20 Places To Get The Best Dinner In Agra!

20 Places To Get The Best Dinner In Agra


The literal translation of the name of this restaurant means the light that emerges from God’s servant. The current owner of this establishment dedicates this restaurant to his father. The restaurant primarily serves South Indian cuisine and is known for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. This place is known for their amazing thali with servings of some amazing dishes. It has indeed become so popular that the name of the restaurant has become synonymous with the South Indian cuisine in the city, and around.



This is one of the city’s finest restaurants so if you want to earn the chance of having a meal here, then you better make a reservation before coming or else you might just miss the opportunity. The restaurant is part of the marvelous Oberoi Amar Vilas Hotel. Usually, they have two different timings for seating their guests. One at 7 o’ clock in the evening and the other at 9.30 at night. The menu is limited here, but the food is more than just satisfactory. The menu has a lot of options for Tandoor delicacies. One of the specials that should be tried is the Kerala Shrimp Curry with rice. So, enjoy the best of experience here with food and tunes of live Santoor.


Shankar Ji

A place for all ends to worldly desires, Shankar Ji is a simple dhaba-like restaurant with amazing food. If you are looking for only and only good food and is not keen on fancy Western dishes, then this is someplace you should definitely visit.


Pinch Of Spice

This is not some usual restaurant inside a hotel. But even then, it has some amazing dishes, which will make you a fan. The North Indian dishes are spectacular and well-received by the regulars here. You must try the Murg Boti Masala here, which is a preparation of chicken in a spicy curry. Find authentic North Indian cuisine cooked to perfection and a simple and sophisticated ambience. The outlet which is on the Fatehabad Road extends on three floors and overlooks the one and only Taj Mahal!


Joney’s Place

This restaurant has been operable since 1978 and has since then served many delighted customers. If you are looking for a place which serves food with authentic Indian flavours, then this is it. The restaurant might be small but there is a cozy feeling attached with it. The food is prepared fresh; right after the order is placed. One of their specialities is the Banana Lassi, for which they are quite well known. Another thing you might want to try is the Malai Kofta.


Shankara Vegis

You’ll find this place on your way to the mighty Taj! It is a pure vegetarian restaurant that provides some of the best Thalis in the city. Enjoy the mouthwatering dishes, along with a spectacular view on this rooftop restaurant. It’s not a very uptight place, and you’ll enjoy the laid back and simple atmosphere and some tasty food.



The idea of this restaurant is to serve its beloved customers with some of the best dishes from the Awadhi cuisine. You’ll find some of the best dishes from Lucknow, all of which reek of royalty. Be it the biryani or the galawati kebabs, you’ll all get it here. To be true to their philosophy, the ingredients for the dishes are brought in from Lucknow. And the chefs who work here have been trained to learn the Awadhi style of cooking, especially the Dum method.


Lakshmi Vilas

This is an ideal place for those who want simple South Indian cuisine at minimal and affordable prices. Because of its affordability, it has been a popular restaurant in the city. One of their specialities is their Thali which will satisfy you beyond expectations.



Enjoy the best of Indian food, with live entertainment as you eat. The restaurant hosts music gigs and dances every night and thus attracts a lot of crowd. The dishes served here are Indian with a variation such as the Aloo Dum Chutney wale. The dish is just as tasty as the name makes it sound. If you are a dedicated non-vegetarian food lover, then look out for the Magazi Murgh Korma. The restaurant uses a lot of herbs in their dishes, which they obtain from their own kitchen garden.


Stuff Makers

This restaurant is a part of the hotel Kamal and produces a spectacular view of the Taj Mahal from the rooftop. This is a great place to enjoy the local cuisine. The restaurant stays open almost all day, which makes it ideal for hunger cravings during any time of the day.



This restaurant which is right adjacent to the ITC is a great thali serving restaurant in the city, making it a must visit for all especially vegetarians.


Chapter 1 Cafe

One of the trendiest places to eat at, this cafe serves a variety of cuisines and mostly attends to the young crowd with the funky decor and ambience. Enjoy a bite of a variety of cuisines with your friends here.


Bon Barbecue

If you enjoy barbequed dishes, then this is paradise. Be it vegetarians or non-vegetarians, the food will satisfy all of you. You find a variety of dishes made from mutton, prawns, mushrooms and what not! Enjoy an unlimited quantity of kebabs here, at a limited price, only. The Lemon Fish in White Sauce and the Moong Dal Halwa is quite recommended and highly spoken of here.


Sky Grill

This rooftop restaurant is just like it sounds. With a spectacular view to offer, they serve some amazing grills too. So, what are you waiting for?


Dawat- E-nawab

A part of Radisson Blu, this restaurant gives you an essential Nawabi feel as you enjoy your meal. The dishes are hand crafted and made of brass. Enjoy the experience here.


Chokho Jeeman Marwari Jain Bhojanalaya

Even if you are not a fan of vegetarian food the the ambience and decor will be a worthy reason to visit this place. Other than that, the food is delicious and amazing, at the least.


Peshawri- Itc Mughal

Enjoy the best of fine dining here, at this restaurant only. The Dal Makhani also known as Bukhara is one of their special dishes and is recommended.


The Latitude

This restaurant is known to be open all day long, which means you can enjoy an amazing meal at any time of the day or night here. The dinner buffet is amazing and a must try.


The Mughal Room

Enjoy extravagance and fine dining at the same place along with amazing dishes, which will impress any food critic, only at The Mughal Room.


Belle Vue

Another fantastic restaurant which provides you an extravagant spread of options and food. Surprise yourself with this restaurant.