Top 20 Restaurants For Soups In The Mall Road, Shimla

Top 20 Restaurants For Soups In The Mall Road Shimla 2
Top 20 Restaurants For Soups In The Mall Road Shimla 2

The Mall Road is one of the shopping centres in Shimla. It is one of the popular places, and it can be said that it is the city centre of the town. It’s quite a cold place, so having soup at this place will make you feel better. Soup is a liquid food item that contains different vegetables or some non-veg items. It is served warm or hot and is healthy as well. It has variations on it as well, like clear soup, thick soup, etc. One of the popular thick soups is cream soup. You should definitely try this. And the biscuits in the soup are tasty too. So, here are the top 20 restaurants for soups in Mall Road, Shimla.

1. 45 The Central

It is one of the best restaurants on the mall road, Middle Bazar in Shimla, for soups. The specialty of this place is its cream tomato soup. It has variations of soup on the menu as well. Customers can order according to their preferences. Along with soups, the main course of the restaurant is also tasty. The popular items on the menu of this place are hot chocolate, biryani, butter chicken, and chocolate brownie.

45 The Central

2. Wake And Bake

It is one of the best restaurants that offers tasty food with the perfect view. It’s such a beautiful place where you can enjoy the view while filling your tummy. It’s a very cosy place that offers such tasty soups. It offers other food items as well that are very popular, like hummus, falafel, and pita bread. It is located on the mall road, in the middle bazar, Shimla. Overall, it’s a nice place that offers really tasty and yummy soups.

Wake And Bake

3. Cafe Simla Times

It can be said that it’s a multi-tasking place. It is situated within the hotel Willow Banks, on the mall road in Shimla. The place is beautiful, and it’s so cool to have food with the dim lights around you. The atmosphere here is nice and it has such delicious soups. If you are a party animal, then don’t worry because it has a bar as well. So, you must visit this place to have an amazing experience.

Cafe Simla Times

4. Cafe Sol

Cafe Sol is literally the best place that will make your soul fall in love with it. It has so many variations in soups, like tomato basil soup and ministrone soup. If you are a non-vegetarian lover, then you must try this creamy chicken soup. It will astonish you with its superb taste. The ambience of the place is also good, and its service is fast as well. You can find this amazing restaurant on the mall road in Shimla.

Cafe Sol

5. Nazir’s Zayka

One of the best restaurants in Shimla that serves delicious fast food is located on Mall Road. You may find the place is not that fancy, but it would be wrong if you judged some place by its looks alone. If you reject this place, then you won’t get the taste of its yummy foods. It is such a nice place that has amazing fast foods like chowmin, burgers, momos, etc. And soup is its specialty that everyone knows.

Nazirs Zayka

6. Gupta Vashnavi Bhojanalaya

No, it’s not a religious place. Actually, it’s a restaurant where you can have so many variations of food. The place is very affordable and could be found easily. It is located on the mall road near the Gaiety Theatre. It is one of the popular restaurants in Shimla. It’s a full vegetarian place, so if you are looking for any non-vegetarian food items, then it’s best to avoid this, but if you want to try the best vegetarian foods or soups, then this place is highly recommended.

Gupta Vashnavi Bhojanalaya

7. Krishna Bakers

It is one of the oldest bakers in Shimla. It is a very popular and reputed place that is situated on the mall road, Belmoi. Other menu items besides soups include truffle pastry, coconut biscuits, soya kebabs, and veggie kurkey. It has so many unique items on its menu as well. So, along with soups, you should also try its unique dishes.

Krishna Bakers

8. Hide Out Cafe

It’s one of the greatest places where you should hide out and taste soups. Other restaurants have soups on their menus as well, but their flavours are unique. All your stress will go away once you take a sip of it. There are so many variations on it, so you can order it according to your taste and preference. This fantastic restaurant can be found on the first floor of Shop No. 30 on Shimla’s Mall Road.

Hide Out Cafe

9. Aunty’s Fast Food

One of the best places for fast food in the middle bazar of Shimla is Aunty’s Fast Food. From its name, it is known that it is popular for its fast food, but it has one more special dish for which it is famous. It’s a liquid form of soup. Soups are healthy, but it is not applicable to all the variations of soup because some soups are unhealthy but very delicious, like thupka noodle soup, chicken hot and sour soup, etc. But these two should be on your must-try list if you are visiting this restaurant.

