Top 20 Restaurants At Malhar Cinema Road, Ludhiana


Ludhiana is a great city in Punjab, a state in India. It is famous for its beautiful handiworks such as Jewelry, lacquered wood work, and phulkari that one should definitely go for it with famous Patiala Salwar, Hand woven clothes and elegant Punjabi Jutis. Along with its Punjabi culture, the food culture of Ludhiana is also famous and it is said that it is influenced by Mughlai style. Punjabis are famous for two things the first one is Bhangra dance culture and the other is food culture, Punjabi people are better known as foodies and Punjabi food has wide range of dishes and famous in all over the India.

1 The Carrot Smiles

It serves the Chinese and North Indian cuisines. It is a casual dining place and a banquet hall which has a beautiful ambience to dine in with air conditioned area. It privileges with baby high chairs for kids. The catering service is excellent and staff is courteous and friendly.

The Carrot Smiles

2 The Brew Estate Ludhiana

It is one of the famous restaurants in Ludhiana that serves American, French, Asian, German, and Italian cuisines. The French and German dishes are delicious and highly popular. It has a well-organized staff and peaceful environment. It is better known for gin martini, dark lager, and pina colada.

The Brew Estate Ludhiana

3 Taamra

It is an Indian restaurant famous for its modern ambience and splendid architecture. The services are excellent and staff is gracious that attracts the customers more. It has its unique environment and dining area with a banquet hall and many other things. It caters to Indian, Continental, and Asian food.


4 Underdoggs Brewery & Kitchen

It is most famous and a top-notch restaurant in entire Ludhiana. It serves Indian, Thai, Continental, Chinese and many delicious desserts. It is a restaurant and a bar which is uniquely identifiable with its amazing and unique design and environment of restaurant. It facilitates its customers with Live Entertainment of performances and Live Sport Screenings.

Underdoggs Brewery Kitchen

5 On The House

It caters to Chinese and Italian food to its customers. It is famous for its managerial and friendly staff and quick services, provides healthy and delicious food with excellent presentations. It serves dishes at affordable and pocket-friendly budget.

On The House

6 The Wild Fire

It is a Buffet restaurant, famous for serving food in different and unique presentations. It has a wonderful environment and atmosphere for its customers that give the positive and peaceful vibes to them. The services are top-notch and staff here is really quick in managing and handling the customers.

The Wild Fire

7 Super Donuts

It is a bakery and a restaurant that has a casual dining place, famous for serving Fast foods, delicious desserts and beverages. Its popular dishes are Burger, Donuts, Chips, and Coffee. It is a good place for kids. It serves healthy and mouth-watering food with large servings and incredible services. It has strict regulations for cleanliness and hygiene.

Super Donuts

8 Gopal Sweets

It is famous for serving North Indian, Chinese, Breakfast, fast food and delicious desserts. It is a bakery and dessert shop that has a quick bite outlet for customers to eat. Its famous dishes are Pav Bhaji, Rasmalai, and Raj Kachori. It provides takeaways and instant home deliveries.

Gopal Sweets

9 White Pearls Chicken

It has a superb ambience for customers to dig in and serves varieties of cuisines. It provides quick services and home deliveries to its customers. The food here is delicious and worth your money. It has a free WiFi area for customers and a quick bite outlet.

White Pearls Chicken

10 Xero Degrees

It caters to Italian, fast food and exquisite desserts with its amazing food quality. The environment is excellent to dine in here and food is value for money. The staff is courteous and helpful with incredible skills and provides instant response and quick deliveries.

Xero Degrees

11 Farm Fresh

It is a proper Punjabi restaurant famous for serving Non Vegetarian Thalis to its customers. It has a casual café type and air-conditioned area to dine in. It is an excellent place for celebrating different occasions. Its friendly staff is talented and provides quick home deliveries.

Farm Fresh

12 Burger King Aman Plaza

It serves fast food cuisines and many beverages. It is a quick bite outlet that serves delicious desserts and provides instant response to home deliveries. Fried Cheese, Burgers, and French fries are the most famous dishes here and has superb services and the food is healthy and worth money.

Burger King Aman Plaza

13 The Diet Saga By Sania Gupta

It is famous for serving healthy food to its customers. It serves continental, Fast food, and Mexican cuisines. Its popular dishes are Sandwiches, Pasta, Soup, Peri Peri Pizza and many other finger-licking dishes. The place is better known for affordable meals and healthy food.

The Diet Saga By Sania Gupta

14 Hutea – The Tea Hut

It caters to North Indian, Chinese, Italian, and fast food cuisines. It is a café with outdoor seating area and has beautiful ambience type to dine in. It serves the best omelets. Takeaways and home deliveries are available for customers with quick response.

Hutea – The Tea Hut

15 Playback By Tbk Lounge And Club

It is famous for serving various varieties of cuisines. The staff is talented and creative that attracts the customers more here. It has a spectacular ambience and beautiful décor environment to dine in. Services are quick and excellent and provide home deliveries to the customers.

Playback By Tbk Lounge And Club

16 Tatami

It serves different varieties of continental food such as Pan Asian, DanDan Noodles, Sushi, Japanese, Korean, and many more dishes. It has wide range of food in its menu that is the center of attraction for customers. It provides instant services and home deliveries.


17 Charcha Restrobar

It is a restaurant and a bar that have incredible environment for customers to dig in. The food here is value for money and extremely delicious. The staff and services are excellent and provide takeaways and home deliveries.

Charcha Restrobar

18 Bourbon Broadway

This restaurant is famous for its spectacular environment, has a wonderful interior and indoor seating area with rooftop seating area. It serves delicious vegetarian cuisines and many continental dishes. The location of the restaurant makes it highly popular among visitors that give excellent view of the restaurant at night.

Bourbon Broadway

19 Pyramid Ludhiana

It is famous for its beautiful and modern ambience to dine in and a popular restaurant among teenagers and adults. It serves North Indian, Continental, Chinese and many other delicious dishes. The staff here is excellent and responsive and the services are quick, that provides instant home deliveries and takeaways for customers.

Pyramid Ludhiana 1

20 Kwality Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant that is family place to dine in. It serves fast food and full plate Thalis in different cuisines. The environment is beautiful and gives positive and peaceful vibes to its customers. It has a comfortable indoor seating area for customers to eat.

Kwality Restaurant