Top 20 Restaurants In And Around KC Road, Faridabad

Top 20 Restaurants In And Around KC Road Faridabad
Top 20 Restaurants In And Around KC Road Faridabad

Faridabad is taken into account to be the largest city across the state of Haryana. Faridabad is additionally better-known for being a central industrial hub. You may notice a range of restaurants in Faridabad serving cuisines like Chinese, Continental, Indian, Thai etc. however if you would like superior quality food, you need to look into the in-house restaurants.

1.Punjabi Nature Restaurant

Punjab Nature Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Faridabad. It has a good looking ambiance. This place specialises in vegetarian and non vegetarian North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese dishes. Some of the dishes served here that you must try are chicken tikka butter masala, mutton rara, roasted veg afghani chaap, paneer lababdar and veg biryani.

Punjabi Nature Restaurant


A good restaurant to enjoy both Indian and Chinese cuisines. The staff here are knowledgeable and kind and provide quick and prompt service. The ambiance at this place is nice and it  has a fancy decor. It is a nice place to enjoy great food at a reasonable price. If you disit to visiting this restaurant don’t not miss delicious bitter, lassi, chaat, paneer tikka and kulfi.


3.Chiku Chicken Corner

Chiku Chicken Corner is one of the best places to enjoy some quick bits.This is also the best place to have chicken. It is a top rated restaurant and most liked place by students as they serve a variety of dishes from different cuisines at reasonable rates. The must have dish of this place which you should not miss here is butter chicken.

Chiku Chicken Corner


This is  a great place to enjoy typical Indian sweets and lip smacking global snacks. Bikanervala is a good option for vegetarians as they serve pure vegetarian dishes. This restaurant serves North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese cuisine and Fast Food. It has a stunning ambiance with a comfortable seating area where you can enjoy delicious food along with your loved ones.

Bikanervala 2

5.Babbal Sweet House

At Babbal Sweet House they serve pure vegetarian Chinese, Indian, Desserts and Street Food. They serve awesome food at a really reasonable price. Some of the must haves of this restaurant are Gulab Jamun, Sweet Lassi, Kachori, Paneer Bread Pakora, Aloo Bread Pakora, Chole Samosa and Samosa with chutney.

Babbal Sweet House

6.Punjab Street

Punjab Street is a lovely place with comfortable seating arrangement in an alluring ambience. The dimly lit interiors add beauty to this place. This place is known for serving hearty portions at reasonable rates. A good place to have paneer Lababdar, Chaaps and Methi Malai Matar. Some recommended dishes to try here are Shahi Paneer, Kadai Paneer, Malai Kofta, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and Butter Naan.

Punjab Street

7.Chaska Restaurant

Chaska is a family restaurant which serves a variety of Indian dishes. It has a pretty good ambiance. Here they serve good quality food that tastes awesome.Some popular dishes served here that are recommended are Chana Masala, Paneer Butter Masala, Malai Kofta, Butter Naan, Spring rolls and Shahi Paneer.

Chaska Restaurant


Gulshan Fish And Chicken Corner

Gulshan Fish and Chicken Corner is a non vegetarian restaurant that serves a variety of delicious non vegetarian dishes at pocket friendly rates. This is the best place to enjoy tender and tasty fish on a cold winter day. The tandoori fish and butter chicken served here are the best which a true non vegetarian lover must not miss.

Gulshan Fish And Chicken Corner

9.Kerala Dosa House

Kerala Dosa House is one of the oldest shops that serves dosa in this area. It is a good South Indian restaurant. The prices of the dishes served here are a bit higher as compared to other restaurants but the taste is unbeatable. Though it is an old restaurant still they never compromise in serving delicious and authentic food as they did in the early days.

Kerala Dosa House

10.Moti Mahal Delux

A fabulous restaurant in KC Road. It is a decent dining place with a good ambiance. The staff working here are kind, courteous and provide quick service. They serve quality food and the portions are good. Butter chicken is a must try while dining at Moti Mahal Delux Faridabad.

Moti Mahal Delux

11.Dee Chaupal Family Restaurant And Cafe

Dee Chaupal Family Restaurant And Cafe is a good place to enjoy small functions like birthday parties, get-togethers or anniversaries along with family and friends. The cafe-like decor adds beauty to the good ambiance. The staff working here are hardworking and provide amazing service. Here they serve a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Dee Chaupal Family Restaurant And Cafe

12.SK Rasoi

At SK Rasoi they serve North Indian, Chinese, Rolls, Kebab, Mughlai and Momos. Here you can enjoy really delicious delicacies, a must visit place for all the foodies around. The ambiance of SK Rasoi is good and the staff are also very polite and service is good. Some delicious dishes served here are Rasoi special dal, Rasoi Special Mughlai Paneer, Chicken Malai Tikka Roll and Chilly Mushroom.

SK Rasoi

13.Black Restaurant And Banquet

Black Restaurant And Banquet is a famous and known place where you can organise lovely functions and gatherings. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes can be enjoyed here. The staff here are highly professional and courteous. They also provide in-house decorators and catering service. Black Restaurant and Banquet has a dazzling ambiance.

Black Restaurant And Banquet

14.Vyànjan Restaurant

Vyànjan Restaurant is a nice restaurant that serves delicious and luscious food at nominal prices. The staff provide great service. A good restaurant to enjoy rolls and north indian food. The hallmark of this restaurant is the tasty chicken they serve. Some of the must try dishes here are Haryali Chaap, Afghani Paneer, Fish Chaap and stuffed naan.

Vyanjan Restaurant

15.More Than Paranthas

At More Than Paranthas you can enjoy delicious North Indian and Rajasthani dishes. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and a good place to have paranthas. They have a very elaborate menu. This place is known for providing fresh and good quality food. The serving size of the dishes you order here are really good and satisfying.

More Than Paranthas

16.Standard Punjabi Khana

A good place to enjoy various cuisines like North Indian, Chinese and Beverages. It is a nice family restaurant with good ambiance and interior. The environment is really pleasant here. Some dishes served here that are popular are Dahi Bhalla Papdi, Rajma Rice, Kulfi, Thali, Chaap and Dal Makhani.

Standard Punjabi Khana


Naath’s is a restaurant that serves Mithai, North Indian, Chinese, Street Food, Desserts and Beverages. It has a simple ambiance and is a neat restaurant. It has the best staff who provide amazing service. The food items served here are fresh, good quality and delicious. It is a nice place to enjoy your meals with family.


18.Zosse Restro Bar

Zosse Restro Bar is a good place to enjoy mouth watering dishes. The ambiance is really good here and the service provided by friendly, experienced, kind and courteous staff is amazing. Some of the must try dishes here are Dahi Kabab, Chilli Chicken, Paneer Tikka Masala and Makhmali Kofta.

Zosse Restro Bar

19.Vedi’s Restro Bar

A restaurant that serves delicious North Indian, Chinese, Fast Food and Continental dishes. This is one of the best places for the young crowd. The staff are really well mannered and provide good service. The live music played here adds beauty to the ambiance. They also have outdoor seating which adds a reason to visit this restaurant.

Vedis Restro Bar

20.PB 02 (The Taste Of Amritsar)

It is a multicuisine family restaurant that serves North Indian, Modern Indian, Fast Food and Chinese. Some recommended dishes served here are Sweet Corn Salad Masala, Butter Chicken, Veg Crispy, Chilli Paneer, Cheese Balls and Golden Chicken boneless.

PB 02 The Taste Of Amritsar