Auntys Fast Food

10. Chung Fa Dhaba

It is clear from its name that it’s a Chinese restaurant. It serves very delicious Chinese dishes, and it’s obvious that it has variations on them as well. Some soups that you should definitely try here are wonton noodle soup, vegetable soup, tomato soup, and chicken corn soup. But apart from that, you should also try variations on noodles and momos. It is located in shop no. 1, basement, middle bazar in Shimla. This place is highly recommended if you are looking for Chinese food.

Chung Fa Dhaba

11. Himachali Rasoi

It is one of the best restaurants that offers delicious Himachali food. It is situated on the mall road in Middle Bazaar. It’s a cute, small, occupied place where you can hang out and enjoy the food. If you are in Himachal Pradesh, then you should definitely know about its culture and its traditional foods, and for the best experience, you should visit here. Apart from the Himachali foods, you should also try soups at this place because they are made with so much love that it will make you fall for them surely.

Himachali Rasoi

12. Honey Hut

You may have visited many cafes in Shimla, but Honey Hut is one of the most beautiful ones. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s a cosy place where you can enjoy your soup with a beautiful mountain view. It’s a small and cute place to visit. It is located on the mall road, Khadi bhawan. You can also consider this place for your coffee dates as its service is fantastic as well.

Honey Hut

13. Pakwan

From manchow soup to lemon coriander soup, you can get every variation of soup here. People really prefer the corn soup at this place. It seems like they come here only to have the corn soup. So, now you can understand how much this soup is tasty and popular at this place. You can find this place on the Malll Road. It’s tasty as well, so it’s an amazing place to visit.


14. Sachin’s Dragon Villa

One of the best places that offers such a great combo of food items to its customers. They offer Chinese and Indian foods that are completely worthwhile. The service is also very quick, and the staff are nice as well. It has very delicious soups on their menu. We can’t even say that the soup’s taste is mouth-watering because it is already a liquid. It is situated near the reporting room and the middle bazar.

Sachins Dragon Villa

15. Cafe 1873

One of the great cafes on the mall road, lower bazar in Shimla. They offer so many varieties of delicious food items that you can order according to your taste and preference. If you enjoy soups, you should visit this restaurant because it is located in a beautiful setting and serves delicious food. The service at this place is top notch. So, their food, service, staff, no one will disappoint you.

Cafe 1873

16. Cecil Restaurant

If you are a tourist, then this place is highly recommended. You don’t need to make much effort to find good restaurants. It is located on the mall road, near Chauraha Maidani. The place is historical and gives royal treatment to its customers. The service is quick and they serve such delicious food. Overall, it’s a nice place for tourists.

Cecil Restaurant

17. Jashan Terrace Restaurant

One of the top restaurants in the mall area with a beautiful view. The specialty of this restaurant is that it offers customers the opportunity to sit and enjoy food on the rooftop. It would be so beautiful to sit on the rooftop of any place and have soup as well. It can be one of your most memorable moments. If you are looking for a restaurant for soups, then this place is highly recommended as it has different variations on soups as well.

Jashan Terrace Restaurant

18. Sher E Punjab ( Regd.)

Sher E Punjab is a well-known restaurant all over India. In every state, you’ll definitely find its branch. It was established in 1954, as you can see this on their boards as well. It serves delicious food. That’s why it’s been running until now. People really like to visit this restaurant as they have trust in them. It is situated on the mall road, Bemloi, in Shimla. There are so many dishes on the menu, and you can order them according to your preference. But they serve North Indian foods really well, and you can consider this place for soups as well.

Sher E Punjab Regd.

19. Indian Coffee House

Apart from coffee, it has other food items as well. But it can be said that this place serves the best liquids, whether it’s soup or coffee. Tomato soup is such a wonderful soup that most people like to have and you have probably tried many tomato soups, but this place’s taste is a little different, but don’t worry because it’s likeable. Apart from that, they also have variations on mutton as well. Overall, it’s a nice place that offers experimental foods as well on its menu.

Indian Coffee House

20. Devicos Restaurant & D Lounge Bar

It’s an amazing place where you can hang out and enjoy your food as well. It has so many cuisines on its menu, and its service is also top notch. The staff are courteous as well. It is situated on the mall road, near Vijaya Bank. As it serves super amazing soups, you can also try the coffee burger, reshmi kebab, etc. It’s quite a luxurious place, so it’s obvious that its prices will be a little high, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Devicos Restaurant D Lounge Bar

So, these are the top 20 soup restaurants on Shimla’s mall road. If you ever visit this area, you must stop by the restaurants mentioned above for some delicious soup.