Top 20 Restaurants For Non-Veg In Kausar Baugh, Pune

Top 20 Restaurants For Non Veg In Kausar Baugh Pune 1
Top 20 Restaurants For Non Veg In Kausar Baugh Pune 1

Kausar Baugh is one of the places in Pune that offers the best food items. It is popular for its iftar food. If you love non-vegetarian foods, then without any hesitation, visit here. You’ll definitely have delicious food. During Ramzan, this place is on hype due to its food. Apart from the food, there is Ksusar Baugh Masjid as well. It is one of the top masjids in Pune. There are so many places in Pune that offer very delicious food items, but here you are looking for the top 20 restaurants that offer the best non-vegetarian food. So, except for Kausar Baugh, there’s no place in Pune.

1. Madinah Restaurant

It is one of the top restaurants in Kausar Baugh that offers very classy non-vegetarian food items to its customers. It is located on Kausar Baugh Road, near the masjid in Kondhwa, Pune. It can be said that it is the central hub of Pune. It serves very tasty food at a very reasonable price. If you want to experience the best taste, then you must try the chicken variations with their special Madinah parantha. You’ll definitely love this combo.

Madinah Restaurant

2. Cafe Zam Zam

It is one of the best restaurants that is situated in Kausar Baugh in Kondhwa, Pune. It offers very delicious non-vegetarian items, and due to its taste, the place is usually crowded. Non-veg foods are its speciality, but apart from that, it offers tasty Chinese foods as well, at a very affordable price. The popular food items on the menu are chicken biryani, bheja fry, keema ghotala, and so on. You can find so many variations in non-veg as well.

Cafe Zam Zam

3. Agra Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants that offers good and delicious food that will give you the exact taste of Agra. But it also has spicy and crunchy non-vegetarian items on the menu. You can order according to your taste and preference, but a few items that you must-try at this place are murgh musallum, chicken angara, chicken crispy, and chicken tandoor. Do visit this place and try your favourite non-veg items here. It is located in NIBM Gali No. 2 in Kausar Baugh.


4. Hyderabad House

If you want to have the best Hyderabadi non-vegetarian items, then you must visit here. You’ll definitely love this place and the taste of its food. as it serves the best Hyderabadi biryani in Pune. But apart from that, it also has other delicious food items like mutton dum biryani, majestic chicken, tandoori, etc. But in the end, it is popular for its biryani. So if you can’t live without biryani, then you must visit here, and after that you’ll only visit this place for biryani.

Hyderabad House

5. Avi’s Family Restaurant

It is located on Kondhwa Road in Kausar Bagh, Pune. The most popular dish here is its special chicken thali. The taste is so satisfactory that you can’t stop yourself from having it once again, but you can’t because your tummy will already be filled. But you can visit here again and enjoy its special thali once again. You should also try Mumtaz kebab, butter chicken, etc.

Avis Family Restaurant

6. Khan E Khas Family Restaurant

One of the great restaurants where you can enjoy different variations of non-vegetarian food items is It serves delicious foods at a reasonable price, and after having them, you’ll feel each penny is worth it. People really like roasted raan and khafsa rice. It can be said that this place is heaven for non-veg lovers because after having food you’ll definitely love it. It is situated near Sana hospital in Kausar Baugh, Pune.

Khan E Khas Family Restaurant

7. New Afghan Zaika Restaurant

It is located opposite the capital in Kausar Bagh, Kondhwa in Pune. One of the most popular food items at this place is its beef kebab. People really love this dish of this place as it’s not an easy job to find beef kebab easily, but in Kausar Bagh, it is possible because this restaurant offers this delicious dish. Apart from it, you can also try beef kurma, chicken ksbuli, chicken mandi, and so on. Overall, it’s a wonderful place that offers such unique dishes.

New Afghan Zaika Restaurant

8. Sharif Caterers

The place is not that fancy, but its food is totally worthwhile. Due to the large number of people, there are a huge number of people who need to wait a little bit for their orders. During Ramdan, this place is crowded much more than usual. This is enough to prove its popularity. There are so many items that you can try, like chicken items, Shahi tukda, chicken seekh kebab, etc. But one item you should definitely try here is chicken samosa. It is located at NIBM GALI No. 2 in Kausar Baugh.

Sharif Caterers

9. Arabian Bites

It is located near the Radiance Avenue building in Kausar Bagh, Pune. It is one of the good places to have non-veg items. The specialty of this place is that it also serves Turkish dishes and amazing desserts. The popular items on the menu are biryani, shawarma, and chicken shawarma roll.

