Top 20 Restaurants For Kathi Rolls In India

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The term Kolkata Kathi Roll has become a buzzword for snacks all across India and even abroad. The reason it is called Kolkata Kathi Roll is that it originated in the city of Kolkata. Most importantly, it originated at a restaurant called Nizam’s, located in the New Market Area.
Earlier, British customers at Nizam’s did not like to eat kebabs with their hands. So someone decided to wrap it up in a paratha, furthermore stuffed with condiments that elevated the experience. Here are the top 20 restaurants serving the best Kathi rolls.

1.Kusum Rolls

Kusum has been serving a number of the simplest rolls within the city since 1971, and its popularity is simply increasing with each passing decade. By introducing many variants of the classic Kathi roll- including cheese and mayonnaise fillings, Kusum has contributed massively to keep the food item relevant in Kolkata’s culinary culture.


Jabbrr Afghani

This Mughalai restaurant in Salt Lake offers various delicious chicken, mutton, egg, and paneer rolls. Other varieties include cheese rolls, onion rolls, all of which accompany delicious sauces on the side. With adequate seating and friendly service, this Kathi roll joint is one you’ll linger in.



Without sacrificing taste or hiking prices, Smokaccino provides low-calorie versions of everyone’s favorite Kathi rolls. From chicken reshmi kebab to the vegetarian ones. Added to the present, the restaurant has super-fast service and no-frills ambiance, and Smokaccino is proven quite an essential Kathi roll joint.



The birthplace of the Kathi roll, Nizam’s has managed to survive decades of change and competition to stay the premier roll-maker in Kolkata. This humble, no-frills eatery offers quite a large variety of rolls, including classic mutton and chicken Kathi rolls, also lighter rumali roti rolls. Vegetarian options include paneer and potato rolls.


Hot Kathi Roll

This popular eatery on Park Street is usually full of patrons gorging on their crunchy Kathi rolls wrapped in deep-fried parathas. The double egg chicken roll is a must-try, as is the mutton Kathi roll.



Located on Rash Behari Avenue, Campari offers a variety of delicious Kathi rolls alongside an assortment of street food items. Campari serves a few varieties of fish rolls additionally to the classic chicken and mutton Kathi rolls.


Badshah Bar And Restaurant

Badshah has roped on patrons from around the city with its juicy rolls served alongside flavourful sauces for almost as long as Nizam’s. The chicken tikka roll and mutton rolls are particularly worth trying.


Saima Restaurant

Saima indeed is a very popular restaurant where people enjoy delicious meals, but what stands out here is their rolls. The restaurant serves amazing rolls, and most notably their keema rolls are just what you need.


Haji Saheb

Haji Saheb is a popular local joint, with their Egg Chicken Roll and Paneer Roll being chart-toppers. For a touch of spice, try the Tikia Roll here; you won’t be disappointed.


Sanjha Chulha

Although referred to as a restaurant, Sanjha Chulha has some really tasty rolls to offer. Vegetarians can choose Paneer rolls and vegetarian rolls that have beans and peas.



Doubtless that Arsalan’s biryanis are now almost legendary, the brand’s rolls also are to die for. Go for the Double Mutton Egg Spring Roll for a wholesome meal, as well as the Kakori Roll and Egg Tikka Roll, and you won’t be disappointed.



This legendary Mughlai restaurant is trusted by everyone when it involves taste. The famous rolls are Egg Chicken Roll and Mutton Tikka Roll.


Heritage Karco

This small outlet serves a number of the best vegetarian rolls around. The varieties of chicken rolls are famous for their extra spicy taste.



When it involves rolls, this place is arising as a winner. The Bedwin Special roll, Fish Tikka Roll, and Chicken Tikka Roll are best on rainy evenings.



The fast-food takeaway joint is new in town, but it’s captured everyone’s hearts. From Kebab Roll to Dahi Roll and specially-long Dahi Chicken Roll, Hariyali Chicken Kebab Roll, and vegetarian rolls, there’s much to see forward to.


D. Kitchen

They serve Chicken Rolls and Paneer Rolls at a pocket-friendly price. Though the rolls are a touch oily, the taste is simply fabulous.


Jai Hind Dhaba

It offers a spread of generously stuffed Kathi and Roomali Rolls and is pocket-friendly too.


Shiraz Golden Restaurant

The delicious and heavy double chicken double egg spring roll is extremely famous here—no doubt why this is often the favourite place of kids.


Al Fidauz Fast Food

There are three famous rolls here- Chicken kebab Roll, Mutton Kebab Roll, and Paneer Kebab Roll. You must also try their other lip-smacking varieties like Double Chicken Roll and Egg Mutton Roll.


Roll It Up

As the name suggests, rolls are very famous here too, especially among college students and kids.