Top 20 Restaurants In And Around Aizawl, Mizoram

Top 20 Restaurants In And Around Aizawl Mizoram
Top 20 Restaurants In And Around Aizawl Mizoram

Mizoram food is one of most attractions for the tourists who visit this place on a vacation. Mizoram cookery offers chiefly non-vegetarian delicacies. one amongst the most specialties of the food of Mizoram is that it’s completely different from the food offered in different parts of the country aside from apart from the north-east. In this article you can see Top 20 Restaurants in Aizawl, Mizoram.

1.Octangle Restaurant & Catering Fusion Experience

Octangle Restaurant & Catering Fusion Experience is a great place to enjoy some lip smacking dishes. It has a relaxing ambiance and cozy atmosphere which makes it a comfortable place to enjoy delicious food.  Some dishes that you must try here are pork ribs, chicken chowmin, caeser salad and grilled chicken.

Octangle Restaurant Catering Fusion Experience

2.Chopstyx Restaurant

This restaurant serves the best Tibetan food. It is a fine dining place and the staff provide prompt service. All the dishes served here are of affordable prices. It has the best atmosphere for the youths. The staff are well mannered, kind and friendly. The best part of this restaurant is that they also have outdoor dining facilities along with indoor dining.

Chopstyx Restaurant

3.Red Pepper

Red Pepper is the best place for Chinese food lovers. They also serve traditional Mizo and other Indian cuisines. Here good pork, beef and chicken are served. The staff are very attentive and provide nice service.It has a fine decor and exotic ambiance. The Mizo chaw, prawn fried rice, zo rice and soup are really delicious here and you must try for sure.

Red Pepper


Zofoods has a huge variety of local cuisines. The restaurant has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, decent seating and beautiful ambiance. The staff here are welcoming and good recommendations on which dishes to try. If you desire to relish traditional Mizo food you must not miss this reastaurant.


5.Zamzo Grill & Kitchen Restaurant

Zamzo Grill & Kitchen Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy perfectly cooked steaks and good beef. The staff are really professional and kind. The portion size of the dishes is really good here. They also play light mizo music. This restaurant is best known for the quick services provided by the staff.

Zamzo Grill Kitchen Restaurant

6.Blue Funk Cafe

It is an authentic Tibetan restaurant. This restaurant has a Tibetan chef who uses all their skills to prepare the best food. It is a small restaurant but has a peaceful and silent atmosphere. This is a must visit place if you want to have a taste of original and authentic Tibetan food.

Blue Funk Cafe

7.Top Chef

Top Chef restaurants make sure you have delicious food. It has a peaceful ambiance. Here you can have healthy and delicious food without compromising on taste. They provide various services which makes this place perfect to enjoy a delicious meal with your family. Soup, toasted garlic bread and a coffee served here are a must try.

Top Chef

8.Jojo’s Cafe And Restaurant

Jojo’s Cafe and Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Aizawl. They serve North Indian styled  food. The rates of the dishes here are a bit higher as compared to other places but the quality is much better as compared to other restaurants. It is a neat and clean place with a good ambiance. Aloo paratha butter fried, Gobi Paratha and Butter Chicken are a must try.

Jojos Cafe And Restaurant

9.Pemarin Corner Restaurant

Premarin Corner Restaurant serves Chinese, North Indian, Continental and Mexican. It has a pretty and cool ambiance and plays pleasant music. They serve fresh and good quality food. It has an amazing food menu. The restaurant is very clean and the workers are kind and welcoming.

Pemarin Corner Restaurant

10.Tandoori House

Tandoori House is a good place for foodies around. They serve outstanding quality food. This restaurant has the most courteous staff who provide quick service. Tandoori stuff served here is the best in and around this area. This is a nice place to enjoy some good meals along with your friends.

Tandoori House

11.The Emerald Café

The Emerald Café has a vast menu of British and French cuisines. They serve world class cappuccino, iced tea and sweets.The highly experienced and qualified staff give their expertise and skills to prepare the best French and British dishes. It has a classy and modern ambiance. This is a nice restaurant to chill along with your loved ones.

The Emerald Cafe

12.Eureka Lounge

Eureka Lounge is one of the finest restaurants in Aizawl. Staff provide the best hospitality which is a highlight of this place. As compared to other restaurants the dishes are quite costly here but the quality of food is outstanding. They also provide takeaway services. This is a must visit place to enjoy some amazing dishes.

Eureka Lounge

13.Zote Bakery

Zote Bakery is the best bakery in Aizawl. This place is nice to have some brunch or evening snacks. They serve many kinds of snacks ranging from burgers, pizzas, cakes and pasties. The prices of each delicacy served here are very reasonable. You can visit this place with your loved ones on a weekend or some other special day.

zote bakery

14.Lalrin’s Bistro

Lalrin’s Bistro is a restaurant that serves a variety of Asian cuisines.  This is a nice place to enjoy some great dishes at pocket friendly rates. Their menu has a variety of soups, rice preparations, chowmain, burgers, snacks, beverages, noodle soups, main course and  biryani. People who like to have snacks must visit this place for sure.

Lalrins Bistro

15.Six Miles

This is a nice restaurant to dine-in and  hang out. The ambiance is pollution free, neat and tidy. They also play music which adds beauty to this place.The staff working here are very generous, kind and professional. You can enjoy the exotic view of this place from the comfortable and great seats on the balcony.

Six Miles

16.Magnolia Restaurant

This is a small restaurant in Aizawl. It is a sophisticated restaurant. Magnolia Restaurant has a great ambiance with good decor. Food served here is awesome. The rates are also pocket friendly. The highlight of this restaurant is the services provided by the cool, friendly and kind staff. Tasty pork, soup and chicken are the specialties of this place.

Magnolia Restaurant

17.Setha Restaurant

Setha Restaurant has a good variety of Burmese fast food. It has a  warm and home-like atmosphere. The food is freshly prepared and served here and the rates are also cheap as compared to other restaurants. They have a unique menu. The pork/beef tauh is the speciality of this place which you should not miss.

Setha Restaurant

18.Heritage Lounge

It has a great warm and cozy atmosphere. This is a nice place to relax and has an excellent view. They also have karaoke systems. This place gives an amazing picturesque view of Aizawl city. Heritage Lounge is a nice place to organise private parties. It is a great place to enjoy along with friends and family.

Heritage Lounge

19.Dolly’s Cafe

Dolly’s Cafe is a small food joint. It has a variety of food items. This Cafe has friendly and courteous staff and the owner is a delightful person. This is a nice place to enjoy some delicious hotdogs, chicken burgers and grilled chicken. Tandoori chicken on the barbecue is a nice dish that you must definitely try.

Dollys Cafe

20.The Twisted Sisters Pizzeria

The Twisted Sisters Pizzeria is one of the best places to enjoy some delicious pizzas. They provide excellent services. The food served here is outstanding. They offer outdoor dining facilities also. This is a popular hotspot for hanging out.

The Twisted Sisters Pizzeria