Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Punjab

Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Punjab


Shree Rathnam

This restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant. It is well-known for the South Indian food. When you look at the menu of the restaurant, it stimulates your taste buds. Also,it serves the North Indian dishes and some Chinese dishes, but its South Indian dishes are best. All the food is freshly prepared and also the way in which they represent the dish is best. Both the quality and of food will satisfy you completely.


Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna is a well-known chain of restaurants in Northern India with the speciality in South Indian dishes. Its menu is full of South Indian dishes. They also provide free home delivery. Anyone who visits Sagar Ratna must try Rava Dosa, Dahi Vada, Rava Kesari and Mini Idlis with Sambar. These are some specialities of this restaurant. They gave a strong competition to the other restaurants.


Gopal Sweets

This is the restaurant which is mostly loved by the people for the varieties which are available there. They provide North Indian dishes, South Indian dishes and also Chinese dishes. The speciality in their South Indian food is the various types of Dosas which they provide.


The Madras Cafe By Kumar

This restaurant is in Faridabad. It is the excellent place to enjoy South Indian food and Coffee. This restaurant is a great place for a yummy breakfast.Their price is reasonable for the quantity and taste which they provide. Staff members are very friendly here. Along with the South Indian food, their Coffee is also very famous among people.


Dosa Junction

This restaurant is in Faridabad. Their Dosa is soft. Also, the Sambar is spicy. Along with South Indian food, they serve some other dishes too. They provide the facility of home delivery. The restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant. After all, everyone loves food.


Suruchi Restaurant

This restaurant is present in Crown Interior Mall Sector 35. They also provide the facility of home delivery. They are also known for their Rajasthani and Gujarati delicacies. This restaurant is famous for their Rajasthani dishes, but South Indian food is also good here.


Annapurna Restaurant

This restaurant is the best place to have lunch and dinner in Chandigarh city. This restaurant offers many mouth-watering dishes like South Indian dishes and some North Indian dishes. If anyone visits this restaurant, he/she must try South Indian food. The food is very delicious.


Rajan South Indian Dosa

This restaurant is present in Model Town in Ludhiana. The Dosa and Uttapam of this restaurant are very fresh and delicious too. Dosa is crispy. This restaurant is cheap also. So you can enjoy your food without thinking about money.


Foodatu Restaurant

This restaurant is present in Chandigarh. It serves yummy South Indian dishes. Along with South Indian dishes, they also serve Continental and North Indian food. This restaurant provides lots of varieties. It provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They also offer home delivery service. One must try a South Indian dish here.


Sundaram Restaurant

This restaurant is present in Sector 26 in Chandigarh. They serve vegetarian food only. They serve authentic South Indian food only. The ambience is best here. This restaurant is a best restaurant where one should go for South Indian food. Service is fast here. Their combos of different types of Dosa are best.


Chaupati Restaurant

It is present in Amritsar. Their South Indian dishes are value for money. They serve the vegetarian food. This restaurant serves the best South Indian dishes in their area. Along with the South Indian dishes, they also serve North Indian dishes and continental.


Dosa Place

It is located in Alpha one Mall on GT road in Amritsar. They provide lots of variations on the menu. The Dosa which this restaurant serves is crispy. People love to have South Indian food here. The Coconut Chutney is very delicious here. This place is like a food court in the mall.


Madras Mail

It is in the food court in Trillium Mall in Amritsar. This restaurant is not so costly as compared to other restaurants there. They serve South Indian food. They provide lots of varieties in their dishes. The food is spicy and tasty. One who visits Trillium Mall must go there and give a try to South Indian food.


Jaggi Sweets

Jaggi Sweets is a chain of restaurants in Northern India. They serve South Indian, North Indian and Chinese food. The dishes which they serve are tasty and mouth-watering. Their Masala Dosa is very flavoursome.


Chennai Food Restaurant

This restaurant is in Phase 5 in Mohali. They provide vegetarian food only. Dosa here is crispy and moist. Among all the South Indian dishes which they provide, their Uttapam is best, and Sambhar Vada is also good.


Hot Millions Restaurant

When you look at the menu of this restaurant it stimulates your taste buds immediately. This restaurant is present in Sector 17 in Chandigarh. The taste of the food here is just Wow!! They serve North Indian, Chinese, South Indian and Fast Food. They are well known for their South Indian food and fast food.


Vaango Restaurant

It is in North Country Mall in Mohali. Here it is like eating a North Indian version of South Indian food. The taste of the Dosa is good. It provides vegetarian food only. People like this North Indian version of Dosa here. One must try it.


Dosa Corner

It is present in Phase 3 in Mohali. This restaurant is famous for its South Indian food. Also, this restaurant is not so costly as compared to others. It may cost only 200 for two persons. The key facility which people love about them is the outdoor seating which they provide. They offer home delivery too.


Delico Food

It is present in Sector 68 in Mohali. It serves North Indian, South Indian and Chinese dishes. Their North Indian food is tasty.


Paradise Restaurant

They serve only South Indian food. It is in Sector 59, Phase 5 Mohali. They offer a mouthwatering breakfast. They serve only vegetarian food. Also for our generation the most exciting thing is Wifi. They provide the facility of free Wifi.