Top 20 Delicious Veg Dishes You Must Try At College Street

Located in the Indian state of West Bengal, College Street is a 900-meter-long street in central Kolkata. It is also known as Boi Para, the largest book market in India and Asia. The Indian Coffee House, a coffee shop used to be a renowned meeting place for students and intellectuals of the city for decades. If you are on College Street, you cannot miss the places to grab a hearty meal on a budget. Putiram’s Kochuri and Rabdi to Kalika’s delicious Telebhaja. What better way to end the night than with some great Paramount Daab Sherbat?

1. Daab Sherbat

Kolkata’s most famous place for sherbets and syrups, Paramount has been quenching our thirst since childhood. The one that always wins our hearts is their Daab Sherbet. If Paramount’s legendary connection to history does not take you back in time, its Daab Sherbat certainly will. The signature drink features ice-cold coconut water and pieces of tender kernels floating in a thin cup.

1.Daab Sherbat

2. Radhaballabhi

Radhaballabhi is a famous Bengali recipe commonly prepared for breakfast. Radhaballabhi is daal pooris stuffed with a special Urad dal filling. In taste, it is a little sweeter than Kachori. Served with Cholar Daal or AlooDom.  Putiram’s Radhaballabhis are unbeatable.


3. Mixed Falooda

Mixed Falooda is a mix of cream,rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil, and seeds with milk. It goes well with ice creams and kulfis. They top it with almonds, chocolate chips, honey, cashews,and raisins. The price is reasonable (Rs 30 to Rs 50). The best Falooda you will get is at Food Square-1/1/1D Bankim Chatterjee Street, College Street.

3.Mixed Falooda

4. Telebhaja

Telebhaja is our favorite companion on a rainy day. We fry besan or corn batter covering various items such as onion rings, potatoes, banana blossom (mocha in Bengali), capsicum, or eggplant. There is even Telebhaja made from Raw Mango, Coriander Leaves, or Bombay Duck. The best Telebhaja you can grab is  from Kalika Mukhorochak, College Street.


5. Aloor Dom

Aloor Dom is the Bengali rendition of Dum Aloo, and if you have not tried it with Luchi, then you are missing out on something good. New baby potatoes are cooked in a salty, spicy sauce and sprinkled with green peas. Aloor dom is the Bengali avatar of the Indian curry potato dish. At College Street, do not forget to add Putiram to your list and enjoy the delicious taste of the heavenly combination of potatoes and Bengali spices. Delicious heaven with Luchi or Porota or Radhaballabhi.

5.Aloor Dom

6. Aloo Kabli

One of the best forms of potatoes, Aloo Kabli is a spicy and hot dish that you cannot miss when you are craving something tasty. Boiled potatoes go into tamarind pulp, onions, tomatoes, chilies, chickpeas, and a magical combination of masalas like bhaja jeera, rock salt, chaat masala, and a dash of red chili powder. The addition of Gondhoraaj lebu enhances the taste. Kalika Mukhorochak is the best place to have this dish on College Street.

6.Aloo Kabli

7. Mango Sandesh

Sandesh is a traditional Bengali sweet dish that is very tempting and easy to make. You must have heard of Nolen Gurer Sandesh, and Chocolate Sandesh, but you can also taste Mango Sandesh at College Street. Mango Sandesh is a Fusion recipe made with mango pulp, milk, milk powder, vinegar, and sugar. It is prepared by curdling milk and making chenna. Jadab Chandra Das  is one of the oldest sweet shops here has this dish.

7.Mango Sandesh

8. Dhokar Dalna

Dhokar Dalna is a typical Bengali Niramish (without onion and garlic) delicacy. Soaked Bengal gram is coarsely ground with spices, dry roasted to a paste, then cut into diamonds and fried. It goes well with tea as a snack too. Next, the preparation of a rich ginger Dalna sauce starts and the fried dhokas go briefly into the sauce before being served as a side dish. It goes well with rice or Meetha Pulao. The best Dhokar Dalna you can try is at Kasturi Restaurant.

8.Dhokar Dalna

9. Mochar Ghonto

Mocha in Bengali means plantain flowers or banana flowers. Plantain flowers have health benefits. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and help prevent infections. Mochar Ghonto is a traditional Bengali preparation with banana flowers, potatoes, and aromatic spices. It is a dry curry recipe and tastes like heaven with steaming hot rice and ghee. You can get this delicious dish again at the Kasturi restaurant.

