Top 20 Restaurants For Dinner In Rome


As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” Whether you are planning a trip to Rome soon or you live here and are looking for more places to eat, this guide to restaurants is a must-try. It is a curated list of typical Roman and Italian food perfect for tingling your tastebuds.

1. Santo Palato

This humble restaurant has brightly colored tangerine walls. They serve local staples like pasta, meats, carbonara, and a wide range of desserts. The striking walls along with the photo frames on the wall make this place stand out and unique. The tasteful food makes this place perfect for dinner.

2. Madeleine

This charming bistro in Rome is French-inspired. It is a gourmet art restaurant with attractive décor. They serve food in delicate China tea sets. They offer Italian, French, and European cuisines which are amiably plated and served.

3. Trattoria Monti

This restaurant gives the typical Italian atmosphere. This aesthetically pleasing restaurant offers a hearty, homemade-style meal with reasonable fare. They specialize in trattoria and casserole dishes.

4. Seu Pizza Illuminati

This contemporary eatery specializes in pizzas. They offer a wide range of unique pizzas and pizza desserts. They serve beer and wine too. This restaurant is a happening place with a modern vibe.

5. Pianostrada

This charming restaurant has an open kitchen. They serve artisanal sandwiches and fusion food of Italian and others. Here, they source fresh ingredients from local farms and serve food from every category ranging from fritti to pasta. It is perfectly plated and delicious to eat.

6. Bonci Pizzarium

This happening restaurant is near the Vatican. They specialize in Italian food and fast food. They are known for their pizzas and sometimes even have long queues for them. It is a bit on the pricey side but the food here is worth it.

7. Forno Campo De’ Fiori

It’s been a very long time since this restaurant opened in Rome. It has a traditional look. It is known for its sweet and savory goods and amazing slices of pizza. This takeaway restaurant is one of the top bakeries in Rome and a handful of Romans shop here for daily needs too.

8. Pasticceria Regoli

This family-owned restaurant is said to be a century old. The interiors are the classic Italian style with arched antique ceilings. If you get a sudden sweet tooth, this place is perfect to fulfill that craving.

9. Zia Restaurant

This intimate restaurant is very sophisticated and modern. It offers classical dishes in an intricate version. They offer a wide range of appetizers, pasta, main courses, as well as several desserts.

10. Osteria Fernanda

This classy restaurant serves a wide range of classic Italian pizzas along with pasta, lasagnas, and so on. The interiors are very simple yet tasteful. It is also a tourist-friendly place.

11. Cacio E Pepe

It is a homey, classic Italian restaurant located in Della Vittoria. They serve typical Roman dishes and cuisines. The interiors have a rustic intimate feel. They are known to serve good carbonara, gricia, tonnarelli cacio e pepe, and meatballs.

12. Taverna Volpetti

This restaurant offers ancient Roman specialties using the real, traditional ingredients of the past. Some of the popular dishes served include Gratin artichoke, Fassona, and Risotto. The interiors give a native Roman feel.

13. Osteria Fratelli Mori

This restaurant is rustic and traditional with wooden tables, an open kitchen as well as a pantry. It has a cute outdoorsy seating area as well. The atmosphere is pleasant and there is plenty of natural light filling the room. The food here is good and fresh and the service is fast.  There are limited selections of pizza which is also good.

14. Va.Do Al Pigneto

This gorgeous restaurant has a striking interior. The walls have a brick look and the lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling give it a very nice touch. They have a wide range of appetizers as well as first and second courses. It is a reasonably priced place too.

15. Trapizzino | Testaccio

This contemporary spot is very popular and happening. It is perfect for a quick bite. They serve a wide range of triangular sandwiches and beer. They specialize in trapizzino. They have many different varieties of trapizzino. It is the perfect place for an affordable bite.

16. Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà

Located in the heart of Rome, this place has an amazing nightlife. It is an energetic pub-like restaurant. They serve a wide variety of local as well as international beer. This place is known as the pioneer pub of Italian craft beer. They’re also pet friendly.

17. Osteria Bonelli

This restaurant gives a homey, traditional feel. They serve typical Roman cacio e pepe pasta, stuffed ravioli, gnocchi, and so on. It is an affordable must-try.

18. Tavernaccia Da Bruno

This comfy tavern is a must-visit for dinner. They serve traditional regional cuisine. It is located at the center, in the heart of Rome. They serve a wide variety of dishes including prosciutto, bruschetta, pizzas, and so on.

19. Marigold Roma

This hip, contemporary restaurant is the definition of minimalistic. They serve fresh food with organic ingredients. They also have a micro-bakery. This restaurant is perfect if you’re craving breakfast meals for dinner!

20. Per Me

This sophisticated restaurant is very modern. They have a Michelin star chef. The cuisine is said to reflect the philosophy of Chef Terrinoni. Despite being on the expensive side, the restaurant is guaranteed to take your tastebuds for a ride. The food is savory and exquisite. This eatery is ideal for a special event.