Top 20 Restaurants for Couple Dining in India


1. Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur

Sheesh mahal, a beautiful terrace seating restaurant situated on Lake Pichola. Udaipur’s one of the astonishing places to explore. A lavish restaurant built on a lake is completely divine. Its ambience and romantic feel is a feast for couple’s hangout and quality time. Evening view in this restaurant is even more beautiful and splendid enough to make anyone fall in love. Located near the heart of state Rajasthan, it is certainly a must visit hotel for all.



 Tuscany Garden, Goa

A perfect restaurant for couples to have Italian food. Located at Candolim, Goa. Delightful place to spend time   with your partner. Italian food at Tuscany Garden is the best thing to eat. Their best dishes include Jalapeños pizza, ravioli, margarita and lasagne.



Indian Accent, New Delhi

The aura of this restaurant is so divine that it makes you feel that you are in some other country.  Chef Manish Mehrotra ‘s recipes are finger licking good. The food here not only tastes excellent but is also presented beautifully.


4. Kabab Studio, Bangalore

Kabab Studio is one of the best roof top restaurants in Bangalore. Food here is delicious, and an grand space to spend quality time with your love. Perfect place for a romantic date.  The Place needs a special mention for its exquisite décor and outstanding ambiance. The grills and dessert sections are amazingly delicious at Kebab Room and also the vegetarian food is equally tasty.


5 The Crown, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The Crown – Wonderful Romantic sky view diner in Chennai situated at The Residency Towers. Indian Food is served well with satisfactory ambience. The view of the city from the roof is stunning. Children below ten years are not allowed at this place. The occupancy is functioning only for suppers between 7 Pm till 11 pm. Both Indoor and Outdoor seating is accessible for its customers.


6 Thalassa, Goa

Spectacular view from the restaurant is what makes it exceptional. It will take you to virtual reality. Its a Greek restaurant with flavoursome Italian food.  It has a fanciful ambiance. The restaurant being painted completely in white gives you serene atmosphere and peaceful romantic aura. Amazing place, little expensive but worth every penny. Incredible salads served here


7. Chandni Restaurant, Udaipur

Chandani Restaurant in at Udaipur is an commendable lake view restaurant, serene place to hang out with your soulmate. The environment of the hotel is so good and mesmerising that you often forget about the food been served their but food is equally delicious.  The view of a palace of Udaipur from the restaurant is just unimaginably beautiful.


8 Aer, Mumbai

Located on 34th floor this restaurant gives its customers a breath taking view of the Mumbai city at night. Tremendous view from the roof top terrace of the bar this place offers you an incredible sight of Arabian Sea. The cold breeze and spectacular night view makes it so amazing that anyone can fall in love. Drinks were good, and Italian food was good as well.  The only disadvantage of this restaurant is the food gets cold in minutes. Ambience and service are excellent. Pubs are fully crowded by 8 pm. Tremendous place but expensive.


9 Chaingari Roof Top Restaurant, Pune

Outdoor  seating nearby to the swimming pool, Chingari is a peaceful place to discover the exotic flavours of North India as well as adoring the calm breeze that swings over the roof. Wooden roof covered seating area and pool beside makes its customers refreshing. From beautifully crafted tables to ebony inlay floor, the place has it all classy. Restaurant’s open air kitchen has special option for grill. Every recipe in the hotel is specially over looked by Master Chef Quereshi.  Candlelight dinner in the copper-coloured water goblets, blaze in the night adding a rustic charm on your date. The place is famous for its grill, marinades and recipes like Chingari Dal, the Ran-e-Chingari.  Another speciality here is the finger bowl served at the end consists of fresh tea leaves.


10 Le Belvedere, New Delhi

Highest Rooftop Chinese diner in the city is here. Food served with the beautiful view of the city from 20th floor. Chinese served here exquisite, recipes like Sichuan and Cantonese are exotically well presented and delicious.


11 Umaid Mahal, Jaipur

Sensible price and overwhelming atmosphere. I am sure people will be amazed at the details in the style of this building. The resting place and apartments are beautifully decorated with ethnic architecture. After visiting the place, the only word comes to mind is MESMERIZED.


12 Desert Haveli Restaurant, Jaisalmer

Astonishing is the word to portray this place in short, Desert Haveli Offers its customers an exceptional hospitality, enjoyable food & overwhelming location.


13 Mughal Room, Agra

Although the place a bit old but its classy interior and scrumptious food makes it running with glitter all through the years. it has the finest kebab platter across Delhi  and the portion size is too big. Even usual recipes like dal makhani served here is outstanding, and the taj mahal’s view from roof top is stunningly beautiful.


14 The Water Front, Hyderabad

Tremendous ambience on the waterfront in Hyderabad. Marvellous view and live music at the hotel is divine. The Food here is middling and little high-priced for its quality but a nice place to be seated with your partner at dinner in Hyderabad.



SinQ, Goa

Incredible interiors, attractive sitting near water pools, remarkable music with brilliant cocktails and whisky makes this place a must visit night club in Goa. Well the party and dance starts after 10 p.m. and goes on till morning 4 a.m. A rocking place to have fun filled night with your loved one.



Italia, Chennai

At Park Pod, a famous hotel named ITALIA in Chennai is buzzing for its completely sumptuous and lip-smacking food. Restaurant’s spectacular architecture makes its customer go ga-ga over the place. Its lap pool beside the tables makes it perfect for a romantic dinner. The Food here is scrumptious including seafood and duck. Crispy calamari presented with mint and bruschetta as starters are incredible. Parched duck recipe was unbelievable



The 13th Floor, Bangalore

Situated at the centre of gigantic Bangalore city. The restaurant gives you a magically, bling view of lights and tall buildings. As the name of the hotel says  its located on 13th floor of the building. The Food here is good as well as the cocktails. Overall a satisfactory restaurant for couples at the heart of the city.



Blue Terrain, Bangalore

A place known for its seafood BBQ and its architecture, casual, calm environment with blue lights everywhere gives you a heavenly feeling and the food is like cherry on the cake. From seafood to vegetarian to mocktails and cocktails everything is so classy and yummy. Its architecture includes the gazebo, water fountain and outdoor seating are just admirable.



Villa Maya, Trivandrum

Located at the heart of Kerala where the beauty of greenery is at its core. One of the beautiful places on earth is Kerala known for its greenery and backwaters. This hotel brings out the feel of its state with the pleasant environment and high-class architecture. Kerala’s authentic coastal food and delicious continental food are the highlights of this restaurant.



Sevilla, New Delhi

Terrific place in Delhi for enjoying Spanish cuisine and other continental recipes. Salads, risottos and pizzas served here are delicious. And also mushroom and lamb starters make your heart delighted as they appear on the table. The disappointment at this place is the amount of amount served, it’s usually very small in portion. Expensive food but a beautiful place to spend your time in Delhi.