9.Mochar Ghonto

10. Shingara

Samosa as we know it in other parts of India and the world but here in Kolkata Shingara is a triangular fried snack with a potato filling that one craves to eat in the evening with hot masala chai. Shingara, must-try street food at College Street, is not limited to aloo stuffing, even paneer, chole, or cheese Shingara is delicious. To try the best ones, you can visit Ganguram.


11. Baked Chom Chom

Chom Chom is a traditional Bengali sweet made from fresh chenna and is pressure cooked in sugar syrup. We use Khoya for the stuffing to make the mithai rich in flavor. Baked Chom Chom is an improvised version. This Bengali dessert is so delicious that it tempts everyone. And to get the best ones, Ganguram’s baked Chom Chom is usually recommended.

11.Baked Chom Chom

12. Kathi Rolls

All  roll lovers, have great options for Kathi Rolls at College Street and these rolls are very affordable. These Rolls are not basic at all. Paneer, Corn & Cheese – you name it, they have it. The flaky flour paratha is a wrap with your choice of filling laced with irresistible sauces, spices, and vegetables. Kalika Mukhorochak has the best rolls.

12.Kathi Rolls

13. Ghugni

Ghugni is one of the most popular Bengali dishes. It is a curry dish of whole yellow peas or motor dal. The soaked peas go with onion, ginger, small pieces of potato, tomato, and tamarind puree, and to enhance the flavor we add small pieces of coconut and chopped coriander. It can be given as a snack or tried with Luchi or Porota (Parantha).


14. Churmur

This Kolkata street food is a mixture of crushed Phuchka mixed with mashed potatoes, onions, spices, and tamarind pulp. Although Churmur tastes similar to Phuchka, it is easier to eat. Your food tour of College Street is incomplete without trying Churmur. Best to try it at any Phuchka or Panipuri stall instead of a restaurant.


15. Chanar Jilipi

Chanar Jilipi is not the ordinary Jilipi or Jalebi that you have. It is juicy, soft, and chewy. Chanar Jilipi is a Kolkata jalebi made with curd. It is thicker than normal jalebi. The texture is similar to Gulab Jamun. It is the goodness of two sweets in one. You can taste this unique treat at every sweet shop on College Street.

15.Chanar Jilipi

16. Chanar Dalna

Chanar Dalna is a typical Bengali dish prepared with curd or chana. A simple, light, tasty sauce with Chana, potato, and winter peas. A paste of ginger, cumin, and coconut milk, which is optional, is mixed to make the curry. It tastes good with Luchi or Basanti Pulao. Almost all Bengali restaurants on College Street have this dish on their menu.

16.Chanar Dalna

17. Shukto

The most popular type of Bengali- Shukto is a mild, comforting stew filled with various vegetables, especially potatoes, sweet potatoes, bitter gourd (Korola), green bananas (Kachkola), raw papaya (Pepe), brinjal, drumsticks (Shojne), and flat beans (Sheem). Shukto comes with rice and ghee. One should visit Kasturi and try Shukto along with other dishes.


18. Cholar Daal

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – this is a dal recipe for all occasions. It is a Niramish or vegetarian version of Bengali Cholar Daal prepared without onion or garlic. Hing (asafoetida) and dried red chili add the necessary sharpness. The daal tastes better if garnished with cashews, raisins, and coconut pieces. Serve Cholar Daal with Luchi or Radhaballabhi.

18.Cholar Daal

19. Patishapta

Although it is  a winter food  but if you are lucky enough, you can find this delicious dish in any pastry shop on College Street. Patishapta are thin pancakes made from refined flour or regular flour and semolina and filled with caramelized grated coconut or Sandesh.


20. Basanti Pulao

Also known as Mishti or Mithe Pulao, this popular dish Basanti Pulao is a Bengali festive delight prepared during the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja or Bengali New Year. Raisins and cashews give this fragrant Pulao recipe a royal touch. Best served with spicy Aloor Dom or Dhokar Dalna or Paneer Kofta. You can find this dish in all Bengali restaurants or visit Kasturi or Aadi Bangali on College Street.

20.Basanti Pulao