Top 20 Restaurants At Kalupur Railway Station Road, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad anciently known as Amdabad, is one of the largest and most famous cities in India. It is the former capital of Gujarat, and popularly known for its world-famous cotton textile industries, diamond cutting, and river Sabarmati. It has its rich culture in mouth-watering world-famous cuisines. Gujarat has its taste that attracts a vast amount of people towards it. The favorite dishes here are Dhokla, Fafda, Thepla, Dabeli, Sev, Chakra, Dal Vada, and many more words. The typical Gujarati Thali is renowned in Ahmedabad. Plenteous people from different states and many countries visit here, it has great environment and friendly people, especially the food, build eternal relationships here.

1. Dusk Restaurant

They serve Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, and fast foods. It is a vegetarian restaurant, and it serves breakfast too. They also serve Jain food. It has an indoor seating area for dine in. It is a vegetarian restaurant, they also provide home delivery, and takeaways are available. It has a free-parking area for customers.

dusk restaurant

2.New Sanman Restaurant

It caters to South Indian and North Indian cuisines, and has different types of Shakes and beverages. It provides delicious food that is worth your money. It has excellent taste in food, and home delivery is also available, an acquirable indoor seating area with excellent background.

new sanman resturant

3.Sankalp Relax Zone

It serves Indian and Asian cuisines. It is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. It has different vegan options on its menu and gluten-free options. It is an all-time restaurant that provides dinner, lunch, brunch, and breakfast. It has excellent quality of food, and services are exceptional here. The staff is customer friendly.

sankalp relax zone

4.Jay-Vijay Restaurant And Dining Hall

It caters to North Indian and South Indian food, and has various varieties of Shakes. It has an indoor seating area and a rooftop area for customers to dine. It’s a family and friends restaurant that provides good home delivery service and takeaways for customers.

jay vijay restaurant

5.Hotel Sagar

It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves North Indian and South Indian food. It has good Indoor seating for customers. Takeaways are available, and provide home delivery to their customers. It opens up at breakfast time for its customers.

hotel sagar

 6.Moti Mahal Hotel

It serves Mughlai, Afghan, North Indian, Chinese, and Beverages. This restaurant is mainly famous for Non-Vegetarian Delicacies. Roasted Chicken is the favorite dish of this hotel, and popular dishes are Mutton Biryani, Caramel Custard, Tawa Chaap, Butter chicken, Foil chicken, and Bheja Fry. It has a terrific indoor seating area, and takeaways are available.

moti mahal hotel

7.Jalaram Restaurant

It serves North Indian cuisine. This restaurant is famous for its exquisite and delicious food, with good quality and freshness. They facilitate customers with their food customizable service. It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves breakfast too. It has a nice indoor seating area, and home delivery and takeaways are available.

jalaram restaurant

8.Hotel Ramvijay Dormitory & Guest House

It is a vegetarian restaurant and has various types of vegetarian cuisines. It has a great staff and clean indoor seating area with an excellent decorated atmosphere. Home deliveries and takeaways are available. It is a banquet hall and has a good capacity for guests.

hotel ramvijay 1

9.Honest Restaurant

It is a food plaza that has the best quality of food and services. It has delicious and flavorsome food. It caters to North Indian and South Indian food. Its popular dish that you must have is Dosa. It has an enthusiastic and courteous staff that attracts the customer here.

honest restaurant

10.IRCTC Food Plaza

This restaurant is good for having lunch and dinner. The food is good here at in an affordable price. It serves North Indian and Fast food here. The staff is good and manageable.

irctc food plaza

11.Anand Fast Food

It is a Street food place that serves delicious fast food, sandwiches, and street food. It has a wide range of sandwiches. No seating is available here, if you are a street food lover, then you must visit this place once. It is a vegetarian food plaza. Takeaways are available, and it opens up in the morning for breakfast.

anad fast food

12.Surti Samosa

Samosa is a mouth-watering dish, so if you love to eat Samosa, then this is the best place for you. It is a Street food place that serves Samosa. The standing tables are available for customers to eat. They pack the food for home delivery and takeaways available.

surti samosa

13.Celebration Restaurant

It serves North Indian, Continental, Chinese, fast food, and street food. They also have so many varieties of beverages. It’s a place to enjoy street food, and there is no seating area available. They provide home delivery and takeaways.

celebration resturant

14.Gurunanak Restaurant

It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves North Indian food. It has beautiful and decorated indoor seating habitat with a delightful background. The staff is customer friendly and has excellent services. They have quick home delivery, and takeaways are available for customers.

gurunanak restaurant

15.Noorani Barahandi

It serves North Indian cuisines. It has an enthusiastic and courteous staff with excellent services. This place is best known for its dining habits. It has an outdoor seating area as well. Tandoori is a famous dish here. They provide takeaways and home deliveries to customers.

Noorani Bara Handi

16.Bana Bhatiyar Khana

This restaurant is famous for its Mughlai and North Indian food. It has a wide variety of North Indian cuisines. They also serve breakfast with lunch and dinner. It has indoor seating available for customers. They provide home deliveries through various food sites and give takeaways to the customers.

bana bhatiyar khana

17.Pandit Bhojnalaya

They serve great food with excellent food services. This restaurant is famous for its best ambiance and environment for seating and eating. They prepare healthy meals for their customers and serve fresh and good quality food, and this habit attracts customers more. It has a good location for people that wander to get the taste of finger-licking dishes.

pandit bhojnalaya

18.Maksad Tanduri Chicken

This restaurant is mainly famous for its Tandoori Chicken. It is a non-vegetarian restaurant, has different types of chickens and another non-veg dishes. The food here is value for money, and the staff service is friendly to their customers. It has a good seating area and ambiance. The food here is mouth-watering and delectable. They provide quick home deliveries.

makasad tanduri chicken

19.Laxmi Palace

It is a small but customer-friendly restaurant that serves many kinds of fast food such as sandwiches, pizza, burgers, etc, and many other soft-drinks and cold drinks. It has fabulous staff that manages its customers very nicely and politely.

laxmi plaza

20.Manila Restaurant

It serves South Indian, Chinese, North Indian, and fast food, and provides many beverages. It has a wide range of Desserts, and it does not have a seating area. It only includes home deliveries to its customers. They have quick and fast responses to the customers.

manila restaurant