20 Spiciest Foods In Nagpur


Indian cuisine is one of the foremost famous cuisines within the world, with restaurants, outlets, and chains everywhere on the planet. It has evolved and fused with many other cuisines and techniques of the culinary world to supply many gastronomic delicacies. Because the continent is home to numerous cultures, it has developed various dishes that Westerners think are spicy.
Earlier, India was much hotter, and therefore, the food would soon get spoilt. The solution? Spice it up! It has been scientifically proven that spices prevent food from spoilage, and thus, Nagpur, being a Maharashtrian city, tends to be so spicy.
Nagpur is the third-largest city and the winter capital of Maharashtra. Many interesting food delights are often relished within the city. Here are the 20 spiciest dishes in Nagpur.

1.Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a spicy Maharashtrian delight that is very fashionable in the state, including Nagpur. Misal is ready with onions, a spicy masala, and potato with chiwda sprinkled on top. It’s eaten with pav (Indian bread). Misal Pav is a delicious, brilliantly-balanced, and texturally exciting dish.

2.Phall Curry

Also considered the hottest curry in the world, Phall Curry is like eating fire for dinner. Blended in masalas, including the most well-liked chili within the world, it includes tomatoes and fennel seeds. Phall Curry is a must-try Indian food.

3Saoji Chicken Curry

This Nagpur specialty uses all possible sorts of chili powder and spices found within the kitchen. The insane amalgamation of each spice known to humanity is pretty much the impression Saoji Chicken Curry creates.

4.Kombdi Rassa (Chicken Varadhi)

Kombdi Rassa is ready in red curry with just the proper amount of spice. This dish is served at Maharashtrian non-vegetarian restaurants and is very fashionable among the locals in Nagpur. One can eat it with chapati; a few people find it better to eat with steamed rice.


A Maharashtrian delicacy, Patodi is prepared with besan and is high in protein. In Nagpur, they create patodi in red, spicy curry. Best served with roti, this dish is popular within the city of Nagpur.

6.Pitla Bhakri

Pitla Bhakri is a rural dish of Nagpur and is especially popular among farmers and folk. It’s a typical Maharashtrian dish. It is prepared from powdered Dal forming a pasty dish which is Pitla. Pitla is specially served with a special bread made up of either Jowar or Bajra flour called Bhakri.

7.Tarri Poha

A trip to Nagpur would be incomplete without tasting the long-lasting tarri Poha. Poha is a staple breakfast in Nagpur and is enjoyed alongside ‘tarri’ poured thereon. Tarri is a spicy curry made out of channa. Tarri Poha is a textural delight with soft rolled rice, tangy tomato, peanuts, crunchy onions, and sev.


Kebab is one of the foremost popular food items in India. There are a couple of areas in Nagpur that are home to the city’s Muslim population, and this has left a noticeable influence on the city’s food. Kebab is one among them. Spicy and well-marinated, they’re simply divine.


With a good array of biryanis on the city’s menu, the Mutton Dum Biryani and Chicken Tikka Biryani are must-try items. The meat is marinated, and therefore, the spices utilized in the presentation are a closely guarded secret and provide the biryani a unique taste.

10.Cheese Kofta Curry

Cheese Kofta Curry is a delicious, tangy curry with small dumplings (either bottle gourd or onion). The addition of cheese adds more taste to the spicy gravy dish. It is often served with naan or rice.

11.Methi Tikka Masala

Methi Tikka masala is a gravy dish made up of delicious methi tikkas. The best part of this dish is that it is very delicious and very healthy as well. The methi tikkas are made from iron-rich green leafy methi. This is served with naan, chapati, or paratha.

12.Mumtaz Kofta

Mumtaz Kofta is a delicious Lucknowi Kofta served in Nagpur. This dish is a Luckow dish made with Nagpur touch and twist. Coriander leaves are used for garnishing the spicy dish. This is often served with chapati or pulao dishes.


Sandage is a mixture of varied pulses like urad, masoor, tur, chana, and moong. It’s soaked and ground to a batter with chili powder, hing, and cumin. Small balls or chips are made up of this batter and laid out in the sun to dry. They’re then cooked in masala with brinjal, onion, daal, or fish.

14.Paneer Peeli Mirch Tikka Roll

Paneer Peeli Mirch Tikka Roll is a delicious roll made from paneer tikka and yellow chilies. Lots and lots of sauce are also added to the snack dish with lots of spiciness.

15.Tandoori Chatpate Aloo Cheese Roll

Tandoori Chatpate Aloo Cheese Roll is prepared with tandoori aloo, cheese, and much spiciness. It is served with tomato ketchup or green chutney.

16.Saoji Mutton Curry

This is a standard Maharashtrian dish. Fiery curries are made with trotters, chicken, and even offal cooked with special spice mixes.

17.Bharlali Vangi

This is a well-liked sort of cooking brinjals or baby brinjals full of coconut, onion, jaggery and Marathi Goda masala. This mixture of ingredients does wonders to the brinjals.

18.Taambde Curry

This food dish is made with mutton, curry, fish, or other kinds of seafood. It means ‘watery curry’ or a ‘juicy preparation’ or ‘red curry’ made out of chilies.


Thalipeeth is the most famous and special dish of Maharashtra. Thalipeeth is prepared from multi-grain flour and vegetables many spices and served with Ghee or Yogurt.

20.Piroo Aloo

Piroo Aloo originated in Nepal, but it has become quite a popular dish in India too. To place it simply, it’s Nepalese combat on India’s favourite, Dum Aloo. Now, this has become a Nagpuri breakfast with chapati.