and unwinding.

Decode Air Bar

16. Citrus Cafe

The Lemon Tree Hotel’s cheerful, stylish restaurant serves an array of India and worldwide meals. A multi-cuisine restaurant featuring an exciting Indian and foreign menu.Near the HUDA city centre metro station and the Kingdom of Dreams, this is a good area to hang out. The cuisine selection is excellent and delectable. The food is presented well.

Citrus Cafe

17. Chicago Pizza

An Italian cuisine, serving pizza and fast food. They have the best taste and exotic flavors of pizza in that area. Their must-try dishes are Mixed Sauce Pasta, Tandoori Tikka, Garlic Bread, Chicken Ham, and Choco Lava Cake.

Chicago Pizza

18. Gravity Space Bar

The most famous and the most recommended site to enjoy and hang out during day or night. An eager group of astronomers, space cadets, and chefs banded together to give the world a once-in-a-lifetime event – literally! Not only do you get lip-smacking Tapas food and drinks at an Infinity Bar at Gravity, but you also get to experience something out of the ordinary.

Gravity Space Bar

19. Sasuraal

A fine dining family site with a fabulous ambiance and relaxing seating areas. They have an amazing outdoor seating area as well. It’s a nice place to party on birthdays and other celebrations. Must-try dishes are kebab platter, dal makhani and mixed veg.


20. Mamagoto

A Chinese cuisine restaurant and a contemporary and artistic-looking site. They also serve Thai food and have facilities like live music, dance, games and outdoor space as well.