Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Darjeeling

Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Darjeeling
Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a city and municipality in the Indian state of West Bengal. It lies in the lesser Himalayas at an elevation of 2,000 meters. It is known for its tea industry, its scenic views of the world’s third-highest mountain Kanchenjunga, and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the state. The state comprises of beautiful flora and fauna like orchids, sal, oak, and alpine forests. The cuisine of this city includes rice, noodles, and potatoes. No doubt, the most popular local snack here is momos. In the midst of so many eating options in the city, we have bought you the top vegetarian restaurants in the city for you.

1. Lazeez Affaire

It is a vegetarian restaurant. It is a vibrant place with a classy ambience that is eye-catchy. If you want to have wholesome and delicious food items, then you should visit this site. They serve various Indian recipes like pulao, laccha paratha, mix veg, dal, etc.

Location: Nehru Road, Darjeeling.

Lazeez Affaire

2. Hasty Tasty Pure Veg

This outlet is an ideal option to have a vegetarian breakfast. The breakfast items like chole bhature, and butter masala dosa are terrific in taste. You can also try special thali, which is freshly prepared and fulfilling.

Location: Chauk Bazaar, Nehru Road, Darjeeling.

Hasty Tasty Pure Veg

3. Kalika Restaurant

It is a decent restaurant and being a vegetarian restaurant in town; it is a quite busy place. Also, it is known for providing the best momos in the whole Darjeeling. The site is economical and closes by 6 PM in the evening.

Location: Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Hill Quill Momos

4. Jain’s Midway Restaurant

This outlet has a menu of mixed cuisines ranging from basic snacks to proper lunch and dinner meals. They also offer food without onion and garlic. Price are a moderate, and suitable site for family outings.

Location: N.C. Goenka Road, Darjeeling.

Jains Midway Restaurant

5. Indra’z

If you want to eat North Indian cuisine and take a break from the regional food of the city, then this location is highly recommended to you. The ambience is pretty and the premises are well-maintained. The dry chilli paneer is decent in taste.

Location: Shop No.4 Nehru Road, Darjeeling.


6. Hotel Lunar

It is a multi-cuisine dining room serving ideal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve various pure vegetarian and vegan options as well. Their south Indian cuisine is delicious, especially the masala dosa with hot sambar.

Location: Gandhi Road in Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling.

Hotel Lunar

7. Agarwal’s Kitchen

The ambience of this site is pretty soothing and classy. You can enjoy your meal here along with a beautiful view of the city from this place. The restaurant is affordable and serves veg thali at a cost of only Rs.150, consisting of rice, three rotis, dal, bitter gourd, aloo, and papad.

Location: N.C. Goenka Road, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling.

Agarwals Kitchen

8. Big Bite

This vegetarian restaurant serving varieties of tea and foodstuffs like pav bhaji, and Chinese noodles is a must-visit site in the city. The thali and South Indian dishes are a must-try and loved by locals.

Location: Laden La Road, Limbugaon, Darjeeling.

Big Bite

9. Misty Mountain Restaurant

They do have parking space available. The food served is cooked fresh and also served within a reasonable time period. The hillside view from the restaurant is excellent; even the interiors are pleasing. Aloo paratha and vegetable cheese sandwich is a treat.

Location: Hill Cart Road, West Point, Darjeeling.

Misty Mountain Restaurant

10. Kunjini Restaurant

It is a small place with few seats available. It serves homely preparations to their guests. The meal comprising of roti and sabzi cost Rs.70. the momos are hot, fresh, and served with soup.

Location: Lama Road, Darjeeling.

Kunjini Restaurant

11. The Patio Restaurant

It is one of the most crowded places you will visit in the entire city. It is a lovely small place with beautiful interior work and cosy atmosphere. They serve amazing breakfast options like Vegan breakfast, hot chocolate, etc. Also, as momos are the famous staple food of the city, you must also try them from this location.

Location: Zakir Hussain Road, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling.

The Patio Restaurant

12. Frank Ross Café

It is a fast-food restaurant located on Nehru Road. This café provides you beautiful view of the city and mountains while enjoying various dishes and beverages at a reasonable price. The white sauce pasta is delicious and highly recommended food item of this place.

Location: Nehru Road, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling.

Frank Ross Cafe

13. Hot Stimulating Café

It is a little, non-fancy outlet famous for serving special Darjeeling tea. The seating arrangement comprises of 36 seats, including both indoor and outdoor chairs. The view from the outdoor arrangement is terrific. They also serve tasty pancakes with honey and black tea.

Location: Lebong Cart Road, Richmond Hill, Darjeeling.

Hot Stimulating Cafe

14. Magnolia Restaurant

This restaurant would definitely stand out in terms of ambience. The premises are very spacious and easily accommodate a large number of customers simultaneously. They serve authentic Indian cuisine consisting of vegetarian items. They also accept reservations and have a proper management facility.

Location: Governors Palace, The Mall, Darjeeling.

Magnolia Restaurant

15. Santa Banta Dhaba

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant. They offer a wide variety of vegetarian items of excellent quality and taste. Momos are delicious and a must-try. Apart from that, masala dosa and varieties of paratha served here are popular among the locals and visitors.

Location: Batasia Loop, Hill Cart Road, Darjeeling.

Santa Banta Dhaba

16. Shree Krishna Restaurant

This small and simple restaurant with seats is available. They serve excellent options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the items are freshly prepared and are warm. It stands out in terms of taste than other high standard restaurants in the city.

Location: Gandhi Road, Limbugaon, Darjeeling.

Shree Krishna Restaurant

17. YUV’s Foodies Point

Do you want to taste huge dumplings that are mesmerizing and delicious in taste? If yes, then you should visit this outlet on Lama Road. The sauce served along with dumplings is unique and tasty. One full plate can easily full two people. They also offer vegetables and roti at a cost of Rs.60.

Location: Lama Road, Darjeeling.

YUVs Foodies Point

18. Retreat Yangs Inn

It is a stay cum restaurant that serves vegetarian options too at their site. The ambience is unmatchable, especially at the time of sunset. The coffee and pasta are the most delicious servings. You can also try other options from the menu at your convenience.

Location: Zakir Hussain Road, opposite TV Tower, Darjeeling.

Retreat Yangs Inn

19. Sonam’s Kitchen

This is an ideal breakfast outlet offering a delicious option for you to start your day. This kitchen has been successfully running for the past 25 years and maintains the same taste. They serve delicious pancakes with banana nuts, porridge, and black coffee. No doubt, if you are a pancake lover, then you must visit this place.

Location: Chaurasta, Darjeeling.

Sonams Kitchen

20. Marwadi Bhojnalya

It is a pocket-friendly place serving Rajasthani cuisine to its guests. The preparation is home-like and appetizing. The special thali is available at a cost of Rs.120 and is worth tasting.

Location: RN Sinha Road, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling.

Marwadi Bhojnalya