Arabian Bites

10. Lazeez Corner

This place is just like its name in terms of taste. It is located on NIBM Road in Kausar Baugh, Pune. If you love Nalli Nihari, then this place is highly recommended. It serves the best nalli nihari, and its taste will make you feel like heaven. You can try other items as well, like cheese omelette, chicken roll, and masala omelette. The food items are so refreshing and mouth-watering that they should definitely be on your favourite list.

Lazeez Corner

11. Roghandaaz

It is one of the restaurants that serves good quality food. Its food items have such a unique taste. It has so many variations of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items on the menu, but there are some must-try items as well. If you love Mughlai items, then you must-try the chicken mughlai paratha at this place. It is stuffed with chicken mince, cheese, and some chutney. This restaurant is situated opposite Lifeline hospital in Kausar Bagh, Pune. 


12. Hotel Grand Alhamdulillah

If you are a non-vegetarian lover, then you are going to love this place because it serves one of the best non-vegetarian food items at this location. It is located next to Kausar Bagh masjid in Kondwa, Pune. There are many non-vegetarian options, but all of the chicken dishes are so delicious that they will definitely find a place in your heart. Once you try its items, you’ll wish to try them every time, but only at this place.

Hotel Grand Alhamdulillah

13. Afghan Darbar

It is clear from the name that it is one of the best restaurants for non-veg food items. The cuisine of this place has a unique and delicious taste. Inspired by Afgani naan, it has kept Afgani in its name as well. Along with afgani naan, you can have chicken alfam, chicken agdha, chicken achari korma, etc. It is situated near Esha Loreal CHS in Kausar Bagh, Pune. Overall, it’s a nice and hearty place that offers delicious food.

Afghan Darbar

14. SDS Diet Café

If you are a true non-veg lover but also on a diet, then now you don’t need to say bye to non-veg because in Pune, it is the best place where you can enjoy your non-veg diet food. Of course, its taste will be different from the usual non-veg food items because it’s a diet food, but its taste will definitely satisfy you. It is located in NIBM, in Goli No. 2 in Kausar Bagh. Overall, it’s a great place to have delicious non-vegetarian diet foods.

SDS Diet Cafe

15. Hotel Sampan

The taste of the food items is just like their name. After having food at this place, you’ll feel complete. It serves some of the best non-vegetarian and Chinese foods. It is situated on Kausar Bagh Road in Pune. It also has some unique items on its menu, like chicken takatak, matan chicken patiyala, chicken peshawari, etc. If you love to try new foods, then you must visit this place because it has such a unique and experimental menu.

Hotel Sampan

16. Cafe Samosa Corner

From the name, it can be guessed that it is popular for its samosa. But you might be thinking, how is this place in the top non-vegetarian restaurants? It is because it serves one of the best non-vegetarian samosas. It also has variations on it. The chicken samosa and chicken cheese samosa are very unique and delicious food items. These are the must-try items at this place. It is situated in Kausar Baugh in Pune.

Cafe Samosa Corner

17. Mughal Sarai Restaurant

One of the best restaurants for non-veg in Kausar Baugh is near Jyoti restaurant in Kondhwa. The speciality of this place is its biryani and its Mughlai dishes as well. If you are a true non-veg lover and want to have the real taste of biryani and mughlai items in Pune, then you must visit this restaurant. It will be really worth it. It has the best tahari and biryani. Overall, it’s a nice place to enjoy delicious food.

Mughal Sarai Restaurant

18. Al Saba Mac Mino Way

If you love non-veg and burgers as well, then visit here because here you can get both in one food item. Normally, if you want to have these, then you order two dishes, but here you can get both by ordering only one item, and that is a burger. You may have eaten many burgers, veg as well as non-veg, but this place really serves amazing and tasty non-veg burgers. It is located opposite to Satyanand hospital near Kausar Baugh.

Al Saba Mac Mino Way

19. China Town

It is one of the best Chinese restaurants that serves delicious non-veg food items as well. You can also order Chinese food with non-vegetarian items as a combo. It will really give you a worthwhile taste. It is located on NIBM Road in Kausar Baugh, Pune. It has so many variations of chicken on the menu, such as chicken lollipop, dry, chicken lollipop masala, shezwan chicken fried rice, etc. Overall, it’s a nice place with amazing food at an affordable price.

China Town

20. Lazeez Fast Food

The food at this restaurant is just like its name. It is one of the best restaurants near Lifeline hospital in Kausar Baugh, Pune. Basically, it’s a Chinese restaurant, but along with Chinese food items, it serves delicious non-vegetarian items as well. The specialty of this restaurant is its special chicken lollipop. It has such a unique and amazing taste. So, this place is highly recommended at this location.

Lazeez Fast Food

So, these are the top 20 restaurants in Kausar Baugh for non-vegetarian items. You won’t face difficulty anymore in finding the top restaurants for non-veg items in Pune. I hope it will help you.